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Valkyrie Profile


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Think that's too dramatic? Its not!


Recently I got an e-mail from S-E Members about some upcoming releases and noticed that one is a new Valkyrie Profile game for the DS that I've every intention of buying. This led me to trying to track down a reasonable priced copy of the original Valkyrie Profile for the PSOne. The problem is that most of the games are priced as if the person selling it is trying to get a PS3 and just won't explicitly say it!


The most expensive copy I saw was sealed and was for about 530 DOLLARS!!! I'm sorry but I don't have that kind of scratch lying around and the most I'd pay for a copy that wasn't royally fried would be about $75 USD. Anyone with a copy that is willing to part with a copy can either e-mail me at amisbro@gmail.com or PM me.


Thanks and good day

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I'm afraid I don't have a copy for you but that is INSANE!!! >.< No game is worth that much money!


I know right! Fortunately I've been in contact for most of the day and night with one of our members about obtaining a copy and Monday I start yet another countdown...the time in which it will take me to get the game!


Many thanks in advance go to Erin for helping me out with this little quest of mine!

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