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before they go on ebay

Dragon Chaser

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I love these I dunno why. Bought em all off eBay years ago, all from Japan. All are new, 7 2/16" x 10 2/16" about 2mm heavy glossy plastic. They have sat in a box for years and if I didn't need money they would sit there for years to come.


If you would like one or more msg me. $15 US each which includes shipping to US/Canada. Any I have left on Dec 1st will go on a 7 day ebay auction starting @ $15 US each plus shipping. So if you're interested let me know. I will not put any on hold, once i get paypaled for em they will be in the mail. :biggrin:









The DQ1-2 SFC, DQ3 SFC and the first DQ7 are my faves although they're all cool.

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;):whoa: Those are awesome, how much are you planning to get for them?


*points at where he says 15 dollars each*


Those look really awesome. Though I don't know if I could actually put down the money for any of them. It's hard enough to have enough money for all the games I want, much less all these collectibles. >_<

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Understood about getting cash. I haven't worked in 3 years so :P don't ask how i'm surviving, I don't know.

Yup i put $15 on em, I see they're on Ebay for around that or more without shipping. (although you won't find such a nice collection on EBAY) Thought i'd see if there was any interest here on the Den first though. I will try to get full size scans up on my website soon, the little pics do not do justice (nor will the large ones i'm afraid) to these. One word which comes to mind upon looking at them is pristine. :)


*** Ok I have got no interest so I threw em on Ebay. If they don't sell on there then I guess I will have to keep em.

also listed em cheaper than i was going to.


Dragon Chaser Ebay Auctions

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UGHHHHHHHHH how did I miss this? Man gonna have to try my luck on Ebay (prays hard to win em ALL).

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Not sure why you bought the ones you have but considering buying more? LOL


Yeah. Part of me would like to keep em but........ haha I will prob regret selling them like I do my Fujiwara DQ art book.

If I kept them I'd be tempted to buy the a DQ8 shitajiki and 9 and so on. Maybe they have new ones for the re-releases on DS and such. :P


AND here are a couple large scans. As I was afraid even big they don't look as good as the boards.





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Well I bought the boards a few years ago and while they are cool, I'm not so sure I want them anymore. I already have the official guide books which have the same information.


In the end I'll probably keep them, I just have a large amount of Japanese video game memorabilia at the moment.

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