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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, this is my first post so improvement suggestions would be appreciated I would like some help with my team, please. This is my team so far: Tank ~ Dullahan Skills: Uber Knight Atk Boost III Def Boost III E: Metal King Sword (Strongest) Healer ~ Zoma Skills: Uber Healer Wis Boost III Zoma E: Metal King Sword (Strongest) Mage ~ Dhoulmagus Skills: Bang & Crack III Wis Boost III Atk Boost III E: Royal Rod (Mainly for +50 to wisdom) Considered Changes: Swapping Dullahan for Mumboh-Jumboe Upgrading stat boost to Uber (Obviously) Giving Zoma a weapon to increase wisdom instead of attack Other ​Help Needed: List of Monsters I can scout to obtain ingredient skills for Uber stat boosts Best monster(s) to use for the fastest way to get Uber skills and extra skill points so I don't have to grind all the way to lvl 100 I wanted to change Dullahan out for Mumboh-Jumboe because the Hp, Atk, and Def stat caps are better and agility isn't important to me for a tank. I need to know the Pros/Cons of Mumboh-Jumboe like if it still "Argues with itself" like it did in DQMj1. Thank you for your time and help.
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