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Found 1 result

  1. Once the streaming video starts up I'll post a running translation summary of what they are saying here. UStream Nico Nico UStream is showing stuff. Sign says: 25 years since its birth New Dragon Quest Announcement ~Now a new door will open~ (Sounds like X since it is similar terminology to the website) Lights turned off. Little less than 30 minutes to go on UStream with 134,000 people watching. On UStream someone is there, but we still don't have sound. Probably just talking to the press. Nico Nico countdown is gone but it still won't let me log in there. People are talking on the stage. We are approaching 200,000 people on UStream with 7 minutes to go. Nico Nico is open. Music started (From DQ2) The announcer welcomed us, mentioning once again about a new door opening. Nico Nico comments that it is running late. (Then it kicked me out to give my seat to a paid user) Clock goes to '86 and we look at past /dq games and move forward in time. NEXT And then the podium seems to be populated. "Thank you for coming" and introductions. They are going to say why they are here. They are from a Square Enix radio show. Miyako, Yuu (sp?) - Executive producer He is thanking people for being fans of the series for so long, and all the people who have been involved in creating the game. They are staring off by talking about DQ Anniversary edition. There are a lot of preorders for it. Now Slime Morimori 3 (Rocket Slime). It was popular with children. Itadaki Street. 20 years old now. Now has new rules. Coming out Dec 1. Now the Dragon Quest art exhibit that is taking place in Ropongi. First time DQ has had this. Draque Paradise is the new website for Dragon Quest. Now Horii Yuuji. "Hello, I'm Horii" "The reason that his series has gone this long is thanks to the fans..." Now he is talking about when he made DQ1 and how it was made in a size that is even smaller than things made for cellphones. Now the images and what you can do is much larger. Lots of time and people are needed to make the game. But you being the hero hasn't changed. Memories of playing the game with friends are also part of playing the game. And DQ9 offered more in that area. Hoori says he even looked for Masayuki going to town. No cameras allowed. 5 different tribes of people in DQX. "Join everyone together and the world will join." The next game will be online. Villagers will also be people it sounds like. Message from Toriyama "There are a lot of types of people in this game." He is impressed with the amount of work being put into the game. Message from Sugiyama He made music for the various types of people in the game. Producer Saito, Yosuke. This is being made inside SE for the first time in the series. Now talking about the game. First images from inside the game. 3 concepts. New Excitement. 5 different Continents Asteria.5 Different people Elfs, Ogres, Dwarf, Weddi(or could even be romanized as Oueddei), Pukuripo Can keep playing New classes, and class changes will be possible. New quests can be added like DQ9. Things will change based on the seasons. "So that you will want to login again" Like New Years and Halloween. Can view the flowers blooming with your friends. Can play without worry. Can always log out easily. Normal commands. You can play without humans (just with computers) if you want to. (100% by yourself possible) Director Fujisawa, Jin Images of the game being played. Online RPG. So you can choose what you look like, so it important to have a lot of choices since there are a lot of people there. No extra information that yhou don't need. Looks like a normal DQ game. Can look into dressers like normal. There is the normal inn. You can get AI characters. Choice of class and type of person. Clothes changes like it did in DQ9. Old and new armor. Time passes so it isn't a complete command game. "But you don't have to worry about imputing fast." Can use communication like in DQ9. No keyboard needed. There was a command "ask for help" and people can come and resurrect you. You can get jobs like make armor and weapons. You can have people use your stuff, and that improves things for you as well. You can make your house as well. You can visit your friends house. He is buying better weapons to attack the golem he lost to earlier in the demo. You can ask people to be you comrade out in the town. People outside the battle can cheer you on to bring up your tension. You can put yourself in the inn to be used by other people while you aren't around, and you gain experience if people use you. It is a big game, but the 10th game is getting closer every day to being done. (No date given) Hmm, just heard them say next year?? Another announcement. Will also be on the WiiU. Graphics will be different but the world will be shared. Can hand your characters off to people using your 3DS. There will be a beta test of the game. It will be on the home page after this announcement is over.r Iwata Satou shows up. Talking about the length of time DQ has been around. Talks about how RPGs were made simple enough for people to understand by Horii in his creation of DQ, and how he is looking forward to how it will do the same thing for online games. It seems that you can start playing the game on your old Wii and transfer it to your WiiU when you buy it. Last messages. Saito- What you saw isn't enough to know how great this game is. Horii- 2012. Brought to a close. Should mention the name of the game was announced, but I didn't have enough time to write it down to give a good translation. I'm sure other news sites have already released it.
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