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Found 3 results

  1. Just another reference chart I made after replaying DWM2 and realizing I hated scrolling through TXT documents for details. Please let me know if you find any mistakes or inaccuracies, thanks! 😄
  2. So, I'm new here and I'm not sure if anyone still plays DWM2 (GBC) anymore. I'd been digging around for resources, but never really found a nice table that shows the stat gains each monster gets at each level without requiring a cross-reference of that monster's growth against a different table. This was a huge hassle, so I took all the data and stuck it in a calculator. I created a spreadsheet to help me more easily view a monster's stat potential at a glance. It's already been helpful when trying to breed stats onto things, so I figured I'd share it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xFjrKnEVCqPia0ijfIAC8l7_gijn0tVvdAQtRl4TfsI/edit?usp=sharing ::EDIT:: Updated calculator to also fetch skill information. Instructions: MAKE A COPY of the spreadsheet Note: The RESET buttons use a macro and may not work anymore, but that's fine. Note: There are protections on it. I don't know if these copy with the sheet, so you may need to remove them to tweak things. Select a FAMILY from the top drop-down menu Select a NAME from the bottom drop-down menu This menu is automatically populated with the names of all monsters in the FAMILY you selected above. I may add support for skills and breeding partners, but we'll see. I'm also open to suggestions. All that being said, along the way I found a bunch of other useful resources, and figured I'd share the links here as well... Walkthrough (remember the good old days, when people wrote detailed guides like this?) Magic Key FAQ Magic Key Generation Rules Skills Guide (Old) Skills Guide (New) Combination Skills (In Combat) Competitive Skills Discussion (DWM1) Breeding Database Skill Inheritance Taming Odds Easy Money GameFAQs List of FAQs GameFAQs Board NeoSeeker Board That's all I've got for now. Figured I'd share in case anyone else picks this game up and comes looking. ~ Shammikaze
  3. Have lurked this forum and site for a very long time, and this will be my very first post... So, I've got a question about Skill Inheritance in DWM2... I've looked around, read some other threads and articles, but still don't 100% fully understand this. Alright, as an easy example that doesn't require hours of leveling to achieve: Fire Slash. The Dragon monster can learn this on its own – no skill combining required. However, Blazemore and Charge Up can enable Fire Slash if all the stat and skill requirements are met, even if the parents and current monster did not know Fire Slash. If the Dragon learns Fire Slash, and then it's bred to create some other monster, that monster can learn Fire Slash without needing the other skill requirements Blazemore and Charge Up. Moving on to more powerful skills... Like Surge and Focus. If I learned Focus with a monster that can naturally learn it (Akubar, Herbman, etc) and then bred that monster into one that does not naturally learn Focus... Would the new monster still be able to learn Focus without having to get the other skills? (Meditate and so on) I'm assuming so, but the next part is what worries me: If that new child monster manages to learn Focus and then is bred to another monster, does the Focus skill still stick around? As in, can the grandchild still learn Focus without the other three skill requirements because it's parent and grandparent both had learned Focus? For some skills this always made me nervous since I didn't want to go through long periods of leveling and breeding to get Ultradown, Surge, Hellblast and so on and then have them disappear after a few breeding moves. I'm always reluctant to drop spells while leveling up after breeding because I'm afraid that it will prevent me from learning one of those spells, even if the parent had it already. So summarizing, if I have as an example a monster with Focus but not Meditate (Focus replaced Meditate, or it learned Focus naturally, etc) and I breed it... The child monster will be able to learn Focus on its own as well, or will it still need to keep the three prerequisite spells first? The same goes for its grandchildren – as long as the parent learns Focus in some way, its child will be able to learn it as well? See, I'm planning on creating a Giant Worm with Focus, Hustle, TwinHits, and so on for laughs and just to see if such a thing is possible (With generous helpings of seeds obtained from key worlds of course) but as pointed out above I'm concerned about needing to keep each and every prerequisite skill for these while leveling up the child. If I can get away with just learning Focus and Hustle on the parents once and not bother with the skills combined with them again, that would be great – because spells like Surge and DeMagic have a lot of spells used to combine them that would definitely end up making me hit the 20 spell limit very early! This is actually something that plagued me since I first bought this game when the Gameboy Color was the newest handheld around: I ended up having a monster that had only one or two attack spells because I was holding on to a dozen different various status effects and dances, because I thought that those were *required* regardless if the monster in question could learn Surge (Rainhawk?) or not. I'm sorry if any of this is sounding confusing, since it's confusing me just trying to explain it and think about it! As a last note, some of the spells have Min MP requirements attached to them as well, but the skills page http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dwm2gbc/skills.php does not display this. It shows the Min Level, HP, and other stats but not the MP... Which really confused me at one point when I was trying to learn Hellblast and met every stat requirement on the page EXCEPT the unlisted MP one! Haha
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