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Found 5 results

  1. Heya! I've been lookin at this site for years now and for some reason it just occurred to me to make an account as I am editing my first installation of my Dragon Quest XI let's play! My favorite dragon quest game is VI because 1) I love carver and would marry him in a heartbeat he is the best boy and 2) because that game is just so GOOD Anyways I'm not entirely sure what to saaaaaaaayyy but hmu if you want to talk! I'm very open and friendly:)
  2. Greetings Earthlings! We feel compelled to respect your tradition of introducing oneselves when visiting a new place. We are the Grandmaster of Nadiria, the one who possessed the Secret of Evolution, mighty Nimzo! The main reason we visited your realm is we have some business with the Hero... We do hope he already received our humble gift - Hades' Helm. Ha ha ha! Ahem. Apart from that, we also adore playing JRPGs, Dragon Quest being our favorite series. In our free time we play chess, study ancient scrolls and tomes, also dabble in gardening and cooking. We hope for a warm welcome, see you around!
  3. Hello everyone! New around the Dragon's Den forums, but an old dog when it comes to Dragon Quest and Dragon Warrior! As my forum name, I've chosen to represent that scrappy little pooch who points the way to the Golden Key in DW2, mostly to show my age as a gamer, and wear my old-school roots on my sleeve. I've been playing DQ games ever since the first Dragon Warrior was available for rent at my local video store ( anyone remember those?! ), and later when they gave the surplus copies of same away with subscriptions to Nintendo Power magazine ( anyone remember that, too? ) this all went down in 1989, and I realize some of you folks out there weren't even a naughty wink by then, so show some patience with me as I try to keep up with things around here. I assure you I love Dragon Quest and video games as deeply as anyone around here. Hope I'll be greeted fondly!
  4. I've been posting around the forums, but I don't think I ever officially introduced myself. I'm Casey, or "Space Case". I joined because I needed someplace to vent about Dragon Quest other than Tumblr; I recently left that website (finally) because it was, well, Tumblr. I'm really into the games (no, really?) and, while I can't recite alchemy recipes off the top of my head, I like to think I've got something valuable to add to this community. I draw a little, write a little, and I'm really into challenge runs (it's gotten to the point where I can only play Pokemon if I'm doing a Nuzlocke). Nothing super special, but hey. I'm also transgender (female-to-male) and, while I won't tell you to go kill yourself like my Tumblr-dwelling kin, I am willing to educate anyone who needs it. Again, I'm not exactly an expert, but I know what being trans feels like for me, and I'm not going to try to speak for the whole community. For a more direct explanation, here's a clip from my "about me" page: Before you ask, yes. I am a transgender man (FTM, or female-to-male). No, I don't go on Tumblr. I got so sick of those jerks and their warped ideas of social justice, so before you write me off as a "Tumblr girl," I'm a) not on Tumblr, and b) not a girl. So, yeah. That's me. I'm excited to be here, and I look forward to chatting with you all. --Space Case (edited for clarity)
  5. Hello! I am FTLOP or Fortheloveofpie, or Pie, and on some occasions pi. I am a big fan of the DQ series I have played the DQ DS Remakes IV, V, and VI. I have also played DQ VIII, and DQ IX Putting aside Dragon Quest, I have to say that I love pie if that weren't already obvious. I worship it as my savior and I truly believe that it is the key to unlocking the secrets to all of the universe... Won't you have a slice?
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