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(Feb 20)New Monsters (scan)


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edit: there was a NSFW popup at the site that hosted the image. So I grabbed the file myself and changed the link. Sorry if anyone got surprised by that.


A new LQ scan popped up. It reveals some new monsters, including the slime towers that we've seen in the videos. They have a hilarious attack. Here is the scan:




I can't make out everything, but I'll hit the key points I can make out:


1)Slime Tower. Three slimes stacked on top of one another. One of the screenshots shows their attack which says "Many slimes rain down upon Nine's party." "Nine" is the name of the hero. The picture shows a bunch of slimes falling from the sky. Awesome!


2)Haniwa Knight. Haniwa are clay dolls from old Japan. I'm not sure, but the Mystic Doll monster might have been based off of them. Anyway, this time we have a Haniwa Doll riding a Haniwa horse. Awesome. In the screen shot, the Naniwa Knight is throwing a rope/lasso.


3)Dorozara. Not sure how to translate this. Doro is like mud or dirt, and I think zara is the sound of it coming out? Anyway, this monster has an attack where he throws out a cloud of sand.


4)Bullfrog Cannon. He fires "mucous membrane bullets"


5)Black Knight. This guy is part of the story. He appeared in the castle town suddenly astride a pitch-black horse. He seems to be looking for a princess, threatening the castle town and demanding to know her whereabouts.

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Gonna warn people about that site, a NSFW ad pops up according to a friend I linked that too. I didn't see it because I'm running NoScript.


Anyways, I LOVE the new monsters this game is getting. Much better than someone of the new ones 8 got. (sorry, the linked peppers didn't sit well with me...)


Bullfrog Cannon looks awesome.

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Whoa. really sorry about the NSFW popup! From now on I'm going to grab these and host them myself. Fixed.

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