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Found 81 results

  1. Has anyone checked out any of the Dragon Quest parody games out there? I've heard of 4 DQ parodies but it doesn't seem like half of them are translated. Sure you've probably heard of MOTHER but what about Love Quest, BODYCONQUEST, or Rance Quest? Love Quest is probably the most interesting one to me because it was originally gonna be developed for the Famicom but the 8-bit game market was dying so they cancelled the original version and made a Super Famicom version which got released but has no translation at all. The Famicom prototype cartridge got into the hands of some collector who refuses to dump the ROM image online and he showed off some gameplay at Nico Nico Douga:
  2. I'm a very big fan of Dragon Quest and I'm a very big fan of Minecraft so i made this mod pack http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/crafting-warriors.895959 Ineed help to translate it the Dragon quest mod my discord https://discord.gg/nQtrHEy
  3. Launch of an investigation for a potential organization of a Dragon Quest International Fan Fest which would be launched if soon in 2021 on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the saga. Your opinion matters a lot. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12cVIwARKE4JRGd7RFw4ouPEJirqpvuM9JmJET4iA628/ Investigate international in order to be able to have a general opinion of all the West. We will come back to a report in a few days.
  4. Which channels do u use to see dragon quest content? I use zenithia Kids (spanish) and sackchief (english). Its difficult to see dragon quest only content.
  5. My older sister bought an Switch lite recently and I wanna indoctrinate her into DQ-ism by buying her the the Switch compliation of the original trilogy as a gift. But I heard that compliation of the first 3 games are bad. Is that true?
  6. hi! would like to know what your highest level characters are, and what class they are. no fibs. for characters who have revocated, format like this (revocated 1 time and level 5): (1) sage, level 5 my highest character: sage, level 73
  7. I'm finished with the main portion, but have not started the postgame. I bought the game on PC after a sale and after I got a new computer that I didn't intend to buy (old one died). I needed to get a controller as well, but the controller is worth the money in its own rights (Bought Mass Effect Andromeda as well once I got controller). I thought DQXI was a great improvement over the boring DQIX (didn't play X as I don't do multiplayer). Graphics - A - Reminds me a lot of DQVIII graphics which was DQ's high water mark. I haven't played PS4 version, but PC's was good. Story and Atmosphere - B - Big improvement over IX and similar to DQVIII although I put it below IV, V, and VII. The storyline is predictable to a degree with an expected doublecross and expected heel-face turn. Among the characters, I put DQ IV, V, VII, and VIII's characters ahead of this one, but most of them are good. I thought Serena's development was weak. I found Sylvano to be extremely annoying and a bad 80's era stereotype and will leave it at that. I'm not PC, but c'mon man. Veronica reminds me of a blonde Maribel which is good for a few laughs. Rab, Jade, Erik, and the heel-face turn guy are the best developed characters. The real stars however are the monsters. I will admit that I got a knot in my stomach when I saw the old Dragon Rider make a comeback. Anyone who's gone through DQIV for NES understands that. I got another knot from the Blue/Red Eaters (forgot their new name) from the SNES emulator. They weren't as bad in this game, but it was good to see the monster comebacks. BTW - Bloody Hand (Graboopi) still calls Granite Titan (or whatever their new name is). Cannibox, Mimic, and Pandora's box are all back as well, along with the mimic version of slot machines. Length - A - Main portion of the game is a good 50-60 hours. It's not 100 hours plus like DQVII, but you aren't getting ripped off here. Difficulty C - I can't judge the postgame, but this was way too easy. I hope I unwittingly played this on easy mode. I got knocked out one time (I was Sonny Corleoned so I grinded and guarded against the nasty attack) and thought I was going down twice more thanks to getting put to sleep That's it. The big boss was easier than some of the mid bosses. I was in my mid 50's levels and hammered him. The only one that got me was the surprise attack near Arbonia near the end of the game and the status effects. I had more trouble with one version some of the lump mages (The Mr Potatohead wizards seen in many DQ games) attacking before I was ready and getting put to sleep. Multi-thrust with the spear is a game changer. Combat and Play Control (PC) - D without gamepad, A with gamepad - The gamepad is a must. The battle system is familiar and that's a good thing. Beginnings and Endings - B - Beginning is a typical DQ beginning and ending. I'm sure there's a "best" ending as well with postgame. This one so far is alright not counting the postgame ending. It's not in DQVII or DQVIII's league. Bugs - B - It's a new game for PC and I had only two freezes. Lesson - Don't ride a animal into town. Overall - B - It's a good game. I think when you get to higher number sequels, it is tougher and tougher to get a good game to improve on the past. Even sports games have that problem. I think DQ has aged better than the FF series. XIII was boring to me despite the graphics. What DQ does well is bring back what people like about it. The monsters. The spells. The weapons/armor. They are familiar. The nostalgia really appealed to me and I wasted a lot of productivity on this game as a result. If you like DQVIII, you'll probably like this game, although maybe not as much. As of now, I'd rank this in the middle of the pack on DQ's (5th) and that's still a good game. Best (in order) - VII, V, IV, Very good - VIII, XI, III Good - VI, II, I Mediocre to bad - IX Did not play - X
  8. Hello Hello! Ellois here with a nifty thread thing that will eventually be lost to the internet void. So, I thought that I should keep a thread of the manga that I have available for everyone! Here is the main source for what I upload, and I will do my best to maybe eventually sort of translating, even if it means getting a separate doc and doing the translations there instead of editing page by page. Dragon Quest VI Manga [RAW] https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Wvkv-hWS_suGntVddxSypfYT5U1vD9GC Currently the whole first volume is up and I am compiling an ebook file. (please note that a lot of the files are corrupted here, hence why I have turned to actually buying the books) As an additive to this, I have just found a website here where you can buy the manga and read it on literally any device! I am not actually willing to share my account as it has my personal information on it, but! I will share the screenshots as soon as I can get them! I just downloaded the first two books of the VI manga, I will download those first, and do the series. The next one that I plan to buy will be the Rubis Legend as Xiggy was looking for them and I feel so bad not being able to help. I can buy about two books ever week or every other week, it will depend on my paychecks, but I am more than happy to share! Let me know what series we want to do next and if you would be interested in helping me translate/edit! I will definitely try to keep the Google Drive , and this post thread, as updated as I can! Hopefully will finish uploading book one and two on Sunday (10/21/2018 EST) Again, I pay everything out of my own pocket for the projects that I do, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated!! This is a link the Dragon Quest Project Patreon, we are currently dubbing the Dragon Quest VI game!
  9. I’m not going to get into TOO much details on why I need to move out but long story short I am not safe where I am. I need to raise $1500 to get out of here the faster the better, but I know people aren’t going to just give me money for nothing (and I don’t expect them too) So I have opened up comissions! I get them out relatively fast so if you want a commission but don’t want to wait a long time the longest you will have to wait for it once I get started is about a day. (Or two depending on how complicated or how much you comission) I draw ocs, fanart, furries, and SLIGHT NSFW stuff but that will up the price a bit and will need to be discussed. For headshots: $15 for sketches $20 for line art $30 for flat colored $40 for shading and lighting For waist ups $20 for sketches $30 for line arts $40 for flat colors $60 for shading and lighting Full Body: $30 for sketches $40 for line art $50 for flat colors $75 for shading and lighting Please I am begging you please comission me! You can shoot me a message on here but I will more likely on discord I am wilisthethrill on their you can find me through my dragon quest discord server or the den’s or you can shoot me a message requesting my discord or just send me yours and I’ll add you! Please comission and if you can’t commission and know people who would please let them know!!!
  10. Alright, I'm not 100% sure what the concensus is on promoting someone else's work on the forum. I asked a couple of people in the IRC chats, and they said that from their perspective it should be fine provided I went and got the artist's permission on the subject. So I did so earlier today after I spoke to ProfessorMegaman in an IM chat. He's told me he's been here in the past due to how good the site is at gathering multimedia for the various games in the series, although I don't know if he's ever registered on the forums personally. I didn't find his expected name, but that doesn't mean he couldn't be on here under a different name, but I never asked. Anyways, one of the reasons I'm doing this is because he also very recently completed a commission [one of what plans to be many and if those are done I'll add them here later ] for me for a possible project of mine and I felt not only should I show that picture off, but all the others related to DQ that he's done before. I'm sure some of these have been seen by a good number of you guys already, specfically the DQ1 pictures, but I figure if some didn't know the origin of these pictures, you will now. Just be warned, there are some decent sized pictures on here, and these aren't even the full sized versions for the most part. My commission is the one at the bottom of the DQ5 section as a minor note. DQ1 Related: DQ5 Related:
  11. Hello Hello! This is the Dragon Quest Project! This project is dedicated to getting all sorts of information and media out there for the Dragon Quest series! We are looking for members that would be interested in voice acting the games of Dragon Quest! The games that we have currently are I - IX and we are looking to get voice actors for all of them! We will be doing as much media as we can possibly cover! We are obtaining and translating manga, we are writing dramas, stories and the like, there are fan comics available as well. This is a long term project! Please know that before signing up! Currently we are casting for Dragon Quest VI Closed parts are parts that we are no longer casting for and open parts are parts that we would like to get actors for! Main Cast Rek : open Carver: open Milly: open Ashlynn: closed Nevan: closed Terry: closed Amos: open Lizzie: open Goober: open NPCs Demon at Arms: open Apnea: open Belleau: open Blackmar: open Buddy (Rand): open Cabot: open Coblle: open Dhuran: open Erdrick: open Evgenya: open Franco: open Gerda: open Gracos: open Howard: open Iiya: open Isaac/Marsarl: open Isnomore: open Jamirus: open Keating/Geban: open King Zenith: open Ludwig: open Madame Luca: open Max Wynne: open Miralda (Erica): open Mortamor: open Mr. Clavet: open Mrs. Calvet: open Murdaw: open Nokturnus: open Poseidon: open Rod: open Rubiss: open Rusty/Blade: open Seymour Sass: open Sledge: open Somnius/Reidock: open Spiegel: open Tania: open Unda: open Welda: open Please contact me for details on how to audition and what we can provide!
  12. Thanx to a full English translation patch, I could play thru Dragon Quest Builders on PS3 (as you know the PS3 version was only released for Japan). I finished all main quests and chapters, maxed out the town levels, but didn't complete all side-quests. Also I did not touch the Terra Incognita mode yet. I'm not sure but I think it took me around 30 hours to complete it. So here are my thoughts: GOOD +Building a city from the stratch is really fun. +Even though it's a spin-off from the main series, it has the same DQ spirit. +The classic musics taken from the first 4 games are awesome. +Searching the maps for hidden chests, side-quests and mining materials got a great adventuring feel. +Returning to the very first DQ world was great. I loved the story. +Bullying the monsters with 3 townspeople alongside me in Chapter 3 was very funny +Very addictive gameplay. My wife pick up the controller for mining whenever I put it down BAD -Max town levels are very limited (5 levels). You can reach out for it very soon and lose motivation to expand city because of it. -Ghosts at the nights are very annoying. They spam you way too much. -You can not determine the number of your creations. For example, if I want to make 3 chairs, I have to make them one by one, or create max number of chairs that I can with my resources at once. -I don't if it's only me but Great Condor fight in Chapter 2 was extremely frustrating VERDICT: Even though it's a spin-off game, Dragon Quest Builders has a complete DQ spirit. It has some small flaws, but very fun game to play overall: 7,5/10
  13. My name is Chris Stone (Audio Android) and I would like to announce my entry into the DRAGON WARRIOR Fan Game Kingdom. I am coming to the finishing stage of my Fan Game and am currently working with the Staff of Dragon's Den on a contest for the games launch. I am excited for this game and would like to THANK front runners such as Hawkeye Productions for leading the way with such amazing fan games such as DRAGON WARRIOR Classic I +II showing us that this can be done, that you can do this, thanks. Here are 9 Photo Screenshots from my game a Title is still being worked on, look for a teaser trailer in the next couple of days.
  14. Hi does anyone have a folder with all the Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Victory DLCs? I am not sure if the DLC's are still purchasable anymore List of DLCs here http://dragonquest.wikia.com/wiki/Downloadable_content#Dragon_Quest_Monster_Battle_Road_Victory_.28Japan_Only.29
  15. I recently restarted DQ9 and fell in love with it all over again. I want to play online with people and trade maps, etc etc. I now have sacrificed the rest of my summer to this game so I'm playing every chance I get (4-6 Hrs/day). I'm still in the story but that should be completed sooner than later! Lemme know if you wanna trade FC's and we can get gaming my friends!
  16. Hey guys! I wanted to check if it were possible to read the Dragon Quest timeline from the geography of the world maps! If all Dragon Quest games, except for the first three, would all be the same world, what would be the chronological order of the games, if you look at the geography of the maps (continental movement)? Better said, what would be the best order to put these maps in based on familiarity of each other? http://www.realmofdarkness.net/dq/img/nes/dw4/maps/overworld-2.png http://www.realmofdarkness.net/dq/img/snes/dq5/maps/overworld-5.png http://www.realmofdarkness.net/dq/img/snes/dq6/maps/real-world.gif http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dw7psx/maps_overworld/dw7psx_overworld_tileset_map.png http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dq8ps2/maps_overworld/Dragon_Quest_8_Overworld_Map_25_Percent_Resolution.png http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dq9ds/maps_overworld/dq9ds_starflight_overworld_map.png
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