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Scooby doo fan fic


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"Are you sure you read that right?" Daphne asked. "This road looks awefully run down."


"It's probably a dirt trail they carved into the hillside just for this purpose," Velma replied. "Dr. al-Zayyat sent us a nice map to follow, they even added this dirt road to the map. I'm more interested in finding out why there's a tomb here. Usually you find those inside the Valley of the Kings."


"So what do you know about this?" Shaggy asked of their guide, a young woman with dark brown hair and deeply tanned skin.


"Not much," Marwa said. "I got called here because they found a sarcophagus that apparently was added to the tomb at the last minute. I usually don't leave the museum. "


"Why not?" Shaggy continued.


"My specialty is translating ancient egyptian texts, not finding them." Marwa replied. Just then her cell phone rang. "What? They tried moving it and lost it where?" she said franticly.


"That didn't sound good," Velma said.


"The sarcophagus I was going to look at was moved out of the tomb, but...." Marwa said slowly. "It was somehow lost and fell down the hillside into the river."


"So now what?" Freddie chimed in as he stopped the jeep.


"Lets go talk to the head archaeologist at the dig," Marwa replied sadly. "He should know more about what happened."


About 20 minutes later they arrived at the dig site. They were met by a distinguished looking Arabic man in dusty clothes.


"This is Dr. al-Zayyat," Marwa said.


"Please you can call me Naguib." Dr. al-Zayyat said.


"What happened?"


"Terribly sorry about that," he said to Marwa and the rest of the group. "Some workers were getting it ready to transport and it fell off the truck and slid down the hillside. Unfortunately, it appears to have slid all the way to the bottom of the river."


"Oh no...." Marwa said. "This is terrible!"


"There is some good news," he continued. "The workers wrapped it carefully to prevent damaging it while they loaded it. It may not have been badly damaged in it's fall. Unfortunately, it's too late to try to retreive it now. It's only a few hours until dusk, but that leaves just enough time for you to look around what's left of the tomb."


"What do you mean by that?" Daphne asked.


"This particular tomb has started to collapse," Dr. al-Zayyat continued. "It was dug out rather quickly and it seems the hillside wasn't quite as solid as the tomb builders hoped it was. But regardless, enough remains that we can figure out at least part of why it is here. Come and see," he said while gesturing toward an opening in the hillside. "We've cleared out as much debris as we could. There should be plenty of interesting things for you to read."


"Zoinks!" Shaggy suddenly yelled. "We're actually going inside a collapsing tomb with a mummy?"


"Oh relax," Freddie said. "I'm sure it's perfectly safe, besides they just said they already removed the mummy."


"Actually," Dr. al-Zayyat started. "One thing unusual about this tomb is the fact that there were two Sarcophagi. So far we've only removed one of them."


"Really?" Velma said. "I want to see this. If you guys don't want to go inside that's fine. You can wait out here. We won't be gone for more than an hour or two."


"Okay, we'll just make sure the jeep doesn't go any where." Shaggy enthusiastically replied.


After Velma and the others had went inside Shaggy suddenly realized something. "Hey wait a second, It'll be dark right about the time they get back... I hope they hurry. This place is creepy in daylight. I don't wanna know what it'll look like at night."


"Reah, reepy," Scooby replied.


Around an hour and a half later the group emerged from the tomb right as the sun was starting to set.


"About time you guys got done," Shaggy said. "We were getting worried, and this place is getting creepier by the minute."


"Yeah we're gonna head back to the museum," Velma said.


"That jeep looks like it'll be awefully cramped," Dr. al-Zayyat said. "There's enough room in mine for three of you."


"Does yours not smell like motor oil?" Daphne asked.




"I'm in!"


"So who else?" Velma asked. "Marwa needs to show us the way to get there, so she's out. Freddie's driving, and I want to discuss the stuff we looked at with Marwa. I guess that leaves Shaggy and Scooby to go in your jeep."


"Really?" Shaggy said. "That's fine with me. C'mon Scooby, time's a wasting!" He said as he said as he rushed to get in the jeep.


"Reah," Scooby said with a quick glance at the steadily lengthening shadows, before joining Shaggy. "Ret's go!"


"Well, we're off then," Dr. al-Zayyat said as he started his jeep and drove away. "See you back at the museum."


"Well, I guess it's time for us to head back too," Marwa said.


"So what do you think that inscription next to the extra sarcophagus meant?" Velma asked Marwa as Freddie started the jeep.


"I'm not sure. It's really strange.


Faster than a cheetah

Stronger than a wild ox

More agile than a gazelle

Fiercer than a crocodile

the beautiful ----


And the rest isn't legible anymore. It appears to be an epithet, but I can't image why someone would write an epithet like that for someone so hastily buried. Dr. al-Zayyat said that the sarcophagus had something on it about her family, but he's not sure exactly what."


"Hey, did the sarcophagus fell off the truck somewhere along this road?" Freddie asked.


"I think so," Marwa replied. "Why?"


"There's a break in the brush over there," Freddie said while pointing to the side of the road and stopping the jeep. "It looks like it might be where the sarcophagus slid down the hillside."


"Maybe so," Marwa replied. "But it's too dark to see now."


"Yeah, I guess we'll have to come back in the morning," Velma said.


As Freddie started the jeep up again, a dark shape started to lumber onto the road.


"Please tell me that's not a hyena," Velma said.


"No," Marwa replied. "There's only rarely hyenas around here, and it's too tall."


As she said this, the figure stumbled onto the narrow road into the path of their jeep.


"Is that a person dressed as a mummy?" Freddie said.


"Um, it looks like it."


"Well, whoever it is, he's blocking the road," Freddie said as he started to get out of the vehicle. "I'm gonna go have a talk with him."


"I'd better help," Marwa said as she also got out. "Unless he speaks english you're not gonna be able to do much talking."


"I gotta see this," Velma said as she joined them.


As Freddie walked around the front of the jeep the figure suddenly addressed them in a hoarse voice.


"Was that what I thought it was?" Velma gasped.


"Did you think that it was the old Egyptian language?" Marwa replied. "I think he just asked us why we disturbed the resting place of 'Atum-Zat'."




"The second Sarcophagus had that name on it. Now I'm getting really creeped out." Velma said. "This can't be some random person in a costume. Most people today don't know how to speak that language, not even archaeologists, and no one except those who were inside the tomb today would know that name."


The bandage wrapped figure then repeated the question louder and lunged at Freddie. Freddie wrestled with the figure for a few seconds before throwing it to the side of the road. As the figure went to get up again, Marwa quickly addressed it in egyptian. "Wait, we didn't want to disturb Atum-Zat's resting place, but the tomb is collapsing and needs to be relocated."


While this was happening Velma looked in the jeep to see if she could find something that would be of use. "Hmmm, flashlight, nope. camera, nope. notebook, no. Powdered Cold medicine, hmm... 'May cause drowsiness' and it's fruit flavored. Hmm... Just to be on the safe side I'll do two doses."


Meanwhile, Marwa asked a question of the mummy figure. "What is your name?"


"I am Nitiryat-Nafr. Protector of Atum-Zat."


Velma walked over to Marwa, handed her the cup containing the cold medicine, and whispered somethng in her ear.


"Well Nitiry--" Marwa started before the Nitiryat-Nafr interrupted her.


"Call me Nitiri."


"Okay, Nitiri, you don't seem to be feeling well," Marwa said as she offered the cup to Nitiri. "This is a medicine that should make you feel better."


Nitiri hesitantly took the cup and looked at it carefully before drinking it's contents. "So now what?" Nitiri said. "You said the tomb is collapsing. Where are we moving it to?"


"It's quite late," Marwa replied. "Perhaps in the morning?" But as she said this she noticed that Nitiri's eyes had closed. A few seconds later Nitiri slumped to the ground unconscious.



Nitiryat-Nafr (beautiful divine staff) or Nitiri (to purify)

Atum-Zat (daughter of Atum)

Dr. Naguib al-Zayyat

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I finally wrote more. :)


Next section:


The next morning, Shaggy and Freddie were eating breakfast while waiting for Velma to get ready.


"So what are we gonna do now?" Shaggy asked Freddie. "A 3000 year old mummy is gonna stick out in a crowd, and pretty much everywhere else too."


"Maybe Dress her up as an old lady?" Freddie replied. "I'm going to ask Velma and Daphne about it."


Freddie walked over to the room Velma was in and knocked on it. "Hey Velma, can I come in?"


"----come in," came the muffled reply.


Freddie opened the door, suddenly stopped, and stared in shock. Standing next to Velma was an attractive woman that he didn't recognize, wearing a towel. Before Freddie could say anything, the woman suddenly grabbed him by the throat and threw him out of the room. "Was that really our mummy friend?" Freddie wondered as he got up.


"Hey Freddie!" Velma yelled from inside the room. "We'll meet you in the kitchen."


“Okay,” Freddie yelled back as he left for the kitchen.


Once Freddie returned to the kitchen, Shaggy immediately asked him what happened.


“Well it looks like the old lady idea is a bust,” Freddie replied.


“How so?” Shaggy asked.


“Well she seems to be feeling a lot better now,” Freddie replied.


“Does she look any less creepy than last night?” Shaggy continued.


“Yes and no, Shag,” came the reply. “None of the traditional monster sort of scary, now.”


“That’s a relief,” Shaggy said in a relieved voice. “What’s the bad news?”


“Now she’s a different kind of creepy.”


“Ruh oh,” Scooby gasped.


“Now it’s that “look at me funny and I beat you to a pulp” sort of creepy…..”


“Great.....” Shaggy started to say as Velma came in. “So what’s up Velma?” He hastily said.


“Nitiri wants to go back and look around the ruins of the tomb,” Velma replied.


“Uh why?” Shaggy asked. “didn’t she get enough of it the first time?”


“Apparently she feels it is somehow her duty to safeguard the tomb of Atum-Zat,” Velma replied.


“Uh why?” Freddie asked. “Didn’t everyone else die 3000 years ago?”


“Well, apparently, she was Atum-Zat’s bodyguard, and even though Atum-Zat is dead and buried she still feels the need to protect her.” Velma replied.


"Do we at least get to eat breakfast first?" Shaggy grumbled. "I really don't want to go visit a creepy tomb on an empty stomache."


"Reah, me too," said Scooby.


"Relax, we'll eat breakfast first," Daphne said as she entered. "Nitiri is eager to return, but not quite that eager. Apparently she needs to eat too, or at least she gets hungry, I'm not really sure which." Daphne said with a shrug.


"Okay then that makes me feel better," Shaggy said as he turned around to get a plate. "Zoinks! Where'd you come from?!?" he said in fright as he suddenly noticed someone standing between him and the plate. Shaggy paused for a second as the woman in a denim vest and shorts handed him a plate and grabbed several more. "Don't tell me," he wimpered. "Nitiri?"


"Yes this is Nitiri," Marwa replied.


"<I guess that is craven coward Shageeh,>" Nitiri muttered.


"<Yes he is.>" Marwa replied.

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Next section up!


As they drove out to the site, Nitiri shifted uneasily while watching the scenery. After a few minutes, Nitiri started softly muttering about it. When asked about it, Nitiri responded by saying, "<this isn't the Egypt I knew.>" She paused for a second before adding, "<It's so dry and barren, it's not even recognizable.>"


"<Has it really changed that much?>" Marwa asked in amazement.


"<If not more,>" Nitiri replied.


"Um, what did she say?" Freddie asked.


"Yeah we couldn't understand a word of it," Shaggy added.


"Oh, um," Marwa started to say. "Basically she said that things have changed so much that she doesn't even recognized the landscape."


"Oh. Well, we're coming up on where we met her last night," Freddie said.


"I think I see where they dropped the Sarcophagus," Marwa replied while pointed to a break in the vegetation. "There's a lot of crushed bushes where it tumbled down the hillside."


After Marwa quickly explained this to Nitiri, Nitiri suddenly jumped out of the jeep and scrambled up to the top of the hill with inhuman speed. After reaching the top, she ran to the edge and vaulted over the road into the river.


"What the???" Shaggy suddenly screamed. "How'd she do that?"


"It's simple really," Velma explained. "There's only one logical explanation for how Nitiri survived being stuck in a sarcophagus for 3000 years. She's a metahuman."


"What I want to know is what she's planning on doing with the Sarcophagus," Marwa said. "Do you really think she's strong enough to lift it?"


"I think she might," Freddie replied. "As weakened as she was when we first met she still had the strength to put up a fight."


"And she tossed you out of the room with one hand," Daphne added. "We'd better be careful, we have no idea what she might be capable of."


"And here she comes with the lid of the Sarcophagus," Velma added quickly.


"Here let's spread this tarp out," Marwa said, "that should be a good enough place for it."


The four of them quickly grabbed the tarp from the back of the jeep and spread it out over the crushed foliage. They finished shortly before Nitiri arrived with the sarcophagus lid.


Nitiri gently placed the sarcophagus lid on the tarp and then stood at the bottom to read it. "<W-what?>" she suddenly said as she recoiled in shock so violently she almost fell into the river. "<Th-this is impossible!>"


"<What is it?>" Marwa asked.


"<Tell me, do you remember what the tattoo I have says?>"


"<Nitiryat-Nafr guardian of Atum-Zat>" Marwa replied.


"<And this?>"


"<Nitiryat-Nafr daughter of Neprit-Wir>" Marwa replied, "<So?>"


"<I'm not royalty,>" Nitiri replied. "<Neprit-Wir was a member of the Royal court. He was one of the most influencial people in the kingdom. I'm not his daughter, but this is my Sarcophagus.>"


"<I see,>" Marwa said. "<Perhaps we can find something about this inside the tomb. I'll have some workers take this back to the museum while we go there.>"

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Section 4, hopefully people will comment this time.



A few minutes later, Freddie pulled up to where the tomb had been found along the narrow road. As they drove up, Marwa looked around with a worried expression.


"What's the matter?" Daphne asked.


"There were two guards here," Marwa replied. "I don't see them anywhere."


"This can't be good," Freddie said. "We'd better find them, fast."


After a few minutes of searching, the two men were found tied up behind a bush.


"This is odd," Velma said as she started to help untie them. "They're tied up with strips of linen."


"Let me guess," Shaggy said. "You think a group of mummies did it to frighten people?"


"Reah," Scooby wimpered. "It's working."


"I think it's too early to come to any conclusions," Velma replied.


"But it was mummies!" one of the guards said. "They came out of the tomb and attacked us just before dawn! I don't know where they went after that."


"Really?" Velma replied. "We're gonna have to go take a look around inside. I bet we'll find a clue as to what's going on."


"If it's all the same to you," Shaggy said. "We'll, uh, start by looking for clues outside."


"Good idea," Fred said. "Just yell if you find anything."


"We will," Shaggy said. "We will, you can count on that."


"<What kind of cloth is this?>" Nitiri asked while holding up one of the cloth strips. "<I've never seen it before.>"


"<I'm not really sure,>" Marwa replied as the group went inside the tomb.


After a few minutes of looking around, Nitiri notices a broken jar with part of a papyrus scroll still inside it.


"<What's that?>" Velma asked.


"<It has the king's royal seal on it,>" Marwa said excitedly.


Nitiri then read the scroll aloud as a shocked espression spread across her face. "<It reads "... good luck my goddess Nitaryat Nafr".>"


"<This does appear to have been a letter from the king to you,>" Velma said. "<But this tiny part by itself is more confusing than helpful.>"


Meanwhile outside, Scooby and Shaggy where doing a thorough search of the bushes around the outside of the tomb.


"So, where were you guys when you got jumped?" Shaggy asked one of the guards.


"About here," the guard said while pointing to a spot to the side of the tomb.


"So you were standing there, the mummies came out of the entrance and walked up to you?"


While Shaggy was pointing to various things, Scooby walked around and sniffed at them.


"Raggy! Rook!" Scooby said while pointing at a peice of paper.


"Hmm... Great...." Shaggy said in a dejected tone. "Well I guess we'd better go inside and show this to Velma." As he said, this he picked up the paper and walked towards the tomb entrance.


Inside the tomb, Nitiri heard them come in first and pointed toward the entrance as they came in.


"You find something?" Velma asked as they came in.


"Just this," Shaggy said as he handed the paper to Velma.


"It's in Arabic," Velma said as she handed it to Marwa.


"It's a receipt for a boat rental," Marwa said.


"Yeah, a mummy isn't gonna rent a boat," Daphne added.


"Then there's the cloth," Velma added. "The egyptians used a kind of linen made from Flax. That stuff was a more modern material."


"So now What?" Freddy asked. "Who is it? Unless we can figure that out we aren't gonna be able to find them."


"I don't know about that..." velma started to say as Scooby suddenly started furiously barking at a dark passage inside the tomb.


"<They're still here?>" Nitiri said. "<They'll pay for this.>" She quickly added.


Nitiri suddenly cracked open the lid of an urn nearby and grabbed something out of it before running down the passage.


"Um, what just happened?" Shaggy asked.


"Uh oh," Marwa said.


"It's worse than I thought?" Shaggy asked.


"This urn has khopesh writtten on it. It's a type of SWORD!"


"So you think she means to deal with the robbers "permanently"?" Freddy asked.


"It seems like a--" Velma started to say as Nitiri suddenly reappeared from the passageway and sprinted through the entrance of the tomb into the daylight.


"Is it just me or did she mutter something about a boat as she was running past?" Velam said.


"We'd better try and follow her," Freddy added.


The group then runs out of the tomb in time to see Nitiri following the boat along the rocky coastline.


"So much for chasing her," Daphne said. "You'd need to be a gazelle to run over that terrain."


When Nitiri starts to disappear from view, one of the guards gets out a pair of binoculars so that they can watch her. Shortly after, she landed on a ledge that crumbled under her weight before she could move off it.


"So much for chasing the boat," Velma said sadly while watching Nitiri start swimming back towards the tomb.


"I don't get it," Shaggy said. "How'd they go from being inside the tomb to in the boat?"


"That passageway must have originally led deeper into the hllside," Marwa said. "But, over 3000 years, the hillside was eroded away until the passageway instead led to a small grotto along the river."


The group moved down to the edge of the water where Nitiri was headed, only to see a small crocodile sitting there hissing at them.


"<Get out of my way ya' ornery beast,"> Nitiri said as she grabbed it by the tail and threw it in the river.


"So now what?" one of the guards asked.


"I'm thinking," Freddy and Velma replied almost simultaneously.

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