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Esturkdq4's Tournament's Tourneys, Dates, & Winners Topic


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Tournament #1(Best RPG)-Started 5/7/08 & Ended 6/5/08:Winner-Dragon Quest IV


Tournament #2(Best RPG Character)-Started 7/19/08 & Ended 8/16/08:Winner-Erdrick


Tournament #3(Best DQ Monster)-Started 9/4/08 & Ended 10/05/08:Winner-Necrosaro


Tournament #4(DQ vs. FF, Battle of the Bosses)-Started 10/04/08 & Ended 10/26/08:Winner-Necrosaro


Tournament #5(Best RPG Song)-Started 10/26/08 & Ended 11/17/08:Winner-Ramia's Theme(Dragon Quest VIII)


Tournament #6(Best RPG Weapon)-Started 11/20/08 & Ended 12/11/08:Winner-Zenithian Sword(DQ Series)


Tournament #7(Best Game Ever)-Started 12/11/08 & Ended 1/1/09:Winner-Final Fantasy VI


Tournament #8(Best RPG Castle/Town/City)-Started 1/2/09 & Ended 1/22/09:Winner-Dharma Temple


Tournament #9(Dragons Den Most Wanted Games)-Started 1/23/09 & Ended 2/1/09:Winner-Dragon Quest IX


Tournament #10(Best RPG Dungeon)-Started 2/2/09 & Ended 2/25/09:Winner-Zenithian Tower


Tournament #11(Best RPG Spell/Skill)-Started 2/25/09 & Ended 3/17/09:Winner-2x/4x Cut(Final Fantasy VII)


Tournament #12(Best RPG Battle Music)-Started 3/20/09 & Ended 4/13/09:Winner-Hero's Challenge(DQ3)


Tournament #13(Best Non-RPG Game)-Started 4/20/09 & Ended 5/12/09:Winner-The Legend of Zelda:A Link to the Past(SNES)


Tournament #14(Best RPG Job Class)-Started 5/19/09 & Ended 6/4/09:Winner-Dragoon/Lancer


Tournament #15(Best RPG Vehicle)-Started 6/7/09 & Ended 6/18/09:Winner-Ramia(DQ3/8)


Tournament #16(Best RPG Intro Song)-Started 6/23/09 & Ended 7/1/09:Winner-Overture(DQ8)


Tournament #17(Best Character Ever)-Started 7/1/09 & Ended 7/22/09:Winner-Mario


Tournament of Champions-Started 7/27/09 & Ended 8/4/09:Winner-Zenithian Sword


Tournament #18(Best Game of 2009)-Started 1/13/10 & Ended 1/30/10:Winner-Dragon Quest V(DS)


Tournament #19(Best Game of 2000)-Started 3/4/10 & Ended 4/3/10:Winner-Dragon Quest Monsters(GBC)


Tournament #20(Best Game of 2001)-Started 3/5/10 & Ended 4/3/10:Winner-Dragon Warrior III(GBC)


Tournament #21(Best Game of 2002)-Started 3/6/10 & Ended 4/3/10:Winner-Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2(PSX)


Tournament #22(Best Game of 2003)-Started 3/7/10 & Ended 4/3/10:Winner-The Legend of Zelda:The Wind Waker(GC)


Tournament #23(Best Game of 2004)-Started 3/8/10 & Ended 4/4/10:Winner-Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door(GC)


Tournament #24(Best Game of 2005)-Started 3/9/10 & Ended 4/4/10:Winner-Dragon Quest VIII(PS2)


Tournament #25(Best Game of 2006)-Started 3/10/10 & Ended 4/4/10:Winner-The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess(Multi)


Tournament #26(Best Game of 2007)-Started 3/11/10 & Ended 4/4/10:Winner-Super Mario Galaxy(Wii)


Tournament #27(Best Game of 2008)-Started 3/13/10 & Ended 4/4/10:Winner-Dragon Quest IV(DS)


Tournament #28(Dragons Den Most Wanted 2010)-Started 4/6/10 & Ended 4/17/10:Winner-Dragon Quest IX(DS)


Tournament #29(Game of the Decade)-Started 4/17/10 & Ended 4/27/10:Winner-Dragon Quest VIII(PS2)


Tournament #30(Best Game of 2010)-Starts 1/7/11 & Ends 1/21/10:Winner-Dragon Quest IX(DS)


Tournament #31(Dragons Den Most Wanted 2011)-Starts 1/23/11 & Ends 2/4/11:Winner-Dragon Quest VI(DS)


Tournament #32(The Ultimate Dragon Quest)-Starts 2/6/11 & Ends 2/18/11:Winner-Dragon Quest VIII(PS2)


Tournament #33(Best Game of 2011)-Starts 1/17/12 & Ends 1/31/12:Winner-Dragon Quest VI(DS)


Tournament #34(Dragons Den Most Wanted 2012)-Starts 2/6/12 & Ends 2/18/11:Winner-Dragons Quest X(Wii/Wii U)

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Cool :)

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;) Behold, the hall of fame, hey I think I got an idea for a future tournament, a tournament of champions to determine who is the best of the best. Of course this might come at a later date.
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Damn when I look at your list of stuff I feel really insignifiagant. I thought that beating Disgea 2 and dragon quest four in one weekend was an acheivment but damn next to you I look like a piece of slime crap. And I'm not even sure if slimes do crap! Nice post thread. :baa:

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