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Found 6 results

  1. I am onto the weird looking Corvus who has the eyes on the wings. I have a lvl 21 Gladiator (Me) a lvl 25 Priest (Focus on healing) a lvl 43 Marshal Artist (Show no mercy) and a 38 Mage (show no mercy) anyone know what to do other than the obvious lvl up Me and the Priest.
  2. Is anyone else excited about this release? It landed on the PS4 Store this morning. I am very excited. I'm going to buy it and throw it up on stream soon. FFIX was and still remains my favorite FF. I remember an article a few years ago about how FFIX is the Dragon Quest fan's FF. And I agree. It's much more similar in tone to DQ. Doesn't take itself as seriously as the other FFs and has a good amount of nostalgia to it. But yes, this makes me very happy .
  3. Good day, I had a question concerning postgame grotto armor: I have found all of the veteran armor for warriors, and I've gotten the witch's armor for mages. However, I was wondering how many vocations had this "upgraded" post-game armor, because it is certainly a step up from the regulary vocational armor (i.e. Holy mail set for paladins, soldier's set for warriors, etc.).
  4. I am considering setting up an Order of the Stick-style webcomic based on Dragon Quest IX. I am looking for a few devoted fans who would be willing to act as co-writers. The comic focuses on a party of characters as they go grott-hunting and take on a lot of side quests. As a co-writer, you would have a permanent character/party member in the comic and help come up with ideas for the story line (though the story will be minimal due to the nature of webcomics in general). I would be doing the actual art. If you are interested, please fill out the character application below and PM it to me. Name: Emma Gender: Female Vocation: Paladin Appearance: Note: Appearance does not have to fall within the guidelines of the DQIX character creator. My character has strawberry-blonde hair and freckles. Picture here: Personality: (Short and sweet, please. This is a humorous comic, not a drama.) Emma is tough, headstong and likes to lead. She says whatever is on her mind, and does not have much appreciation for humor. Just so you know, I'm looking for people who are committed and creative, and are online at least once a day. Thanks for reading and look forward to a DQ comic relatively soon!
  5. I recently had the urge to restart my Dragon Quest IX game, but with greater armaments to start with. That's why I want the freedom the save editor can provide. However, when I open any version of the save editor, it's unresponsive. I can't click on anything. The instructions said to download .NET 2.0 framework... but I still had the same problem (the link in the instruction was already broken by now). I'm also experiencing trouble using save files (Action Replay DSi: Failed to create SAVES folder). Can someone point me in the right directions? Thank you! ^_^ EDIT: Oh, and how did some of you render your sprites from the game?
  6. In dragon quest 9 is there a way to battle old bosses like rhapthorne, baramos, murdaw, and others?
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