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What was the first Dragon Warrior game you played?

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21 minutes ago, Plattym3 said:

2 NESes? And you hit the power button at the same time!?


Kidding! Welcome to the Den, the home for happy DW/DQ fans on the Internet!


I didn't start playing two systems at the same time until Pokemon and DWM came out.

Full disclosure, I have two GameBoy Advances for the Megaman Battle Network series.

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I am posting this.... because I miss the days of old.... my first Dragon Warrior game I ever played was "Dragon Warrior"! My cousin first got me to play it and i have been hooked ever since! I played

The first one for me was DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age the game is simply at the top of its kind on Nintendo's Hybrid: Very visually and technically impressive, incredibly endearing a

My first was Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Journey way back in 2001-ish. This was near the height of the Pokémon craze, and DWM2 caught my interest for the way it did the monster-catching idea in

I probably answered already because this topic is over a decade old now but Dragon Warrior 1 was my first experience with the game.  I played it in 1998.  I was talking with one of my friends in high school about Final Fantasy 7 in January of 1998.  I had just beaten it and I was telling him what I thought about it and my love for the series (having played FF 1, FF 4, FF 6, FF 7, and all the "spin-offs" like Mystic Quest, FF Legends 1-3, and FF Adventure).  He told me that Final Fantasy sounded a lot like Dragon Warrior and that I should play them.  He lent me his copy of Dragon Warrior 1 and I beat it and gave it back and then lent me Dragon Warrior 2, which I loved even more.  I spent much of 1998 and 1999 going through DW 1-4 on the NES and shortly after that the Game Boy Color games (DQ 1-3, DQ Monsters 1 and 2) started coming out so I bought a GBC and purchased all the Game Boy Color games as they were coming out.  

It was a pretty awesome time.  Discovering DW 1-4 right before the "revival" period (the GBC games, the Enix forums, and the upcoming DW 7).  Not only did I have all the official stuff coming out but the ROM fan translation scene was really taking off during that time.  Final Fantasy 5 was fan translated in 1998 I believe and that was like the flood gates being blasted open.  Soon all of the SNES Dragon Quest titles had translations in the works (among virtually every other 16bit JRPG that never made it outside Japan) and it just seemed like excitement was everywhere.  As for as being a gamer I would have to say that was probably my favorite era of the hobby.  

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