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Now that things are up and running again, I think a discussion should determine what sort of content license the wiki should use. Up until now, no license has really been used to label/release content. Here are the simplified options as I seem them...


Attribution-Share Alike (or CC-BY-SA)


This license is what Wikipedia and Wikia use to license their content. Basically, you can do whatever you want with it as long as you attribute where you got it. You also can't change the license by which it is released. For example, this means you can try to make money using things you find on Wikipedia, but you must give credit and you can't claim the content is yours.


Attribution-Non Commercial (or CC-BY-NC)


This license is similar to the last, but says you cannot use the content for commercial gain. Bulbapedia uses this license, which means others can't re-use their content on anything but non-commercial uses. This protects it more, but it also means you have to police to ensure that folks aren't stealing content somewhere to make money.


Public Domain

Everything is free to be used in any way, any where.


So which one sounds the best for the wiki? Personally, I want the many details of Dragon Quest to simply be capture and recorded on the web for posterity. I don't think there is tons of money to be made using the content. However it is nice to have one's work appreciated as well as the publicity of being a citation. I lean towards the first option.

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Sounds like a good choice to me

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