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Found 12 results

  1. To match up with the new anime, there is also a new release of the manga, a "Perfect" edition of sorts (although it is called the Color edition officially) which preserves the color pages from the manga when it ran in Jump. This new edition features new covers by the original artist (you can really see how his art style has changed over the years). The covers are done so that they create a large connected picture. The volumes are designed to try and keep storyline's together in the same book. They release about 3 per a month. As they are still being released I only am showing the ones I have so far. You can see that due to basing the number of pages on story size the width of the volumes vary. They have also broken the story done into sub arch's which are color coded. The blue first arch is "Disciples of Avan" and the second is "Dragon Knight". Volume 1 has the contents of the original tankoban volume 1 and part of volume 2. It is equivalent to the bunkoban volume 1 as far as the story goes. (It is amazing how the camera showed all the grime on my cover. Went to clean it after taking the picture. Did not look this bad in real life). It is equivalent to the bunkoban volume 1 as far as the story goes. So I will compare it to these editions. The Bunkoban basically is the same as the Tankoban version but without the extra pages etc so I will focus on the comparisons to the Tankoban. The pictures from the covers of the Tankoban are found in volume 5 of the new edition. A side note before we get started, but this title page is likely the inspiration for the first cover in the new edition. Continued...
  2. Please read this first Instructions: Just click the section you want ( [ MANGA ], [ NOVELS AND ARTBOOKS ], [ ANIME ], [ DRAMA CDS ] ), and you'll be taken to the respective post. Or download from the mediafire main folder: [ MAIN FOLDER ] Table of Contents [ MANGA ] Roto no Monshou Saga Dragon Quest Retsuden - Roto no Monshou Dragon Quest Retsuden - Roto no Monshou - Monshou wo Tsugu Monotachi Dragon Quest Retsuden - Roto no Monshou Returns Dai no Daibouken Dragon Quest - Dai no Daibouken Game-Based Dragon Quest IV Gaiden - Jigoku no Meikyuu Dragon Quest V - Tenkuu Monogatari Dragon Quest VI - Maboroshi no Daichi Dragon Quest VII - Eden no Sen$#!&achi Dragon Quest Monsters+ Dragon Quest Monsters - Terry no Wonderland (1P Comic) 4koma Dragon Quest 4-koma Manga Gekijou [ NOVELS & ARTBOOKS ] Novels Dragon Quest - Seirei Rubiss Densetsu Shousetsu Dragon Quest III - So$#!&e Densetsu e ... Artbooks Mutsumi Inomata Dragon Quest Illustrations (soon) The Next Generation by Michitaka Kikuchi (soon) [ ANIME ] Dragon Quest - Yuusha Abel Densetsu Dragon Quest - Yuusha Abel Densetsu (soon) Dragon Quest - Dai no Daibouken Dragon Quest - Dai no Daibouken (series) (soon) Dragon Quest - Dai no Daibouken (movie) (soon) Dragon Quest - Dai no Daibouken - Buchiyabure!! Shinsei 6 Daishougun (soon) Dragon Quest - Dai no Daibouken - Tachiagare!! Avan no $#!&o (soon) Dragon Quest - Roto no Monshou Dragon Quest Retsuden - Roto no Monshou (soon) [ DRAMA CDS ] Dragon Quest CD Theater Dragon Quest I CD Theater Dragon Quest II CD Theater Dragon Quest III CD Theater Dragon Quest IV CD Theater Dragon Quest V CD Theater Dragon Quest VI CD Theater
  3. I watched hot manga and I always wanted to check out some hot manga online. This is my favourite. AND What manga are you watching?
  4. Hello, I'm JessicaAlbert13 if you didn't already know. I'm a huge fan of Dragon Quest! I've completed every game, cept Dragon Warrior VII (grah, 82 hours in and still on disc 1). My website is DQ-HQ and I have a tumblr, both links are on my signature. I have a youtube by the same name. In fact if you find a JessicaAlbert13 that's not me I would be shocked! I would love to see more Dragon Quest in English, and not just Dragon Quest games. At home I have a HUGE manga collection. I'm a book nerd! I love Berserk, Sailor Moon (they're re-releasing it), Black Cat, FullMetal Alchemist, +Anima, The Legend of Zelda manga (by Akira Himekawa), Slayers (actually the light novels), .Hack (manga and light novels), The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (light novels), Dragon Ball, Sand Land (by Akira Toriyama), Cique Du Freak (by Takahiro Arai), Lucky Star, Ruroni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho... and the list goes on! I also have a collection of manga straight from Japan! I have 14 volumes of the Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden manga. Odd how I have the manga and the game yet I still haven't managed to beat DQ VII! My Dragon Quest VII manga is in Japanese of course. I bought it at an Anime Convention. I've tried translating bits and pieces but my Japanese is...um.... lacking. I'm improving a bit! I can read hiragana and katakana! And I know Japanese grammar rules. I just don't have all the words memorized. (I'm bad at trying to learn languages on my own!) But this post isn't for Dragon Quest VII... you see thanks to ChaotikZ I have downloaded Dragon Quest manga on my computer! I have some 4Koma manga and Dragon Quest VI! Problem there... the Dragon Quest VI manga is missing some vital pages. Same with some of the 4Koma, but 4Koma manga is gag manga and doesn't need a fluid storyline. Each strip is a 4 panel comic. You can see examples here: http://superybertv.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=112426682 However, there was one manga download that had every page included! The Dragon Quest V Heaven Manga, the manga that tells the story of Sora and Ten, the hero and Bianca's children, as they search for their parents. The manga is ten volumes total and every book has every page inlcuded! So let me get to the point of this topic..... I would like to translate the Heaven Manga and some 4Koma manga! I could try it by myself but I would feel comfortable if anyone here on the Den would be willing to help me! My understanding of Japanese is kindergarten at best. I would like someone confident in Japanese to help me out! And I'd like to know how to go about posting manga on the Den here or DQ-HQ. You see, my dream is to post the DQ V Heaven Manga and more 4Koma strips. With more Dragon Quest manga floating around the internet, perhaps fans will regain their vigor for the series! And attract new fans! The only fully translated Dragon Quest manga is the Dai manga by project Square Ocean. DQ has so much more to offer! I'd like to see more Dragon Quest manga available online! If you're willing to lend me a hand or advice email me at: jessicaalbert1992(at)yahoo(dot)com or send me a message on the Den or DQ-HQ!
  5. From the album: DQ Doo-das

    Dai and Gome-chan, the two characters who begin the whole story.
  6. From the album: DQ Doo-das

    Marm in her martial artist regalia. I wish the game series would use more ideas from the Dai manga. I like how this outfit really shows off her legs.
  7. From the album: DQ Doo-das

    That's what it's all about! ME! From the Dragon Quest Dai manga
  8. From the album: DQ Doo-das

    Princess Leona being a badass in the Dai manga
  9. JessicaAlbert13


    From the album: DQ Doo-das

    My reaction to anything posted on Deviant Art...
  10. JessicaAlbert13


    From the album: DQ Doo-das

    Packing a rape whistle is always a good idea before setting out on an adventure.
  11. From the album: DQ Doo-das

    The original three that tried to take on Murdaw
  12. JessicaAlbert13

    Avan <3

    From the album: DQ Doo-das

    gotta love Avan. And the scholar NPCs from DQ VIII look like his clone babies
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