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Esturkdq4's Tournament #6:Best RPG Weapon

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Guest Plattym3

Here's the final 8


Steel Broadsword (DQ: Swords) steel_broadsword.png


Fire Blade (DQ: Swords) fire_blade.png


Frost Blade (DQ: Swords)frost_blade.png


Lightning Blade (DQ: Swords)lightning_blade.png


Wrath of Helios (DQ: Swords)

Wrath of Boreas (DQ: Swords)

Wrath of Zeus (DQ: Swords)

Aurora Blade (DQ: Swords)

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.44 Magnum (Fallout II)

Abacus of Justice

Aquagon Sword: Dragon Warrior VII

Artemis Bow

Atom Smasher: Secret of Evermore

Aura Glove: Secret of Mana

Aurora Blade (DQ: Swords)

Black Sword (Ultima VII)

Blast Gun(FF Tactics)


Bow Gun

Bow of Grace: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

Canine Weapon (MOTHER 3)

Casey Bat (EarthBound)

Chain Saw (FF6)

Chicken Knife (FFV)

Conqueror's Axe (DQVIII)

Copper Sword

Cracked Bat (EarthBound)

Cypress Stick

Daedalus Lance - Secret of Mana

Defender(FF Series)

Desert Eagle (Fallout II)

Doom Axe: Secret of Mana

Dragon Claw (DW7)

Dragon Claw: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Dragon Killer: Dragon Quest IV

Dragon Staff (DQ5)

Dragon Whip: Final Fantasy IV

Dragovian Sword

Drill Claw(Super Mario RPG)

Durandal (Final Fantasy XII)

Erdrick's Sword

Excalibur(FF Series)

Excalipoor (FFVIII)

Fake Bat (MOTHER 3)

Falcon Sword

Filliment Sword (Arcanum)

Fire Blade (DQ: Swords)

Fixed Dice(FFVI)

Flame Claw

Fomalhaut (Final Fantasy XII)

Friend's Yoyo (MOTHER 3)

Frost Blade (DQ: Swords)

Fruit Knife (DQV PS2)

Frying Pan (Super Mario RPG)

Glass Sword (Ultima VII)

Gokuu Pole (Final Fantasy Tactics/XII)

Golden Axe (Harvest Moon)

Golden Claw

Griffin Bow (Might and Magic VII)

Gringham Whip - DQ5 & 6


Gutsy Bat (EarthBound)

Holy Lance

Hurly Gloves (Super Mario RPG)

Ice Blade (DW4)

Ice Brand

Iolo's Crossbow (Ultima VII)

Iron ball of Destruction - DQ6

Juggernault Hammer(Ultima VII)

Laser Lance: Secret of Evermore

Lazy Shell(SMRPG)

Legendary Bat(Earthbound)

Lightning Blade (DQ: Swords)

Liquid Metal Sword

Louisville Slugger (Fallout II)

Magic Axe (Ultima VII)

Magic Wand (Ultima IV)

Magma Staff

Masamune: Chrono Trigger

Mastermune (Chrono Cross)

Mega Grenade: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Metal Babble Sword

Metal King Spear (DQVIII)

Metal Wing Boomerang (DQ8)

Moogle Claw - Secret of Mana

Multi-Bottle Rockets (EarthBound)

Multi-Edged Sword (DW3)


Neutron Blade: Secret of Evermore

New Year Bomb (Mother 3)

Ninja's Trump: Secret of Mana


Oricon Claw

Papas' Sword - DQ5

Platinum Sword

Poison Needle (DW3)

Ragnarok(FF Series)

Rainbow Sword: Chrono Trigger

Rock It Launcher (Fallout 3)

Save the Queen

Sharpened Bone - DQ5, 6

Silver Tarot Cards

Sirius (Final Fantasy XII)

Sniper Rifle (Fallout II)

Staff of Antimagic (DW4)

Staff Of Thunder (DW2)

Star Dragon Sword

Steel Broadsword (DQ: Swords)

Stilleto Earrings

Sword of Air (Arcanum)

Sword of Decimation - DQ4

Sword of Defense (Arcanum)

Sword of Kings

Sword of Lethargy

Sword of Malice

Sword of Miracles

Sword of Ochearno

Sword of Ramias

Tack Star

Thunder Sword (DQ2)

Tornado (Suikoden; Clive's rifle)

Tournesol (Final Fantasy XII)

Twin Destiny Fang(Suikoden II)

Ultima Weapon: Final Fantasy VI

Ultimate Whip

Wondershot: Chrono Trigger

Wrath of Boreas (DQ: Swords)

Wrath of Helios (DQ: Swords)

Wrath of Zeus (DQ: Swords)

Wyrmhero's Sword (Final Fantasy XII)

Yoichi Bow


Zenithian Sword

Zodiac Spear (Final Fantasy XII)

Zombie Slasher - DQ3


I now have all 128 Weapons. Platty, you can start the prediction contest. Bracket will be up tonight.

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;) Alright!! Looks like this tournament has quite the variety in it. I look forward to the start of this one.

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