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Hello! I’m Mary, a normal girl who lives in America, and have loved the game Dragon Quest ever since whenever she first played it. However, I never even thought for a second that it wasn’t just a game…


It was originally a normal day, me going to school, goofing off with my friends, doing great at sports, and getting a B+ in Math. After school, I started to walk home, where I met my friend, Shawn. And that’s where my story starts.


“Hey Mary, want to go play Dragon Quest nine together?†asked Shawn. Jeez, I cannot believe how cheerful this guy is. He is my friend, but he’s like the exact opposite of me. Still, he had the exact same likes and dislikes as me, so he’s cool, I guess.


“Sure. My house, yours, or the park?†I asked Shawn. Probably, it’s my house, since it’s pretty big, but I asked just in case.


He smiled. “Well, actually, I heard some rumors about a new Dragon Quest tournament at Target, and the winner get’s a special item that nobody knows about!â€


“EPIC!†I yelled. That sounded so geeky, but it still excited me. We quickly got our games, and got on our bikes. We rode off to Target, after talking to both of our parents. We signed up right away, and we were told to go to the basement, which we didn’t even know existed. But, it did, and we went. We saw many people, including some from our schools. We didn’t talk to them, because we didn’t even know they played Dragon Quest. Wow, a lot of things we don’t know! Then, the lights turned off, and there was a spotlight on one man.


“Hello players of Dragon Quest! Today, we have rented this place for a special contest. The winner will get a special item! For this game, you should choose some friends to meet in the game, or go solo.†The man in the spotlight said. Everyone was confused, since if we have a team, then we won’t be able to get the prize alone. Then, the room started to glow, and everyone started to become transparent. “The first one to reach a guild level 99 wins! Let the game begin!â€


Again, nobody knew what he meant, until everyone disappeared.

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Well, let's see... The guy said "Find one friends to meet IN the game", he told the rules of the games, and then all the people who had the games dissapeared.

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Chapter One


Mary Jackson





When I woke up, I was... In a forest? I looked around, which was when my eyes saw a slime. Well, it was just a slime. Wait.. I saw a SLIME?! Quickly, I got up, and in my hand was a ring. The clothes I was wearing became the armour my character! While I was freaking out, the slime suddenly ran away, and a shadow loomed over me. The person who owned the shadow spoke in a familiar voice. "So, you're like this too, huh Mary?"


I quickly turned around, and definately knew who it was. There was no choice. His look with his armour made me smile. "Shawn, you look rediculous."


Shawn was smiling, but now he frowned. "And you look exactly the same. How come your favorite armour look like how you normally dress?"


Of course, he was right. I was wearing a sky blue skirt, and a white T-shirt. The only thing different was the ring in my hand. In real life, I would never wear a ring at my age if it killed me. I smiled. "Wow, they made a virtual reality game for the tournament! I bet we turned into level ones, so the tourney will be fair."


"Yea, I think we are. I couldn't use Crack, even though I found out how to use spells. I already tried Frizz." said Shawn, shooting a small fireball at a slime. He smiled. "This is epic. Now, let's go find this guild or whatever that the guy told us about."


"Sure!" I said, when I remembered something. Just to check, I puncheed Shawn. He flinched. "I knew it! If you get hit, it doesn't just make you fall down or something, it acctually hurts!"


"Yeah, I kinda just found out!" Shawn joked. Then he noticed something, just like how I noticed that pain was real in this world. "Hey, where's your wand? You used to be a priest..."


I just noticed that as well. Then, Shawn got it. "Uhh... Mary? Which game did you have in your gameboy slot?"


"Well, Dragon Quest Monsters Two of course... OH!" I said. For some reason, while I became my DQ9 character, I had the powers of my Dragon Quest Monsters character! Wait... Didn't that mean? I heard a squeak. When I looked back, where I saw a slime with a bow on it. "I just remembered... I started a new game."


Suddenly, a Tigertaur came out charging after me. I was worried, but I realised that Slime had some fighting abilities as well! Then again... The tigertaur just knocked my Slime away.

Yep, I was dead.

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If you're reading this, please comment. I may think people don't like this, for I was never very good at making stories of DQ. I'm much better at making my own storys. So, if you like this, then please say so.

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Chapter Two


Shawn Kagura



Hello, remember me, Shawn?


I'm the Japanese best friend of Mary Jackson. Although she doesn't know it yet, but I had a huge crush on her since we met. She was never good at finding out when somebody likes her. She's the most popular girl in school, yet she doesn't even know it! Anyway, let's get back to the story.


When the Tigertaur knocked Mary's slime away, I casted Frizz as fast as I could. However, it was too weak to do anything to the monster, and we both thought we were dead. That is, until he came.


“Get down!†we heard from behind us, but I did not recognize the voice. Which was strange, since I knew everyone around where we lived, and none of them had this voice. Suddenly, a boy with pure black hair, of our age, jumped from behind us, slashing the Tigertaur with his claws. Was he a player too? He kept slashing at the Tagertaur, when suddenly, his claws began to glow purple and black. Then, he slashed, finished the monster off. That was shade slash! The boy looked back to us. “Whew! That was a close one! You okay?â€


“Yea.†We both said. Then, Mary and I looked at each other, and nodded. I began to speak. “Are you one of the players?â€


“Players? What do you mean?†He said, and cocked his head for a bit, thinking. Then, he snapped his fingers. “Oh, right! A few people showed up at the guild today, saying something about being a player, and that they needed to win some sort of competition. Are you one of them? If so, I can help you get to our guild! Just try not to die, like most of them.â€


We were confused. Was this kid an NPC? He seemed so real, though! We decided to go with him to the guild, since we needed to get to a guild anyway. Suddenly, Mary looked at me, terrified. I hated that look! She was usually so happy, that it’s just wrong when she looks that way. Of course, I knew I had to ask. “What’s wrong?â€


“Shawn. Did you notice yet?†she asked. I had no idea what she meant, but she was about to say it anyway. “The tournament was not of the game, we went into the game, or so we thought. Pain in here is as real as it is in our normal life. This boy in front of us looks exactly like a real person, and he is not a player. Also, this place has the same magic and monsters as in the games. Some people DIED, Shawn. Do you know what this means?â€


I thought for a bit, then I knew the answer. I said hopefully, “This is an extremely realistic game?â€

Mary slapped me. Wow, she was strong for the most popular girl in school. “Don’t joke at a time like this!â€


“I wasn’t! I was being hopeful!†I said, and then I was horrified as well. “You don’t mean…â€


“Yes.†Said Mary, and she was sounding just as horrified as she looked. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. “This isn’t a game. We are in another world, Shawn.â€

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Chapter 3


Mary Jackson



I wanted to cry. We should have not come to the contest if I knew we were going to be sent to another world! Then, the cute boy looked at us. Yes, I thought he was cute. He wore black clothes, which included a pair of ripped pants, a T-shirt with two strange holes on the back, and a bandana on his head. Every one of them had white crosses on them. Same design with his shoes. However, we did not ever see him smile yet. That was the only bad thing about him that I saw. He began to speak. “What’s wrong?â€


“We… want to get home. As soon as possible, but we are only supposed go back if we reach level 99 in a guild or something.†said Shawn. He sighed, and looked at the boy. “Anyway, what’s your name?â€


The boy still had the blank look. “Oh, right. I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Robert Min. The first name is just a nickname, by the way. I’m a Martial Artist, from Korea.â€


I was surprised. “Huh? There is a Korea in this world?â€


The boy just answered, again. “Yes, along with Japan, America, which you are in right now, Africa, and everything. Just like your world.â€


What was he, a robot? Was he an incredible cute robot? Wait, how did he know that we were not from this world? I was about to talk, when Shawn began first. “How do you know we are from another world?â€


Robert, as we knew now, began to answer. “You guys have a strange aura. It’s too pure to be anyone from this world. Plus, the other ‘players’ said they were from another world. Anyway, we are here.â€


He was right. In front of us was a castle, too flashy to be in the middle of a forest… wait, when did we get into a town? Oh well, I guess we were too zoned in on talking. “By the way, I’m Many Jackson, and my friend here is Shawn Kagura.â€


He snickered. Wow, we finally saw him smile. He was even cuter smiling! “You guys a couple?â€


Shawn blushed, and yelled out loud, “No! Of course not! â€


Never knew why he always blushed when someone was talking about relationships in front of us. Oh well, I’ll never know. I just said we weren’t, not sure if it was because we were in front of Robert, or if I just wanted to say the truth. We began to walk into the tent.

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lol, no. I don't wanna spoil it yet, but if you really can't wait, then click this spoiler.




You need to beat quests, given by the guildleader, to gain guild levels.



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Chapter 4


Shawn Kagura


One we got into the tent/castle, we saw many people there. Robert put a hand out towards the group, and began to talk. "Say hello to the members of our Guild, Fallen Ark!"


We were surprised. There were many people in the guild. About twenty, mostly normal-looking people in the case of Dragon Quest Game main characters, but some were very strange. Among those who looked seemingly normal, however there was someone who had elf-like ears, yet they were red, and they had a tail. Another had metal arms as well as legs, next to a woman who had green hair and had elven ears. More strange people were here, as well, but we did not have enough time to name them all. So, I began to ask my question. "Hey, so how do we gain Guild Levels?"


"Talk to the guildmaster for that. Just wait for now, I'm going to introduce you to the people." said Rob, and cleared his throat. He snapped his fingers, and a huge man came over. "This is Jack Raigon. The proud muscle-man of the guild."


Jack smiled, and put out a hand to us. "Hello there. Nice to meet you."


Mary began to shake the man's hand. It was strange, seeing her small, fragil hand shaking some giant hand that was the size of my torso. Oh well. I shook the man's hand as well. He seemed nice! As Jack began to walk away, Rob snapped, and the man with red ears and tail walked over. "This is Lance. Lance Flare. He's a Dragon-half. The best in the guild, when it somes to Frizz-type spells."


Lance bowed, and began to talk. "Pleasure to meet you. I am Lance Soryu. You may ask me of assistance whenever you like."


Then, Lance walked away again, and once again, Rob snapped. This time, the Elven lady came. She bowed, as if she was a princess. She seemed that way, as well. Robert began to explain. "This is Saria Fairin. She's an elf, and Lance's apprentice. He will kill you if you annoy her."


Saria bowed once again, and left. Next, four people came, along with Lance. Well, three. One was still coming. They all smiled, and they got into a line. There were two girls, and the others were boys. One of the girls had silver hair, and the other was blond. She was the one who was coming, since she was on the other side of the castle, and there was a big crowd. As for the boys, Lance had red hair, one had orange, and the last one had white hair. Robert began to explain once again. However, this time more lazily. In fact, he didn't explain much. "Okay, guys. These people are some of the guild's strongest fighters, and is a part of the Elemental Seis. This time, you guys introduce yourself. Exept Lance since he met everyone already."


The girl with silver hair bowed. "My name is Sarah Soarin. I am the guild's best Whoosh-type magic user, or so everyone says."


Next was the man with orange hair. He smiled, and gave us a thumbs-up. "I'm Albert Bamm. I'm the guild's best Bang-type magic user!"


"And also the biggest psychopath in the world." said the man with white hair, who was obviously next. He smiled. "My name is John. John Frohn. The best Crack-type magic user in this guild."


The only one left was the blond girl, who finally got past the crowd. She ran up towards us, but instead of stopping, she ran over, and tackled Robert. Now that I looked at her, she looked pretty similar to Mary, and was about the same age as us, too! This girl was pretty cute. Why did she tackle Rob, though? When we looked, the girl was hugging him, and rubbing her face on him, while he was trying to push her off of him. What the heck? If that was me, I would consider it lucky! Rob got up, and kept trying to push the girl off. He soon gave up, and sighed. Robert began to explain. "This is Evangeline Raiten, the Zap-type magic master. She is the second strongest of the group, only second to the master of Zam-type magics. In the guild, she is the fourth strongest. Her nickname is Eva."


"And, I'm Bob's girlfriend." said Eva, now hugging Rob's arm. Mary had a strange look on, meanwhile Rob still looked the same, looking at us with a blank expression. He facepalmed. "Fine. Soon-to-be girlfriend."


Once again, Bob had the blank expression. With the expression, he began to talk. "Eva?"


"Yes?" said Eva eagerly. What was he about to say?


"Unhand me." he said coldly. Why would he say that? Oh well. Eva let go, and Rob sighed. "Eva, I told you. We're JUST FRIENDs."


"That's mean, Bobby." said Eva, when he gave her one of those don't-call-me-that looks. She rolled her eyes, and smiled. "Fine."


"Wait, you said seis, which is spanish for six. Also, you said something about a Zam-master? Who's the zam master?" said Mary. She had a point. Yet, everyone other than Me and Bob gave her "you-don't-know-yet?" looks. Then, Rob smiled.


"It's cool, guys. I havn't told them yet." said Rob, and the others nodded. He kept smiling, and opened his mouth. "I am Robert "Fallen Angel" Min, the leader of the Elemental Seis, the guild's strongest fighter, and, the Zam master."

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well excuse me for liking romance novels.


jk, i know your kidding. You are, right? anyway, The next one will take a bit.

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