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Battlefield System/Rules Discussion

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Here is everything copied from the New Arena. If you find anything that you think is unfair or needs to be adjusted, or you would like added, please post it here! There are no stupid ideas.


Basic Rules

Here are the basic rules of play! ... They are:


1) No Flaming : Don't get upset at a loss or two, especially if you're new here. Everyone loses at one time or another! This means be nice to people!!

2) No Cheating : We'll catch you and there will be a price to pay! A few slip-ups are okay, but nothing serious, please... Punishments have been enforced in the past, and they will be again!

3) No Auto-Battles : You cannot simulate a battle between two people, no matter how many turns it may last!




To Start...

Now, creating a character starts with knowledge of each individual class. You can choose to be only one of the following classes, with the exception of the Sage. More on them will be later.


Classes and their benefits and drawbacks:


Hero: Heroes are quite interesting. A hero can become fairly strong, have good defence, while at the same time they can learn spells (both support and attacking).

They are probably the most balanced class there is. They have no special ability.


Warrior: Warriors are strong, but slow. They can equip very good weapons, armour, shields, and helmets. They cannot learn spells, but there are a few skills that the warrior can learn. They have no special ability but can equip the typically heavy things.


Fighter: Fighters are another physically-based class, but they can't equip as powerful armour, sheilds, and helmets. They attack with unique claws as well as other weapons. They make up for their slight weakness with higher agility. They cannot learn spells, but they get some skills. Special ability: "Critical Hit Plus"! Fighters not only get critical hits when the seconds digit of a post is 7, but 8 as well!


Mage: Mages are very frail in terms of strength, but they can have high magical powers and can cast incredibly powerful spells. They learn mostly attacking spells, but they also learn a few support spells too. "Mage Magic" is their special ability, which is just my term for their ability to use magic.


Cleric: Clerics are a lot more physical than Mages, but they are a lot more vulnerable to magic damage. Not only can they achieve incredibly high magic powers, but they also have excellent physical attack power too. They use magic, learning mostly healing and support/effect spells. Their attack magic arsenal is limited, however. "Cleric Magic" is their special ability, which is just my term for their ability to use magic.


Thief: Thieves are incredibly fast and thus most capable of getting in multiple hits. They can also be quite resistant to physical damage with high defences, but are incredibly vulnerable to spells. They can't use magic, but instead learn a few skills. Special ability: "Steal"! They can steal items from the coliseumers that they defeat. More on that later.


Dealer: Dealers have great resistance, both physically and magically. However, they lack strength. Dealers learn no magic, but like most non-magic classes, learn some skills instead. Special ability: "Gold Plus"! After battle, Dealers receive more Gold than other classes would in the same situation. More on that later.


Jester: Jesters are the joke tellers. They have great resistance to spells, and very high agility. However, they aren't very smart. They are currently the only class that can become a sage in a class change without requiring the completion of a task. Jesters also learn a few skills instead of magic. Their only special ability is that they can become Sages without a problem.


Sage (Only in a class change): Sages are the ultimate spell casters. They can learn the spells of both Clerics and Mages. They are highly intelligent and can defend physical attacks well, but they get very low strength. Sages are only available in a class change, and you have to become a Jester or complete a specified task to become one.


This concludes the list of classes and their explanations.




Now that the classes have been explained, you should become familiar with the properties of each of the character stats.


Each stat has an important use. The following is a list of the status properties.


Health Points ( HP ): HP is your life. When you are attacked you will lose HP. Once your HP reaches zero your character has been defeated.


Magic Points ( MP ): MP is your spell casting life in a way. Every time you cast a spell it will use up some of your MP. If you don’t have any more MP or enough MP you can’t cast a spell.


Strength ( STR ): Strength is how strong your character is. It will help to decide how much damage your character does to your opponent in a physical attack. STR is the base to your weapon and it's addend. Every weapon on sale will have an addend such as + 10. When you equip a weapon, simply add the indicated amount to your base STR stat and that is your attacking power when you get into a battle (unless you have other STR-increasing items equipped). If there is a percentage to add to your weapon, add the percentage from your base STR first.


Defense ( DEF ): Your DEF is the final decider as to how much will be done physically. If someone with a STR of 5 attacks you while your DEF is 3 then 2 damage will be done to your character. In other words STR – DEF equals how much damage will be done. Of course all armor you buy will have addends and perhaps percentages also and will be dealt with the same way as the weapons except the base stat will be DEF.


Intelligence ( INT ): INT is exactly like your STR of magic. It will help to decide how much damage a spell will do to your opponent. Multiply INT by the number given on a spell to determine how powerful it is.


Vitality ( VIT ): VIT is your defense against magic. INT and VIT decides how much damage a spell will do. Spells will all be explained later.


Agility ( AGL ): Agility decides the turn of attacks. The person with the higher agility attacks first. If you have 2 times more agility than your opponent then you attack twice. If it’s 3 times higher then you attack 3 times and so on. However if two people have the same amount of AGL then the person with the higher INT will go first. Same INT? Compare VIT. Same VIT? Compare STR. Same STR?! Compare DEF. ... Same DEF?!?! ... then it won't be an exciting battle! If that happens to occur... take turns posting, and whoever gets the first seconds digit on their post to be a 1... that's who goes first in the battle!


This concludes the list of stats and their properties.




So, you want to get to the battling, do you? Well, you should know this stuff first!




Battles are fun and easy to do (once you get the hang of them). Battles are turn based so you may have to wait awhile for your opponent to post their attack. They take place in the Battlegrounds Sub-Forum and each battle or battles between 2 people gets it's own topic.


Doing Damage: There are 3 ways you can do damage. One is through physical attacks, which is ATK - DEF. Another is through spells, which is INT times the multiplier of the spell - VIT. Skills are another way to do damage, and you do what is instructed on skill.


Critical Hits: Critical hits are completely based on luck. If you're lucky enough to have the seconds digit of your post be a 7 on a physical attack or a skill, your ATK is doubled. NOT the damage!

*Reminder: If you are a Fighter, you get critical hits on 7 AND 8!


Misses: Misses are another thing completely based on luck. If you post a physical attack or a skill and the seconds digit is 0, your attack misses and 0 damage is done.

Spells cannot miss unless the spell specifically says that it can miss.


Status Conditions: Aside from dealing direct damage, several attacks cause status conditions, that assist in their target's defeat.

Poison causes its victim to lose 1/8 of their maximum HP at the conclusion of every turn of battle. This means that damage is only dealt after the cycle of turns is completely done.

Sleep causes its target to fall into a deep slumber in which the victim cannot act. The sleeping combatant will wake up if physically attacked or if they post on their turn on a seconds digit of 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4. If they wake up without the shock of an attack, then it takes their turn to wake up.

Paralysis is similar to Sleep in that the victim cannot act. However, the victim will not recover if physically attacked. Instead, they must post and get a 2, 4, 6, or 8 to move freely again.

Confusion poses a large threat to any victim. When confused, the victim posts their attack as usual... but after they have posted, they post AGAIN to see if their attack follows through as planned. If the second post's seconds digit is a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, then the attack worked successfully. Otherwise... the combatant does nothing for their action. So, use the first post's digit as you normally would when confused. To cure confusion 'naturally', be attacked physically or magically on a 6, 7, 8, or 9 to restore sanity.

Knocked Over: Some skills like BoxerDance and other quest monsters might cause a temporary status effect that goes away on your turn. When afflicted with this status ailment, your turn simply is wasted. But then the status effect is cleared! It's one of those one-turn status effects.


Thieves and Stealing:

Thieves have to win to steal. Everything that is NOT equipped can be stolen. Thieves have a "Steal Level", unique to them. It starts at 0 (meaning you can steal nothing), but increases by 1 as the Thief's level increases at levels 3, 8, 13, 18, 23, 28, 33, 38, and 43. Each item will be given a "Thief Steal Level" in the shop based on their worth or rareness. When the Thief's Steal Level reaches the level necessary to steal the item, they can steal it.

They steal based based on Theif Level... and the second the winning post is made. If the Thief wins a battle and the seconds timer is a 7, 8, 9, or 0, then they can steal the item of their choice. Assuming they have the Steal Level to do so.


Dealers' Gold Boost:

If a Dealer loses a battle, they get + 50% of the Gold added to their Gold total.

If the Dealer wins the battle, they get + [ (seconds digit) x 10 %] of the Gold added to their Gold total. Thus, if a Dealer wins a battle and the seconds digit was an 8, they get + [8 x 10 %] of the Gold added to added to their total or an 80% boost! If it's a 3, they get a +30% boost.


Defending: On any turn of the battle, you may defend. Defending, although it takes your turn to do so, halves ALL damage (including magic damage) received until your next turn!


Gaining Experience and Gold: After every battle you will be awarded Gold and Experience (EXP). For EXP, the winner gets the opponent's level times 2. For gold, the winner gets the opponent's level times 10. The loser gets half of what the winner got for both of them. The loser doesn't lose ANY gold in a battle.

General Distribution Rule for Single and Multiple Party Battles:

The winner/winners gain double the EXP and Gold, and divide it evenly among themselves; round up for Gold if need be.

The loser/losers gain half the EXP and Gold of the entire winnings, and divide it evenly among themselves; round up for Gold if need be.

So, let's say that there is 60 EXP for the winner/winners, and therefore 30 EXP for the loser/losers... I'll use a 'diagram' to make things easier for you all:


A vs. B --- A gets 60, B gets 30. (1 person wins over 1 person)

AB vs. C --- A and B get 30 each, C also gets 30. (2 people win over 1 person)

A vs. BC --- A gets 60, B and C get 15 each. (1 person wins over 2 people)

AB vs. CD --- A and B get 30 each, C and D get 15 each. (2 people win over 2 people)



Gaining Levels: Once you get enough experience you will gain a level and your stats will go up. There is a chart which tells you how much EXP you need for the next level, and it varies with the class.

When you gain a level, you distribute 9 points between your HP and MP stats.

You also distribute 10 points between STR, DEF, INT, VIT and AGL. But the 10 points between STR, DEF, INT, VIT and AGL have certain limits - it depends on the class you chose. To determine the limits for you class, check the chart entitled: "The New Arena Stats on lvl up".


Changing Classes: To change classes, you must first be in level 20 minimum. PM Leon Geeste about changing classes, and you will be approved of/disapproved of to take the class change. You may choose any other class that you currently are not, with the exception of Sages (see below). Once the class has changed for good, reduce level to 1 and halve all stats (round up if odd numbers are produced). Your special ability is lost, but your spells/skills are not lost. Unequip ALL equipment and deal with items as necessary.


Becoming a Sage: To become the almighty Sage, you must endure and overcome a great challenge. It will be set up by the Arena Leader (Leon qualifies for this) according to strength of the user. It will be a challenging quest that is completed in dungeon-master-style. The Arena Leader being the dungeon master, setting the rules, creating the areas, etc. To become a Sage, you must first be in level 20 as a minimum; PM Leon Geeste if you're interested in this.

*Reminder: Jesters do not even have to go through the quest in order to become a Sage! They can immediately become one! Pretty crazy, huh?


This concludes the list of battling information.




Example Battle:


Battles would be fought as follows if there were the following stats:


Player 1

Lv: 1

Class: Hero

HP: 7

MP: 3

STR: 5

DEF: 1

AGL: 3

INT: 4

VIT: 1


Player 2

Lv: 1

Class: Mage

HP: 4

MP: 6

STR: 4

DEF: 3

AGL: 2

INT: 4

VIT: 1

Spells: Blaze - 2 mp - INT X 0.8



Posted on 11: 00 : 00

Player 1 attacks.


Posted on 11: 01 : 45

Miss! 0 damage delt.

Player 2 casts Blaze.


Posted on 11 : 02: 27

2 mp lost, 2 damage delt.

Player 1 attacks.


Posted time is not necessary for battle.

Critical hit! 7 damage delt.


Player 1 wins!

Player 1 gains 2 exp and 10 gold.

Player 2 gains 1 exp and 5 gold.


Please note that the above stats are by no means accurate to a level 1 character's stats.

This concludes the sample battle tutorial.




Sign-Up Sheet:

If you would like to participate in this activity just fill out the following form. When adding in your stats, you can divide up to 9 points onto HP and MP as you see fit, and 30 points onto your stats, also as you see fit - no class limits affect you either when just starting! Also, everyone starts with 100 Gold and 1 Herb which will heal 20 HP. You don’t start with any weapons or armor, you will have to buy them at the Shop. Once you make your character, post it here. Then post your character in the Stats page and update your stats after every battle.








Description: (optional, but it's fun to fill out!)


Background: (optional, but it's fun to fill out!)
















Items: Herb X1 (Slot 0)

Gold: 100


Battle Stats

Level: 1

Battles fought: 0

Battles won: 0

Battles lost: 0

EXP: 0

EXP required for next level: (check the list)


Spells + Skills


Stat Leveling System


Once you level up this is how your stats will improve depending on your class. You can divide up to 10 stats points but you can't go over the maximum.


HP and MP are a seperate system, and split 9 points up between them.


Best Stat: 4 Max points to upgrade for each level.

2nd Best Stat: 3 Max Points to upgrade for each level.

Worst Stat: 1 Max Point to upgrade for each level.

All the rest: 2 Max Points to upgrade for each level.



Best Stat

2nd Best Stat

Worst Stat














































Once again if you have any question/comments/concerns please let them be heard soon before we get this ball rolling ;)

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In my experience, the damage players did with the system we used was ridiculous and very easy to take advantage of. I proposed this idea when I was elected leader before, and I'll suggest it again: armour should defend against a certain % of the damage done. i.e. Leather Armour defends against 5%, Steel Armour defends against 20%... or something like that. I don't know what to do about VIT, but... it was just crazy back then. I really believed that the best fights were those that required a little strategy or luck and some time to win - a poor Cleric didn't have the option of trying to cast Surround, because he couldn't afford to waste a turn - so he just had to buy a strong weapon and hope for the best.


The old system fell into the trap of "whoever gets a strong weapon first is the winner"... I think either work a new system of damage and everything, or if not, then weapon strength should be toned down some. Battles may take longer this way... but then you could just lower the EXP required to gain levels, or something like that. But the way the system worked before meant that it was inaccessible to the weak, and the strong only got stronger - there was never any chance for a weaker person to defeat a stronger person. And then, only the strong could go on quests, so they'd get even MORE powerful.


Also, the critical and miss rate... while they were the best we could do, it was still a 10% chance to cut through defence, and this usually meant death. 20% for Fighters... like, come on... and a 10% chance to miss. Hopefully there's a better way to do things?


Finally, I was never a fan of the monster classes - I really lost interest in leading the Arena when the vote was affirmative to introduce them... just my two cents though. Sorry if that sounds like a lot, but I figured I'd let you guys have my input.


Some other suggestions I'll just toss out there: have a limit for the number of times certain spells can be cast - we do this on big spells, but not on spells like HealAll... or at least, consider limiting it if it's determined that some spells are too stacked. Also, make some increases mandatory - there was nothing more frustrating (and I did this myself, I admit) than seeing a Fighter with 124 STR and 0 INT, or a Mage with 178 INT and 1 STR. How about "every once in a while, you need to increase your 'useless' stats."?


Cheers and good luck guys! I'm on MSN if you wanna chat about some ideas and how things went last time...

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;) I dunno, Equations might be hard for people to figure out and going from what you are proposing it sounds like you want to implament said equation system. Maybe you can provide a simple table on Weapons and Armor with said system?

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It's just basic multiplication - if you have 5% defence, multiply damage by 0.95, for example. I won't likely be participating in this, so it's not like I want things to go one way or another, they were just suggestions that those of you who do want to play the arena can take into consideration, that's all.

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;) Ahhhhhhhhhhh ok, so it's sort of like the old system that was in play when I first started playing then.

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If we continue playing under the same system I would be tempted to remake Taloon Level 1 and put everything into Def, Int, Vit and Agi...










I recall I had about 70 Str near 50th, about the only skill that help me win battles was Berserk using a two handed weapon...


About Sages and Monsters, the experiance tables are insane, Sages need to have the level requirments for Mage and Cleric spells raised 50-100 % Either have all classes have diffrent exp tables or make them all 280,000 for level 50.


It also would be nice if the min. stat requirments were removed for all classes allowing all classes to put a 2 in any stat.


How about attacks missing on 0-2, cricaling on 7...

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