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Atlas of Worlds RP topic


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Atlas of Worlds


This is an RP about... EVERYTHING! In this RP, you choose characters from any Anime, Manga, or Game!







There are many worlds in our lives. However, most do not know about the other worlds. However, lately, there have been portals to other worlds, coming out of nowhere. The cause is in truth, a group of mystical items called the “Atlasâ€. Also, the villains, from many different worlds, have been joining together in a organization called “Book of Darknessâ€. They include Xemnas, Fate Averrncus, Sephiroth, Millenium Earl, and Legato, each from their own worlds. However, the leader is of course, the strongest. The leader is unknown so far.


People from worlds have been getting sucked into other worlds lately through the portals, causing distress in the fabric of space and time. The goal of the Book is to travel to the world of Pokemon and capture Dialga and Palkia, in order to enslave every world. However, the world of Pokemon has a power barrier, because of all the pokemon living there. This barrier has enough power to block every one of the Atlases. However, by traveling to every world and stealing its core, which keeps the world in balance, the Book of Darkness will have enough power to seize enough power to destroy the barrier forever, or even worse, use it for their own evil purposes.


Still, there is hope to stop the Book of Darkness. One Atlas has still not been found yet, and is hidden in the Human World. Also, the people from the other worlds have been mostly sent to the Human World, and they are very powerful. If those people find the last Atlas, they will be able to teleport between worlds, and stop the Book. However, who will be capable of this…?







No overpowered characters, like for example, Light Yagami from death note.

You can have two characters MAX. Unless you are a pokemon trainer or things like that. If so, one human, and three creatures.

The Human World means things like Sailor Moon, Negima, Beelzebub, things like that. Make your characters fit the world.

In your sign-up, you must include the world you are from. if you don't know, then tell me. I'll tell you. =)

Don't double post.

Powers that are extremely powerful should only be used from time to time. don't use them in every battle.

If you are things like monster scouts or pokemon trainers, then have only one creature fight at a time.

Do not, under any circumstances, control another person's character, unless you got permission from them. I'll check if so.

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Sign-up Rules

Make sure you do not have too many attacks.

Do not EVER make a Sign-up like this:



Name: Ichigo

Looks: has orange hair, black clothes, and a biiiig sword.


Bankai: Transforms into a stronger state. gains insain speed and power.

Getsuruga Tensho: slashes with the sword, and sends out an energy strike strong enough to destroy buildings.

Backstory: Lived in Karakura town, and fought in alot of fights.



No made-up characters, unless it is from games like maplestory.

Make sure you put which game, manga, or anime your character is from.




Accepted Characters:

Fallen Angel/Negi Springfield/Mahou Sensei Negima!

Fallen Angel/Kotaro Inugami/Mahou Sensei Negima!




Reserved Character:

RotoLoto/Goomoonryong/The Breaker

RotoLoto/Shioon/The Breaker

RyuKisargi/Gota Araki/Kamen Teacher

RyuKisargi/Loto/Dragon Quest III


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No matter what, DO NOT EVER GODMOD!


Godmodding: basically, making a character that is extremely uber, whether the character is supposed to or not.



Also, please. do not double post. There is an Edit button. just don't edit something that has a post after it.


Lastly, please be a "Hero" character. Not the "Main Villain" of your manga/game/anime. if you wish to do so, and the manga is one i do not know of, then the character is okay. Sadly however, no Orochimaru or Ganondorf.






There are a few Non-playable characters, that do not have a sign-up. DO NOT control these, without my permission.



Nagi Springfield: Negi's Father. known as the "Thousand Master" he will save people from time to time. However, she disappeared with Arika a long time ago and never came back until now for a reason...



Arika Anarchia Entheofushia: Negi's Mother, and the queen of the magic world. She will heal people from time to time. However, she disappeared with Nagi a long time ago and never came back until now for a reason...



Chao Linshen: Negi's student and decendent from the future, unable to cast magic, however she will give items sometimes. She is however, still trying to change time...



Evangeline Athanasia Kitty McDowell: Negi's student and magic teacher. As a vampire, she will give you some help from time to time, but she is still evil...

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(Okay. Once you get a character accepted, you can start.)

(while your characters are in your own world, you can control the other main characters.)


Negi and Kotaro creeped closer into Fate's castle. If this works, then Negi might convince Fate to help him in saving the magic world! Then, Fate showed up. Kotaro sneered. "Finally here for the fight, huh?"


Fate, with his usual don't-care-about-life face, pulled out a book. "I don't care about your plan anymore, Negi. I've gained an Atlas."


Negi, Kotaro, and Negi's students were confused. The book that people read instead of a map? What use was an atlas? Suddenly, as Fate opened the book, two wormholes opened up. Fate walked into one, while Negi was sucked into the other. Kotaro was surprised. "Negi!"


Kotaro jumped in after Negi, leaving every one of the girls on their own. Nodoka screamed. "Sensei!"


Yue was as surprised as Nodoka, but of course, Yue being more calm than Nodoka, she smiled, and looked at Nodoka, and tried to calm her down. Haruna, the brainiac artist, came up to the girls and spoke up. "Don't worry Nodoka. Sensei has never let us down before, and he is super-strong. You know that as well! Also, that super-strong assassin Kotaro is with him as well! As for us, we just need to go back to town, and wait until they come back, whereever they are. Us girls need to stick together!"


So, Class 3-A went back to the city on the "Great Paru-sama", one of the group's two ships.






Kotaro and Negi fell in front of the train station. Kotaro jumped on his feet. "What the heck was that?!"

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Bobobo and Don Patch are walking down a forest path, dressed as women. Each carrying a basket and saying "Churos for sale, get your delicious churos" They both look at each other, and then Bobobo's face shows much anger. He grabs Don Patch and hurls him into the sky. "THIS IS MY SELLIN' TURF YOU FIEND!" He yelled. Don Patch eventually fell to the ground, and Bobobo was now leaning against a tree, dressed like a cowboy. "You got a lot o' nerve comin' here" He said to Don Patch. The tree behind him was then chopped down, revealing Czar Baldy Bald IV. "I finally found you two idiots!" He said to them. He pulled out a book. "This should get rid of you once and for all, Bobobo" he said, opening the Book. A wormhole appeared and started to suck Bobobo into it, but he yelled out "SUPER FIST OF THE NOSEHAIR! SUPER WORMHOLE STOPPER!" and he grabbed Don Patch and hurled him into the wormhole. "Bobobo what are you doingggggg-" He screamed as he was sucked in. Bobobo then yelled out "Don Patch! I'll save youuuuu!" And he jumped in after him.




Bobobo and Don Patch landed ontop of a moving train. "Where are we Bobobo?" Don Patch asked. Bobobo looked at him, and suddenly donning a train conductor's uniform, punched a hole in the roof of the train, and threw him in. "NO PASSENGER'S ON TOP OF THE TRAIN!" He yelled. The train now headed to an unknown destination.

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Kotaro and negi got tickets to the train and hopped on. The train should bring them back to Mahora...


Suddenly, Somebody punched a hole through the ceiling, and a big guy with a yellow afro and a kid dressed as a sun came in. Negi yelped when the person punched the hole, meanwhile Kotaro was laughing. "That was great! But who are you, and what kind of cosplay is that?"


Good thing nobody else was on the train.

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Bobobo lept down into the train compartment. He suddenly doned an outfit similar to Negi's, and Don Patch donning one similar to Kotaro's. They struck a pose.


"We are Negi Springfield and Kotaro Inugami" Bobobo announced. He then looked at them "Who are you guys, and why are you dressed like us?" He asked.

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"Bakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" yelled Kotaro with a "Shut up, I don't care" face. Kotaro tried to punch Bobobo's face, but he bounced off of the epic afro. "Waaaaaaaaaaah!"


"Kotaro!" yelled Negi, and ran towards Kotaro, to help him. Negi put out his hand to help Kotaro up, when he whacked Negi's hand away.


"I don't need help! More imporatantly, how the heck do these guys know our names?" said Kotaro.

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"Because you are wearing a name tag" Bobobo said, now back in his train conductor outfit, pointing to the 'hello my name is' stickers on Negi and Kotaro's chests. "Also..." he added, "NO PETS ON MY TRAIN!" Grabbing Don Patch, who was now dressed like a cat, and hurling him past the two people. Don Patch went through the door and landed in the train car behind them. He re-entered the room, looking very angry. He lept at Bobobo, landing on his head, and started clawing his face. Bobobo started moving his arms up and down in a panic. "Wahhhhhh! Stupid cat! Get offa me!" He cried.

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"I HATE CATS!" yelled Kotaro, being half wolf, punched the Cat-looking creature, and sent him flying. "TAKE THAT!"


"Kotaro? you know it's not a real cat, right?" said Negi, pulling off the name tags the two never had seen before in their lives. He went up to the strange man with the afro, and put out his hand. "Hello. My name is Negi Springfield. How do you do?"

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Bobobo stood there, arms crossed, staring at Negi. Suddenly, his afro popped open, and Monkey D. Luffy popped out, and yelled "GUM GUM HANDSHAKE!" extending his hand out and shaking Negi's. And as soon as Luffy appeared, he ducked back into the afro and it slammed shut.


Don Patch, dressed like a girl and holding a glass of water, walked over to Kotaro. "YOU JERK!" he said in a feminie voice, and splashed the glass of water into Kotaro's face.

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"Uh-oh." said Negi, surprised from Bobobo's head, but even more so from Kotaro. "Dogs hate water."


"Dog?" said Kotaro, looking extremely mad. "I'm NOT a dog! I'm a WOLF! A LONE wolf!"


"Now, now, Kotaro. Don't break the train. we have to get off sometime, and I do not wish for us to become criminals before we even get off."

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*KERRRCHHHHHH!!!!!!* The train suddenly came to a schreeching halt.


The group went outside to see why the train had come to a stop. There was a large boulder sitting on the tracks, which had a face, and was sleeping, with one of those bubbles coming out of anime characters when they sleep.


"So that's where I left my pet rock" Bobobo said, as Don Patch stared at the boulder-pet in awe, while simltaneously picking his nose and wiping it off on Kotaro's outfit.

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"HEY!" yelled Kotaro, and tried to punch Don Patch. However, Negi grabbed him, and caused him to punch the rock, shattering it to pieces. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!"


"Don't hit him!" said Negi, as Kotaro got back on the train.


(hey, about Lily's RP, do I just go ahead and post? cuz I never saw a single sign-up. other than mine, i mean.)

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Bobobo started crying "No, little rock buddie... why did it have to end this way?" Then he suddenly stood up, and looked at the train.


"THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" he said, pointing at the train, which he then hurled into the air.




Bobobo just pointed off in the distance. Something was quickly approaching them on the tracks. A few moments later, a giant wheeled pickle pulled up onto the tracks. A door opened, and Bobobo stepped into the bizzare vehicle. Don Patch jumped onto the back of Kotaro's head and clung to him.


"Well, what are you guys waitig for? Let's get going!" He said, while pointing to the pickle.

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"SHUT UP!" yelled Kotarou, and grabbed Don Patch. He threw him off the train, and sent a Dog Demon to annoy him. "Play with him a little!"


"Kotaro-kun!" yelled Negi. Kotaro went too far this time. He killed- oh, never mind. The kid was strange, just like the strange man with an afro. That strange person could get back on.


(dude, my question?)

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(Just go ahead and post in it, XD)


Don Patch got onto the train, in a suit making him resemble the summoned demon dog, while Bobobo stood in a corner of the pickle train, he himself currently a pickle with arms and legs and his trademark sunglasses, now the same height as Don Patch, licking a carrot on a stick as if it were a popsicle.


"Whose that weirdo?" Don Patch asked, while pointing to Negi.

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"How rude! I am Negi Springfield, child teacher of Mahora Academy, class 3-A!" said Negi. He sat down, and began to calm down. "I wonder how Asuna-neechan is doing..."


(really? i don't even need for approval from Lily or anything?)

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(I don't think you need it, just try posting)


"I am perfectly fine!" Don Patch said cheerily, wearing a mask to look like whomever Negi was talking about


"Who is that weirdo?" Pickle-bobo asked Negi, while pointing to Don Patch with one hand, and using the other to poke Negi in the face with the soggy carrot he had previously been licking.

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No soggy carrots, please. Negi's supposed to be a gentleman from England.)


(is that how you started as well? wait, are you in the RP?)

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(oh, okay.=P)


(still, can you lay off the jokes a bit? it's starting to get irritating. I mean more than in the manga.)


Negi whacked away the carrot on instict, and sat down again, feeling angry. But he did wonder... How did these two know everyone's faces and names?

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(Kinda hard for me to do anything else when we're the only two people in this right now, I'm just trying to keep myself entertained untill we actually get thins started :P)


Bobobo regained his normal form, and him and Don Patch sat on the floor of the pickle train and begun meditating. In a serious manner.

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(good point. I wonder why Roto won't post.)


Negi and Kotaro sat down, with Negi calm, and Kotaro irritated. This was not working out for the little Demon-half to be sitting around in a pickle... in both ways.

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"It's been a while since we've done this." Kazuma said cracking his knuckles standing a yard away from his rival, Ryuho.

"Indeed, it had been a while. Ever since the war with the mainland. I have to admit, dealing with low class criminals is getting tiresome. I need to fight someone who will at least push my limits."

Kazuma laughed a bit, "I feel the same. I haven't had a great fight since then. So, are you ready?"

Ryuho threw his right arm to the side, summoning zetsuei ,"When ever you are. I will defeat you this time and take the tile of strongest alter user."


With a smile Kazuma held onto his arm as the alter power wrapped around his hand bringing him to his first form. "Shocking first bullet!" Kazuma yelled as the first fin started to disintegrate propelling him forward. He pulled his fist back getting ready to strike, when he was propelled right into a wormhole.




The next thing Kazuma saw was the back of a train. "What the hell!" he yelled as he punched through the trains door scaring everyone riding in the back and running towards the front of the train as fast as they could. Kazuma held onto the side of the train and threw the door off of the train before swinging himself inside. With a scowl Kazuma yelled, "What the hell just happened!"

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