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Found 1 result

  1. Yeah, so I know this is way late to be asking, but I have Platinum on Club Nintendo and with it, a free digital download. Thing is, I don't know which game I want. This is the US site, bytheway. Logically, Donkey Kong would be the most financial and best option. But I have the disc already from the Best Buy Black Friday deal. I also have Animal Crossing, Mario Cart 7, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. (Mario Island Tour too, got it on sale but unopened). I was debating Punch Out!!!, Pushmo World, and Ultimate Nes Remake, since I never have played any of those games or their series/related titles. I have no interest in Yoshi Island or Mario Party. I kind of do not want to play New Super Mario Bros 2., as I am not really into Mario titles. Honestly, the one on the list I really like is Metroid Fusion, but I feel that using the reward on Gold for a Platinum status is nonworthwhile. The Coin issue is figuring out the last game to choose. I plan on selecting Earthbound and Super Metroid; in the end, there will be 200 coins to use on something else. [i would have had more for what I wanted had the sever not been acting up prior to the cutoff date]. I have Link's Awakening, Metroid, and Golden Sun already. I have played a bit of Super Mario Bros 1 & 2 and Super Mario World (favorite of three) when younger, but have not completed them ever. Otherwise, every other title within 200 coins might as well be foreign. What would someone on here recommend? I am at a loss.
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