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Found 6 results

  1. Is the project still going on??? I was waiting a long time for it to finish but there's been no updates for a while and the official aerie website seems down.Is all hope lost?
  2. With the help of "Google Translate App", i an able to play DQMSL Japan version. Anyone playing as well? my ID is: 991 140 050
  3. Hi there. New to the forums, just wasn't sure where else to ask about Super Light. I'm Level 72 on the Japanese Version of the game on my old tablet. What I want to do is transfer the data to my new phone that is now able to run the game. This is not the SEA version. (Although I have this installed too, but I dont really want to restart) I see an icon on the title screen that looks like a transfer system symbol, but I have no idea what it is or how to make it work. It wont take any of the text I enter either. (It looks like it is a phone with an arrow pointing to another phone with a slime on it). Hopefully someone can assist me. Thank you.
  4. I got my imported 3DS bundled with Terry's Wonderland 3D a few days ago and have been playing it almost non-stop, but I've got a few questions: -Scouting is fairly difficult with the monsters I currently have (lv20 Red Dragon, lv25 Mad Cat(?), lv22 Healslime / Red Dragon & lv18 Pteranod(?)) as many monsters - especially the ocassional Size-2 monster - rarely get more than 10% on my odds after everyone takes their turn in showing off. I saw a Skullgon/Skelegon in the first interior-ruins map once and only once, but never got more than 8% odds on it. I don't know which skillset or monster would have the Psyche Up skill, and I only just figured out (By experimentation) this one item that adds +10% to your odds, and if it fails without angering the monsters, it accumulates too! So my question here is what sort of items/skills would help most with scouting? -Phoenix Staff. In Joker 1/2 you could get this staff to retain the form of a bred monster since same-family breeding doesn't work the same way anymore. Is this equip still in Terry3D, and if so where can I get it? I'm assuming it's going to be fairly late in the game, which is unfrotunate since I really don't want to part with my Red Dragon, Pteranod, or Wing Snake just yet -Arena/Monster Masters. Do wandering Monster Masters still show up in the dungeons? And can the arena be re-battled after you clear the upper ranks? -Captain Crow. One of my most hated things in Joker 2 - if not THE most hated thing - was the absurd requirements on monsters like Aquarius and the Zenith Dragon/Master Dragon, often requiring multiple copies of Crow (Who IIRC is a "one-per-savefile" monster). Is that the case here in Terry3D as well? I don't mind the high-end monsters being hard to get, but the Captain Crow requirements from the Joker games really were annoying. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here though, since I'm not too far into the game. A'right. So those are my questions for now (I am curious about the breeding of certain monsters, but don't want to spoil anything on my first play-through of the game I am curious about that Medusa Eye you fight in the semi-final D Class though) I've been teaching myself Japanese for a while, and though I haven't gotten around to grammar or kanji yet, it's been great fun spotting words and stuff I can recognize while playing (Still, my understanding of the language is minimal at best, and I've spent at least half of the game looking stuff up and writing stuff down ) While I am curious about what the skills and skillsets do, I think I can figure that out on my own (As well as the items, but those would help a lot!) I don't have any plans to go onto Wi-Fi though,and actually where I live that's just not an option for me at all. So anything exclusive to or requiring a trip onto Wi-Fi for any reason is useless to me *EDIT* One last thing... How does the Day/Night cycle function in "Interior" dungeons like the Desert Ruins where you fight the "Fang Slime"? I must have ran through those a dozen times and only saw it go to "night" once - it got all dark and blue, and dust or something started floating about. Saw some size-2 monsters walking around, but have yet to see it happen again. Out in the Field and Forest levels? Day changes to Night very quickly ??? *Edit 2* Sorry one more... In several gates I've found the music changes to Joker 2's "Giant Monster on the Loose" music and there'll be a size 3 wandering around. First time was in a cave and was a Medusa Eye(?), second time was the black Wiggly/Wormonger. Can I scout these or do I have to wait until I have monsters with 600+ attack?
  5. https://www.change.org/p/square-enix-localize-dragon-quest-3ds-spinoffs?recruiter=129589880&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=des-lg-share_for_starters-no_msg&fb_ref=Default Found this petition a while back. I already signed it, but basically it's to help get some of the Dragon Quest Spinoffs localized. Courtesy of Project Hero, another group that wants to get Dragon Quest to western shores.
  6. Here ya go! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uzwej9hpewg2tuw/AAAmN8kNzslqVu1Hymq-I4nLa?dl=0 I believe I've given you all the 3DS dragon quest rips now (except X but that's entirely a streamed game of course).
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