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Esturkdq4's Tournament's #21:Best Game of 2002


2nd Round:Matches 1-8  

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GrandAlchemist doesn't know how to vote, lets deduct his :P, i hope he does read this, so there.

Whoa now, don't hate. :)

Dungeon Siege > Sly Cooper... since I've played neither I went with the one that looked more interesting.

AC3 > Mario Sunshine... because I LOVE mech combat! Especially from the AC series. And SMS was... not as good as I had hoped.

MVC2 > Animal Crossing... because it's MVC2!! The only thing cooler than mech combat is fighting games.

THPS3 > Warcraft 3... because RTS games are teh boring... and THPS 3 was the last Tony Hawk game that I enjoyed.


We voted the same on the other half. :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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