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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if I mess up in any way. I am going to start Dragon Quest IX and I wanted to ask some questions related to the wifi unlock missions and DQVC. I know that connecting once will unlock everything, even if the missions are still a "?" early on and the special guest all come to stay. What I was wondering is if I had another card of the game and it's resident visit via multiplayer, will the quest in the other world be unlocked even if in the first cart the missions are unidentified at that point? Also will the special visitors come to the second cart's world in this case? Then about the DQVC, I read the list of items limited to only on that connection/store. The ones I was curious about were the Borya Boots (available now.....and by 30 visitors) and the Christmas Cake (?). If I miss those through bad luck, will I not have any chance of getting them outside of finding someone else with them (for tagging....? I am still new to this...)? Is most of the stuff special to the DQVC untaggable? Do you lose those two items when tagging (or through the mission)? (Just as a side question, is the bunny alchemy ears the earliest easiest way to gain money fast? Or is there another method to accumulate funds as effectively quick?) I read something about save editor, but I have no idea where to get the parts or how it works. Also not sure if it would corrupt the file... Please anyone offer your wisdom. I really want to enjoy all Dragon Quest IX has to offer if I can.
  2. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 is the first of what may well be many Dragon Quest games to support connecting with friends via WiFi. To help people get in the spirit of connecting with WiFi, this contest will award badges to anyone who participates in a friend code WiFi connection with another Dragon's Den member. Note that you can receive a different badge for each different DQ game that you have a WiFi battle with! Here are the rules: 1) Friend code battle must make use of a DQ game (like Joker 2, Fortune Street or Rocket Slime 3DS) 2) Friend code battle must involve two Dragon's Den members In order to claim your badge(s) the following things must be submitted as proof of the connection: Proof Needed: 1) Both members must post a message confirming the FC connection took place 2) Both members must post their friend codes 3) One member must post a photo of their game with clear proof that the connection took place (like the opponents name in the match-up screen that appears after a battle has taken place in Joker 2) This will be an on-going contest and as such, there is no currently defined end date and the rules and guidelines may be updated or changed at any time at the discretion of Woodus, Flute_Warrior or King Zenith. As more games are released that support this feature (like Rocket Slime - The Great Pirate Ship and the Tails Brigade), you will have even more opportunities to win badges. Speaking of the badges, here they are in all their glory (Joker 2 and Fortune Street respectively):
  3. I've heard that if you connect with local multiplayer to someone who has the quests all unlocked it will unlock them for you. Is that true? i want to get my friends into dragon quest 9 but i was wondering if they could still get the quests with the wifi service shut off
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