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[Jan 16]New scan and translation


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Here's a low quality scan found somewhere on the internet:




It talks about special items you can find in the game called "Treasure Maps". Treasure maps will indicate some area on the world map with an X. If you go there, you can find hidden caves/dungeons and get rare items.


If you follow the series of screenshots linked with red arrows


1) the party is looking at the treasure map (see the X?)

2) they run to the spot that looks similar to the map and an exclamation bubble pops up

3) a cave appears there


A "Treasure Map" also appears on the item menu, so it looks like if you have collected a bunch of maps you can look at them at any time. A nice feature is that regular items and "important" items are separated.


It says that you may find difficult monsters guarding the treasure inside of the dungeons you find with your treasure maps.


Finally, it looks like the first person to find a particular treasure map in the game gets their name engraved on it, signifying them as the "discoverer" of the map. There is also a spot on the treasure map to record who the "renewer/renovator/updater" is, whatever that means. Maybe the maps can have errors? (the article doesn't say that).


That's it.

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Very interesting. I'm sure the rarest treasures will probably be guarded by some of the most difficult monsters or even a boss. Thanks for the translation tummai.


Edit: Never mind I found out my local library has a wireless network if I need to download special promotions.

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