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[Feb 12th] Online Profiles


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Small update today on online profiles. You can find the article here: http://www.4gamer.net/games/072/G007233/20090210076/


You can make an online profile for other Wifi players to see. Here are the things you can set in your profile:


-where you live (looks to be prefectures in Japan right now)


-title. You select from a 6-page premade list. It includes things like "elementary school student", "worker", "artist", "poet", "nurse", "researcher" as well as some weirder ones like "ally of justice" and "evil underling"

-talking style. This appears to just allow you to forgo entering your own message below. Some talking styles include "serious", "macho", "Ruler of Evil", "Happy-go-lucky old man", etc.

-message. Personal message about yourself. Like a self introduction. The sample says something like "I'm Dorao. I'm an 8-year-old elementary school student in Tokyo." If you don't want to enter your own message, you can choose a talking style and it will make a message for you in that style. It appears that you will have at least two full text boxes to write your message in.


Also, one of the titles is "bodybuilder" and your title appears in a place that was earlier guessed to be class. So now it looks like what I thought was confirmation of a bodybuilder class a month or two ago was actually just an online player's title. So maybe no bodybuilder in the game.

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These are all nice and stuff, but they keep beating around the bush about the biggest thing about this game as a RPG.


The content of the adventure itself.


If this game turns out to be a romp through like 3 areas, even with all the features, it's not going to mean much if it's so short.

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