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Found 8 results

  1. Heya! I've been lookin at this site for years now and for some reason it just occurred to me to make an account as I am editing my first installation of my Dragon Quest XI let's play! My favorite dragon quest game is VI because 1) I love carver and would marry him in a heartbeat he is the best boy and 2) because that game is just so GOOD Anyways I'm not entirely sure what to saaaaaaaayyy but hmu if you want to talk! I'm very open and friendly:)
  2. My name is Chris Stone (Audio Android) and I would like to announce my entry into the DRAGON WARRIOR Fan Game Kingdom. I am coming to the finishing stage of my Fan Game and am currently working with the Staff of Dragon's Den on a contest for the games launch. I am excited for this game and would like to THANK front runners such as Hawkeye Productions for leading the way with such amazing fan games such as DRAGON WARRIOR Classic I +II showing us that this can be done, that you can do this, thanks. Here are 9 Photo Screenshots from my game a Title is still being worked on, look for a teaser trailer in the next couple of days.
  3. Actually not new to visit but new to join... as I have lurked here for a while so I thought I should finally join. I have been an avid DQ fan since the beginning, when Dragon Warrior 1 first came out on the NES, which led to me spending my recess time in school drawing various pictures of the Dragonlord Currently I'm trying to find ways to get the DLC for DQIX... sounds like an NDS adapter might be the way to go but I'll have to learn what to do from there to get what I need...
  4. Hello, My name is Samuel. I'm 34 years old and I'm from Kentucky. I've been a Dragon Quest fan since I first played DW1 on the original NES. I obtained my first copy of DW1 through the Nintendo Power magazine (like a lot of people). I was pretty young at the time (6 or 7 years old - around 1989 or 1990). My love for this series has only grown stronger over the years. I prefer the Dragon Quest series to any other RPG series made to date. (Although I do enjoy other RPG series, to me Dragon Quest is greatest). I had an account on here from a long time ago. I couldn't remember the username or password. So I decided to make a new one. Anyway, I am looking forward to posting here more often and being an active member in this community.
  5. Hello! Let me first introduce myself and give a little background on my passion for the Dragon Quest series. I am SomaQz aka Robert. I have been a fan of DQ since I was 4 years old. The first game taught me how to read! Now let's get to the goo'd stuff...(slime pun) Square Enix recently came out saying they will consider localizing DQX if enough fans expressed interest in it. I immediately called them and learned I was the first! The representative told me the best way for them to get a measure of interest was for each of us to go to the Square Enix support site and create a ticket (email support) under any Dragon Quest title saying we are interested in DQX being localized. Here is a link to do just that https://support.na.s...hp?id=1420&la=1Istarted a campaign via Twitter to spread the word. You can follow me here: https://twitter.com/SomaQz Also, Square Enix told me petitions only count as 1 interest regardless of how many signatures they receive. This is why the email support is the best way. They did say they would count anyone who calls also but that would be harder to keep track of on a large scale. I am happy to join Dragon's Den and be a part of the Dragon Quest community! I am currently enjoying Dragon Quest VII on 3ds and looking forward to DQ Builders!
  6. Hello, I am Gooptek. I am a big fan of Dragon Quest (obviously), but also from other series, like Earthbound, Pokémon, Pikmin, Professor Layton, Animal Crossing, and many others. I don't know much about other Dragon Quest games other than Dragon Quest IX and Fortune Street, so sometimes I may feel confused with some enemies getting mentioned, like the so-talked Zoma and Estark, but I'm very familiar with Slimes. Also, this is not exactly important, but you can talk to me in Spanish and Portuguese too, the way you feel more comfortable. I hope that I can meet some nice people to battle me in my future Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, and, who knows, even being friends.
  7. Greetings, this is my first post so improvement suggestions would be appreciated I would like some help with my team, please. This is my team so far: Tank ~ Dullahan Skills: Uber Knight Atk Boost III Def Boost III E: Metal King Sword (Strongest) Healer ~ Zoma Skills: Uber Healer Wis Boost III Zoma E: Metal King Sword (Strongest) Mage ~ Dhoulmagus Skills: Bang & Crack III Wis Boost III Atk Boost III E: Royal Rod (Mainly for +50 to wisdom) Considered Changes: Swapping Dullahan for Mumboh-Jumboe Upgrading stat boost to Uber (Obviously) Giving Zoma a weapon to increase wisdom instead of attack Other ​Help Needed: List of Monsters I can scout to obtain ingredient skills for Uber stat boosts Best monster(s) to use for the fastest way to get Uber skills and extra skill points so I don't have to grind all the way to lvl 100 I wanted to change Dullahan out for Mumboh-Jumboe because the Hp, Atk, and Def stat caps are better and agility isn't important to me for a tank. I need to know the Pros/Cons of Mumboh-Jumboe like if it still "Argues with itself" like it did in DQMj1. Thank you for your time and help.
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