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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm Jram23. I am first of all so excited to be able to play this game! A quick story about me. I got into Dragon quest back in 2016/2017. I've played DQ6 through 9 and DQ11. I was curious about 10 because it was like it didn't exist in stores in the US. I found out around 2018 of January that it is an mmo that is released only in Japan. Around the summer of 2018 I bought the All in one Physical copy of DQ 10, just as a collection piece but maybe one day to start it up with a VPN. I gave up on that because there were too many good games coming out. Fast forward to two nights ago, I was in the mood to watch a DQ10 stream on Twitch. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there was no one live and this lead me to search up a playthrough on youtube. Having not keeping up with recent DQ10 news, I was happy to see youtubers post updates about rumors of localization for this game. A wonderful gift surprised me in one of these videos. As of recent (2019) Square has lifted the IP ban for USA players. So ya'll know what I had to do. I ran to my pc, downloaded DQ10. I was read to start my new journey! So yeah I am trying to figure all this out and I'm super excited to play this and what not. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So here comes a problem I encountered. After the download, I was able to find a guide on here about the Configuration menu (translation guide). I wanted my Gamepad to work on here. I use the steam controller and it works in the game! BUT, the analog stick moves the camera, the D-pad just has me auto run. I can't do much with the buttons A, B, X, Y . I think A or B just makes me jump. Bumpers don't do anything either. So here is where the Online config guide comes in. I click config and the menus are all question marks . Where it should be saying like Gamepad settings , there's just question marks ("??????") I don't know if this is a error in the downloads and if I should uninstall the game and then redownload it and if anyone else has encountered this or has a solution? please let me know! Plus if anyone can direct me to a guide to setup gamepad, I wouldn't mind some help! Much appreciated, Jram23
  2. Alright so I have a Google Pixel. It just did some big update yesterday and there wasn't any problems besides some of the features looking super ugly now until I tried opening DQS. It just would not open. I tried force stopping it, I waited a day and came back to it then I uninstalled and redownloaded it and nothing works. I know it's probably not the app's fault but does anyone have any other ideas to fix this? If there's some way to revert the phone update I don't mind doing that either, I just have no idea how to. Thanks!
  3. I’m on the mmo game and I have the wing helmet guy in my party and I have no quest markers. Any clues on where to go?
  4. I think DQB2 would be easier to play on PC (I already bought it on the switch). So if I were to recommend the PC version to some friends, would we still be able to play together? Or should they suffer through switch controls just so we can visit each other's islands
  5. So I go to wandering adventures to try to get some treasure maps and whenever I push Shake it says please uninstall your spoofing app and I don’t even know what a spoofing app even is and never have installed a spoofing app I have uninstalled almost everything and still says I have a spoofing app is there a way to remove it or something?
  6. hi guys i lost all my data because my ps4 just erased everything in the sistem i got no plus at the moment so no cloudsavedata so i just ask for a save game that have 30-40 hours in i dont care if its pc or ps4 i think i was in this part exactly: L'Academie de Notre Maitre les Medailles.,so any near savegame from this point would be helpful thanks guys..
  7. Ok, so I made a reddit post about this too; I've been lurking on and off gamefaqs, here and the dqix reddit to try and find an easy and accessible way to get the DLC for Dragon Quest IX. Please forgive me if I'm posting this the wrong way, very new here. So, I'm looking for someone who is Australia based, or willing to ship back a cartridge from overseas to do a Mail'n'tag with me. I'm willing to pay anything under $35 (including shipping) for the extra quests and maybe a MKS map or something. Now, on the high chance that no one is willing to do this with me... I would also appreciate a step-by-step guide on how to get DLC using 3rd party software like an AR or something; with direct links to the products I would need to buy. Also, I should note that I use a macbook air, and the only other computer in my house is a desktop with windows 10 (I seem to recall someone saying that the current NDS adaptor (or something) method only works with windows 7). Also, no EB Games (Australia equivalent of gamestop) within a 10 hour drive of my area has a preowned copy of DQIX that I can check for DLC or anything. Any help is appreciated, and thanks for your time!
  8. Maybe my googling skills are just really off right now, but I cannot seem to find a good guide to the locations of all the scout-able monsters and when you can scout them. I'm currently in the middle of the playthrough and the monster synthesis search on the Den has been a godsend, but neither the "monsters - companions" nor the "monsters - enemies" list has anything listed under the location column. Does anyone know of a guide of where/when I can scout monsters? If there isn't one, maybe we can make one. I have already ordered the physical strategy guide off amazon (while supporting the den ) so I might be able to use that. Edit: Ended up making my own guide using the official strategy guide among several other sites for research.
  9. I've been trying to beat Estark Extreme for days now in DQ Heroes 2, but cant get anywhere close. I'm looking for some co-op help for the boss fight. and yes I am level 99. I want to get the platinum trophy, however theirs a trophy that requires all weapons and you can get Estark's weapons if you beat his Extreme fight in under 8 minutes. If anyone out there could help I would gladly appreciate it
  10. Hi there. New to the forums, just wasn't sure where else to ask about Super Light. I'm Level 72 on the Japanese Version of the game on my old tablet. What I want to do is transfer the data to my new phone that is now able to run the game. This is not the SEA version. (Although I have this installed too, but I dont really want to restart) I see an icon on the title screen that looks like a transfer system symbol, but I have no idea what it is or how to make it work. It wont take any of the text I enter either. (It looks like it is a phone with an arrow pointing to another phone with a slime on it). Hopefully someone can assist me. Thank you.
  11. Certain characters (Such as Luceus, Aurora, Doric, Psaro, etc.) Have a perk on there skill tree that lets you counter an attack by blocking at "the right time". I've been trying at it for quite a while but have never managed to pull it off. The game doesn't seem to give any indication of what that right time is. Has anyone figured out how to time it?
  12. So, I finally managed to play this game, it's pretty good ! and quite easy, like the ds and gba games. i even got half thru the game without even knowing japanese, but then, the ninja metal slimes (from the previous games) give you "missions", and if you want to continue you have to complete them. And I dont know what they want me to do because I dont know japanese.(I barely know english, lol) actually got one down, beat the first boss again, but i cant do the other 2... anyone know what these tasks are ? i even got screens of the game in japanese if anyone know how to translate them properly (Not with google translate, please, i have tried.) here are the photos :
  13. Hello everyone, it's been a longtime since I posted (I still actually visit the forums daily, old habit I guess). Anyway, I wasn't really sure where to post this, but I need help! I am in the process of completing my master's thesis, but I don't have enough participants in my research study. The game I am using for my research is a game I have been working on for nearly two years now, that has heavy influences from Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Originally it was a project to create Dragon Warrior IV in 3D (and some of those art assets have yet to be replaced, so it does have a similar feel). Due to IRB, I have to forward the following (follow the link in this quote): Thank you so much! --- I decided to attach some screenshots to entice everyone
  14. This is kind of a dumb question, but... Is there any way to get new Guard Monsters in DQM: Caravan Heart? I mean, I know you can use the breeding system, but I want to know if you can recruit monsters in the wild/any other way!!
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