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King Zenith

Contest # 29.2 - Dragon Quest III Tagline

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Time to get these contests fired up again. Just to start things off, I thought we would do an easy one.


Your job is to come up with a tagline for the fictional release of Dragon Quest III for the DS. Previous DQ taglines include:


Rocket Slime - "No Spine, Just Guts"

DQ IV DS - "Extra Party Members? Don't worry. You have a wagon."

DQM: Joker - "Losers catch 'em all; Winners catch the best."


Rules: PM me 1 or 2 taglines for Dragon Quest III DS by June 09th at 11:30am EST. Taglines must be 15 words or less


Prize: Your very own custom-made Dragon's Den Badge designed and crafted by Woodus himself.


The voting will begin once Contest #29.1 has wrapped up.


For ideas and more information about taglines, see these previous contests:

Contest #11

Contest #22


Also, be sure to see the other half of this contest, in Contest #29.1 - Dragon Quest III Subtitle

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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