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Found 19 results

  1. Good evening, I do not have the 3DS version of the game, only the PS2 version. I found an website about Marcello, one of my favorite characters, and there is written something like he have feelings for someone in the 3DS version, and a temporary character is quoted "Xiroara". I did not understand everything, here is the link : https://dragonquest.fandom.com/wiki/Marcello I would like to see these moments in a let's play (because I don't have this game). Can you tell me more about this info ? And when is this moment on game (I can search in a let's play) ? Thank you so much.
  2. Hi does anyone have a folder with all the Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Victory DLCs? I am not sure if the DLC's are still purchasable anymore List of DLCs here http://dragonquest.wikia.com/wiki/Downloadable_content#Dragon_Quest_Monster_Battle_Road_Victory_.28Japan_Only.29
  3. Howdy everyone! I made a video game review for Dragon Quest Builders! I became so addicted to it that I had to review it.
  4. MohawkGaymer

    Sad Chocobo

    From the album: DQB launch event - London

    This chocobo is wearing a slime hat
  5. Well, since we've discussed a lot about music changes lately, I was wondering, what's everyone's most favorite tunes in Dragon Warrior VII? For me, much of the soundtrack is pretty much great and fits the mood of the game excellently. I will say though, there are certain tunes that just 'stick' with me, or mesmerize me long after I've put the game aside for a bit. For me, those would be: The Dejan Village Theme - I love classical guitar work in videogames, the effect of nylon strings is a wonderful sound, though I'm admittedly biased since I'm play a bit of guitar myself. This theme, and the other one which I'll link to in a moment are strangely missing from a lot of the OSTs I see uploaded on Youtube, which is a shame. The Deja Ritual Dance Theme - Granted, the two themes aren't actually played on 'real' guitars. Or "tulas" if you want to be in-universe specific. This is honestly, conceptually, a wonderfully designed piece for a nylon guitar type of sound. Does anyone know what these two sound like on the updated 3DS version? Hopefully the original Japanese version might have an actual 'acoustic' version so I might hear what this would sound like played on actual strings. The Opening Prologue Theme - I remember this being the first thing that really caught my attention when first booting up DWVII. First time ever playing any DQ game, and it set the atmosphere perfectly. I had no idea what I was getting into, but this definitely got me curious. I really do wish the 3DS version still had that scene, but at least there's an updated version of this tune floating around on the uploaded 3DS ost. The Skystone Theme - Wow, this tune. This and Heavenly Flight from III and VIII have to be my favorite 'sky travel' tunes from the DQ series. There's a lot of mood variance in this one though, but it really does give me mental images of the Hero and his party sailing across the sky, looking down on the various islands they restored, and remembering the events that happened at each one. The Symphonic Version is a masterpiece as well, though the dynamic fortississimo definitely freaks me out sometimes if I'm not ready for it. There's so many tunes I could name in addition, perhaps I'll edit the post later to add them in, but what are your favorite musical pieces from this game?
  6. Hi, everyone! I am Erdrick1989. I have been a dragon quest fan since the NES days and finally found this community. I decided to join when I saw a lot of misconception about the 3ds version of Dragon Quest X. I have been playing that version quite a bit and I would like to share my knowledge about it thus far. First of all you do not need a vpn nor a square enix account to play DQX (3ds). It utilizes your NNID and in order to pay for subscriptions you just go into the game and click pay for play ticket and it will use your eshop funds. (Eshop does allow foreign credit cards) There is no IP ban or anything like that. I have been playing it everyday on less than perfect internet and I have only been disconnected once. It has been fixed tremendously since it's release so I encourage people to think about this version if you have no access to any other version like I did. If you have any other questions about it let me know!
  7. Welcome to the Main Event This contest will determine the winning DQ Main Baddie. You'll be voting on the biggest, most important Baddies from a Main, Numbered DQ game. In this, round 1 you may vote on 2 Baddies in each generation. Once the topic closes (Saturday, March 28th, Noon EST), there will be 2 Baddies from each generation moving on. Those 2 will battle it out to find the biggest Baddies per generation of DQ games and then finally the biggest, baddest Baddie of all! Vote for your favorites! And if you forgot who the Baddies are, here we go... Erdrick Trilogy Baddies (DQI) Dragonlord Why he's a baddie:The primordial Dragon Quest badguy. Need I say more? Oh, all right. His list of evil doing! He sets fire to Tantegel with his dragon horde. Burns the bridge so no one can get to him, burns all ships so no one can get to him. Steals the princess and seals her away in a cave with his pet dragon. Destroys Hauksness and puts his best knight to guard the legendary Armour of Loto. Seals the other Loto equipment. Uh, yeah, that's about it. Oh right, and he taunts the Hero, then offers his lordship for his life. I suppose that's politics and being polite, but the man knows full well he's asking a guy who grew up with the blood of a Hero, who defeated a much stronger big bad, to lay down his honour and heritage. Oh right. Raids and torture, and um, general menacing attitude and threats of domination. Sounds about right. Oh, and his DQ9 incarnation just spells out badass in black and white. Oh, you think he's easy because at level 1 your party can railroad him? Bring him up to 70, we'll talk then. (DQII) Hargon Why he's a baddie:He decides to destroy one of the castles that is home of a descendant of Roto and instead of killing them, turns them into a dog. Why? For fun, the castle had no strategic value not did they even try another town or locale. It was like "ohh a castle, let's go have fun!" Not only that but Hargon didn't want to just take over the world, he wanted it destroyed, utterly. No torment, no darkness, just the world reduced to ash. He wanted this so badly he was willing to sacrifice his own life to do so. A cult fanatic at it's finest. (DQII) Malroth Why he's a baddie: Appears out of absolutely nowhere at the end-game just to completely screw you over! That God Hargon was trying to sacrifice you to? You're lookin' at him! (DQIII) Baramos Why he's a baddie: The "Demon Lord". Likes to eat innards. Set up as the main antagonist. (DQIII) Zoma Why he's a baddie:Um...let's see, what didn't this guy do? Takes over one world, seals off a particular part of it, has been tormenting his hapless victims, keeping them alive for an untold length of time, because...it's fun, and frankly if he kills them all off, there's no-one to torment. Desires to take over a new world, so opens a portal to it, in a manner creating a pit in the new world, creating a lovely parallel to the dark world being "underground", despite that it's just a wholly separate world. One has to wonder the choice of entry point was done on purpose to just emphasize his evil. The problem? He breaks into OUR world. Yeah, that's right, Earth. Zoma is liken to a voodoo undead witch doctor, taken straight out of the annals of historical concepts of dark underworld Gods, one has to wonder if he might not be the actual source of evil in this world! No, I'm not serious, but it's fun to speculate that maybe Horii tapped into something... He spawns in monstrosities from who knows where, that look like diabolical dinosaurs (I wonder if this has something to do with Picollo having been recently created just prior to DW3's development, since Baramos looks eerily similar to Picollo's first henchman). The guy's opening speech when we're first introduced, after defeating his captain, Baramos, is nothing short of the perfect evil phrase to use...skeletor should take notes from this guy. His second bit of dialogue, upon defeating his minions before his throne, is just as badass, indicating you're about to face the universal ultimate form of evil. I mean...how does this guy NOT belong on this list? He does AND says all the right things. Oh, and if that weren't enough, his final boss music is testament to just how vial and menacing this baddie is. (DQIII) Divine Dragon, Xenlon Why he's a baddie: He is in the game. Zenithian Baddies (DQIV) Necrosaro, Psaro Why he's a baddie: Dude loses arms & legs & just evolves into something better. He's the final boss & wants to kick you & your wagon's butt! (DQIV) Aamon Why he's a baddie:Psaro, the baddy who destroys a whole town looking for the hero or has children kidnapped to prevent the hero from growing up, yeah bad but what about the guy pulling the strings? Aamon is the one manipulating the whole thing while pretending to be on Psaro's side even fighting the heroes as one of his protectors. But instead he is the one trying to find the ultimate secret of evolution and even uses Psaro as his own experiment. Pretty devious. plus he is named after a demon, never trust someone with the name of a demon. (DQIV & DQV) Estark Why he's a baddie:He may be a little sleepy, but he'll pack quite the punch (DQV) Bishop Ladja Why he's a baddie:Killed the main's father in front of him, assuring his utmost suffering and terror for his son, the main, prior to his passing. Kidnapped hundreds, potentially thousands of people, into slavery to build a temple to worship his master. Constantly reappears specifically to torture the Hero. While all of his actions are at the behest of Korol, to assure their master Nimzo's ascendancy after breaking down the barriers to the world of light, he thoroughly enjoys his work and how he carries out his orders is his choice alone. (DQV) Grandmaster Nimzo Why he's a baddie:This guy is most literally responsible for everything that happens! He was behind Bishop Ladja and King Korol! He was the God that they built that temple for! Your mother, your father, everything that happened links back to Grandmaster Nimzo. He outright says that all his minions were just pawns! Bishop Ladja, that guy who killed your father, was just a pawn to this guy! Plus once you finally find him... this guy really knows how to give a badass speech... This guy is just vile... plus in the DS remake, he seems to have the power to get a desperate attack whenever the hell he feels like it. (DQVI) Murdaw Why he's a baddie:Who is Murdaw? You know that weird silhouette at the beginning of the game who makes your main characters float around in the sky and then explode? Murdaw. The guy who has complete control over more then 50% of the planet? Murdaw. That guy who everybody is talking about how long it will take for him to take complete control over both the Dream and Real World? That is Murdaw. He's a master of illusions, with a power over the Dream World so powerful you needed the ancient Mirror of Ra just to fight him! And even then, come on! You fight the guy three times, that's as many times as the final boss! Plus he's the very first boss to have double trouble. Odds are if you played the game, you died a lot on this guy. He is also the first sub-boss in the history of the series to have his own boss music, and to date the only boss that does besides him is Dhoulmagus. Not to mention, his badass boasts are just the best... The only villains that can give this guy a run for his money speech-wise would have to be Zoma and Nimzo. (DQVI) Mortamor Why he's a baddie: Conquered the world at least a millennium ago. In mockery and to prevent any challengers to his rule, had particular places in both the world of Souls, the Dreamworld, and the Realworld, sealed off. Two of which he destroyed in the Realworld, then sealed off in the Dreamworld. then proceeded to kidnap hapless victims through various means, from both worlds, bring them to his own self-created world...yes, he's that damn powerful, and had them tortured and corrupted through various means, all to send their lifeblood and energy to him to feed his soul and grow stronger. Nevermind he sent his greatest lieutenants to maintain the five seals, and ripped the Dreamworld from its normal position, and dragged it much closer to the Realworld, placing his chief servant in charge of maintaining this corruption of existence. (DQVI) Dark Dream, Nokturnus Why he's a baddie: Dude is arguably the hardest super boss in the series. He's routinely the hardest monster to defeat in almost every game he's been in (see DQIX grotto). He defeats Mortamor as if he was nothing. Baddies of the new Millennium (DQVII) Orgodemir Why he's a baddie:Believes he killed God, sealed off the world to terrorize its individual parts, also allowed it to be restored at a later date after he's feasted on the soul, sins, and negative emotions of the people he commissioned the destruction of, in the guise of a false God, only to rule over the world indefinitely, unchallenged, and feed forevermore on the suffering of the denizens of the world. (DQVII) God, Neuman Why he's a baddie: He's God & wants to fight you. 'Nuff said. (DQVIII) Dhoulmagus Why he's a baddie: Seems to be one of the most bold bosses since he doesn't just sit back in a lair and wait for heroes to come off him. He gets up in everyone's face and will run you through with his sceptre if you get in his way. Most people find they cruise through the game until they make it to him, then it's time to grind because this baddie is tough.[/size] (DQVIII) Rhapthorne Why he's a baddie: Dude is morbidly obese. And wants to kill you. Rhapthorne had power over the World of Darkness and planned to take control of the World of Light, but was stopped by the Seven Sages with the help of Empyrea, the Godbird. He returned centuries later to kill the heirs of Seven Sages and take over the World of Light (DQIX) Corvus Why he's a baddie: Corvus is the final boss and the true antagonist in Dragon Quest IX. He is a Celestrian and was formerly Aquila's mentor and the guardian of Wormwood Creek, as well as the former leader of the Gittish Empire. He was captured and imprisoned for centuries, giving unto himself a hatred of all mortal life. (DQX) Hades Nelgel Why he's a baddie: At the end of the offline campaign, he not only destroys your home village, but also seals the Human continent by slicing a hole in the sky! If that's not badass, I don't know what is. And that scythe, it's SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. To be clear, this is going to contain 100% spoilers. The. End. It's my party, cry if you want to . Sorry to be blunt, but other than DQ: Heroes, we've had all these games for years and years. If you don't want to know who's who, avoid this topic. Last year we had the DQ Most Liked Male Contest & the DQ Most Liked Woman Contest. Time to have a DQ Baddie contest (maybe two/three)!!! This topic is for getting our nominations in. You may nominate up to 100 baddies. You have until next Sunday, March 8th at NOON EST. I have some time that afternoon and can start the contest(s) then. Don't forget to vote in the poll on this topic to help me figure out the logistics of those contest(s). Feel free to nominate from ANY DQ game, not just main titles. Here's the format: Name(s): Game(s): Why they're a baddie: Sub, Final, or Bonus Boss: Picture: Seems simple. Let me nominate a few and show you how it's done. Name(s): Necrosaro, Psaro Game(s): DQIV Why they're a baddie: Dude loses arms & legs & just evolves into something better. He's the final boss & wants to kick you & your wagon's butt! Sub, Final, or Bonus Boss: Final Picture: Name(s): Kandar, Robbin' 'Ood Game(s): DQIII Why they're a baddie: He has a silver tongue. You have to face him a couple times in DQIII. He talks his way out of your bad graces twice after a reign of kidnapping & thievery. Sub, Final, or Bonus Boss: Sub Picture: Name(s): Xiphos Game(s): DQ: Swords Why they're a baddie: Anyone who can pull of a name that begins with X is automatically cool. Sub, Final, or Bonus Boss: Final Picture:
  9. Head on over to the Contest subform this week to make your nominations for the upcoming Most Liked DQ Baddies Contest(s). There are some options to vote on and I need your help nominating your favorite: final boss sub boss bonus boss. Nominate up to 5, regardless of category. Head over here to see the contest nominations topic.
  10. Unique in Europe Dragon Quest Paradise is the only dedicated to the Dragon Quest saga shop in the West, we are located in Geneva, Switzerland. We offer all the products of the saga, it is fluff, cosplays, figurines, supplies, jewels, toys, board games, video games and much more. E-Commerce site is available to the entire Western community, be it the US, Morocco, Europe, Australia, ... we deliver worldwide. Our strength is to have almost identical prices in Japan, so no extra fee. To access the site is here: http://dragonquest-paradise.com Currently being translated into English, we try to make the store more accessible to the community so that Dragon Quest outside Japan will find their account at least once. Our company work in collaboration with the printing Copy Services Express we are in the same premises at 115-117 rue de Genève in Genève in Switzerland, but also with the company Elasio SARL specialized in the Import- export in Switzerland, and the publishing house Ki-oon in Paris that have output in May manga Emblem of Roto France. For a few weeks and until November 11, we are organizing a lottery Dragon Quest parteneriat with Square Enix Japan who have given us the greatest confidence by sending free items in exchange for that, the winnings will be donated to the society Kibo which helps children in Fukushima. Find out all the details here.
  11. Yay finally uploaded my complete playthrough of Dragon Warrior II !! Still working on Dragon Warrior III
  12. It used to be that I frequently visited speeddemosarchive.com, was practically a daily routine of mine. I seem to have fallen out of that habit, but I sure am glad I looked through the most recent update because it has an entry for the first game of the series. Dragon Quest, that is Or Dragon Warrior, as it was then to those in the states. I haven't watched it yet because it's, like, over four hours long, and I haven't read the runner comments yet neither but since this is SDA I'm gonna assume that the run was made without tool-assistance. It does seem to have been done in ten segments, though, which is understandable given RNG shenanigans. Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I haven't noticed any new topics here calling mention, and it's been up for a week it seems, so hey.
  13. Forgive me if someone has already made a topic about this, but I was wondering where and how you get all the platinum gear. I have the platinum body and the platinum helm right now. I need the sword and shield though and am not sure where to find them. Does anyone know? Thanks, Adam
  14. For personal entertainment/out of boredom, I made transparent PNGs of art from the Caravan Heart Manual (the PDF you have on the main site). I did all the character art, plus the slime, but I could easily do the other monsters, too. Would you be interested in having a "concept art" section, and/or can I have permission to use these on outside websites (mainly my blog)? Thanks! -cannockprincess P.S. I will post the art if you guys want me to/give me permission. The PDF file belongs to the Dragon's Den, so I didn't want to accidentally rip someone off.
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