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Esturkdq4's Tournament #10:Best RPG Dungeon

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Ocean Palace (Chrono Trigger)

Ancient Cave (Lufia 2)

Land of Monster (Final Fantasy IV)

Sylph cave (Final Fantasy IV)

Pazuzu tower (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Cave to Necrogond (Dragon Warrior III)

Earth Cave (Final Fantasy I)

Infinity (Breath Of Fire 2)


Here is another set of 8 in case you need more.


Scande tower (Breath of Fire)

Obelisk (Breath of Fire)

Spyre Tower (Spyre tower)

Tyrano Lair (Chrono Trigger)

Mt. Woe (Chrono Trigger)

Death Peak (Chrono Trigger)

Geno Dome (Chrono Trigger)

Mount Zozo (Final Fantasy VI)

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Only Need 15 More

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need 14 more. SO I would like the next two people that would like to nominate, to each nominate 7 a piece.

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Biosystems Lab (Phantasy Star II)

Enclave Tanker (Fallout 2)

Kether Castle (Shin Megami Tensei II)

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;) Geno Dome (Chrono Trigger)

Ozzie's Fort (Chrono Trigger)

Manolia Cathedral (Chrono Trigger)

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I'll do the Final 8 Dungeons:


Crystal Tower(Final Fantasy III)

Ancient Castle(Final Fantasy VI)

Henne Mines(Final Fantasy XII)

Stillshrine of Miriam(Final Fantasy XII)

Inside Sin(Final Fantasy X)

The Pharos at Ridorana Cataract(Final Fantasy XII)

ExDeath's Castle(Final Fantasy V)

Giant Step(Earthbound)

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Games List:(Alphabetical Order)

Aktemto Mine(DW4)

Ancient Castle(Final Fantasy VI)

Ancient Cave(Lufia 2)

Antlion Cave(Final Fantasy IV)

Biosystems Lab(Phantasy Star II)

Black Citadel(DQVIII)

Black Omen(Chrono Trigger)

Bone Dungeon(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Bonus Dungeon(DQV)

Bonus Dungeon(Dragon Quest IIIr)

Bonus Dungeon(Dragon Quest IV DS)

Bonus Dungeon(Dragon Quest VI)

Bonus Dungeon(Dragon Quest VII)

Castle of Baramos(DW3)

Castle of Ordeals(Final Fantasy)

Cave of Betrayal(DW4)

Cave of the Past(Earthbound)

Cave of Trials(DQ5)

Cave to Necrogond(Dragon Warrior III)

Cave to Rhone(Dragon Quest II)

Centre Area(Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter)

Charlock Castle(DQI/II)

Colorstone Mine(Dragon Warrior VII)

Crystal Tower(Final Fantasy III)

Dark Palace(Dragon Quest VII)

Dark Ruins(DQVIII)

Death Peak(Chrono Trigger)

Deathtamoor's Castle(DQ6)

Distortion Corridor(Radiata Stories)

Doom Castle(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Dragons Den(Final Fantasy VI Advance)

Earth Cave(Final Fantasy I)

Enclave Tanker(Fallout 2)

Esturk's Palace(DW4)

ExDeath's Castle(Final Fantasy V)

Falls Basin(Final Fanatsy Mystic Quest)

Fienal(Star Ocean: The Second Story)

Floating Castle(Final Fantasy)

Floating Continent(Final Fantasy VI)

Forest of No Return(Tales of Legendia)

Fortress of Doom(Lufia 1 and 2)

Geno Dome(Chrono Trigger)

Ghost Ship(Rogue Galaxy)

Giant of Babil(Final Fantasy IV)

Giant Step(Earthbound)

Giant Tree(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Godbird's Eyrie(Dragon Quest VIII)

Graveyard of Airships(Final Fantasy Tactics)

Great Pyramid(Illusion of Gaia)(Illusion of Time in PAL)

Great Wall(Illusion of Gaia)(Illusion of Time in PAL)

Gurgu Volcano(Final Fantasy)

Henne Mines(Final Fantasy XII)

Ice Pyramid(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Infinity(Breath Of Fire 2)

Inside Sin(Final Fantasy X)

Joke's End(Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga)

Kefka's Tower(Final Fantasy VI)

Kether Castle(Shin Megami Tensei II)

Lagoon Castle(Lagoon)

Land of Monster(Final Fantasy IV)

Lava Dome(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Lenoire Castle(DQ5)

Level Forest(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Lunar Ruins(Final Fantasy IV Advance)

Magitek Research Facility(Final Fantasy VI)

Magus's Castle(Chrono Trigger)

Manolia Cathedral(Chrono Trigger)

MechSoldier's Base(Dragon Warrior VII)

Memoria(Final Fantasy IX)

Michtam(Xenosaga: Episode III)

Mine(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Mirror Tower(DQ6)

Mist Cave(Final Fantasy IV)

Moon Base(Star Ocean 3)

Mount Zozo(Final Fantasy VI)

Mt. Ordeals(FFIV)

Mt. Woe(Chrono Trigger)

Mudo's Castle(DQVI)

Najima Tower(Dragon Quest III)

Necrosaro's Castle(DW4)

Noo's Dungeon(Ephemeral Fantasia)

Northern Crater(Final Fantasy VII)

N-Zone(Final Fantasy V)

Obelisk(Breath of Fire)

Ocean Palace(Chrono Trigger)

Ozzie's Fort(Chrono Trigger)

Pandaemonium(Final Fantasy II)

Pazuzu Tower(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Pegasus Tower(DQ6)

Proto Merkabah(Xenosaga: Episode I)


Scande Tower(Breath of Fire)

Shinra Mansion(Final Fantasy VII)

Shrine of Breaking Waves(Dragon Quest IV)

Sorrow Prison(DQ6)

Sphinx(Dragon Warrior VII)

Spyre Tower(Spyre Tower)

Star Light Temple(Dark Cloud 2)

Stillshrine of Miriam(Final Fantasy XII)

Stonehenge Lab(Earthbound)

Sylph Cave(Final Fantasy IV)

Temple of Chaos(Final Fantasy I)

Temple of Earth(Tales of Symphonia 2)

Temple of Lightning(Tales of Symphonia 2)

Temple of the Ancients(Final Fantasy VII)

The Ancient City of Giruvegan(Final Fantasy XII)

The Great Crystal(Final Fantasy XII)

The Lunar Core(FFIV)

The Mana Fortress(Secret of Mana)

The Pharos at Ridorana Cataract(Final Fantasy XII)

Tower of Babel(Final Fantasy IV)

Tower of Guidance(Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)

Tower of Zot(Final Fantasy IV)

Tyrano Lair(Chrono Trigger)

Ultimecia's Castle(Final Fantasy VIII)

Underwater City(Dragon Quest VII)

Varda Caves(The Dark Ages)

Venus Lighthouse(Golden Sun: The Lost Age [aka GS2])

Void Quest(Persona 4)

Volcano(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Waterfall Cave(Dragon Quest VIII)

West Cave(Dragon Quest VII)

Wind Maze (DW7)

Wintry Cave(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

World Tree(DW4)

Zenithian Tower/Sky Tower(DW4 / DQ5)

Zion Cave(Dragon Quest VII)

Zoma's Castle(Dragon Quest III)


Slime_Master:Geno Dome was taken, so I just replaced it with Shrine of Breaking Waves from DQIV.


With Every Nomination In, the Bracket Should be Up Sometime in the next 2 Days.

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