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Found 3 results

  1. I'm finished with the main portion, but have not started the postgame. I bought the game on PC after a sale and after I got a new computer that I didn't intend to buy (old one died). I needed to get a controller as well, but the controller is worth the money in its own rights (Bought Mass Effect Andromeda as well once I got controller). I thought DQXI was a great improvement over the boring DQIX (didn't play X as I don't do multiplayer). Graphics - A - Reminds me a lot of DQVIII graphics which was DQ's high water mark. I haven't played PS4 version, but PC's was good. Story and Atmosphere - B - Big improvement over IX and similar to DQVIII although I put it below IV, V, and VII. The storyline is predictable to a degree with an expected doublecross and expected heel-face turn. Among the characters, I put DQ IV, V, VII, and VIII's characters ahead of this one, but most of them are good. I thought Serena's development was weak. I found Sylvano to be extremely annoying and a bad 80's era stereotype and will leave it at that. I'm not PC, but c'mon man. Veronica reminds me of a blonde Maribel which is good for a few laughs. Rab, Jade, Erik, and the heel-face turn guy are the best developed characters. The real stars however are the monsters. I will admit that I got a knot in my stomach when I saw the old Dragon Rider make a comeback. Anyone who's gone through DQIV for NES understands that. I got another knot from the Blue/Red Eaters (forgot their new name) from the SNES emulator. They weren't as bad in this game, but it was good to see the monster comebacks. BTW - Bloody Hand (Graboopi) still calls Granite Titan (or whatever their new name is). Cannibox, Mimic, and Pandora's box are all back as well, along with the mimic version of slot machines. Length - A - Main portion of the game is a good 50-60 hours. It's not 100 hours plus like DQVII, but you aren't getting ripped off here. Difficulty C - I can't judge the postgame, but this was way too easy. I hope I unwittingly played this on easy mode. I got knocked out one time (I was Sonny Corleoned so I grinded and guarded against the nasty attack) and thought I was going down twice more thanks to getting put to sleep That's it. The big boss was easier than some of the mid bosses. I was in my mid 50's levels and hammered him. The only one that got me was the surprise attack near Arbonia near the end of the game and the status effects. I had more trouble with one version some of the lump mages (The Mr Potatohead wizards seen in many DQ games) attacking before I was ready and getting put to sleep. Multi-thrust with the spear is a game changer. Combat and Play Control (PC) - D without gamepad, A with gamepad - The gamepad is a must. The battle system is familiar and that's a good thing. Beginnings and Endings - B - Beginning is a typical DQ beginning and ending. I'm sure there's a "best" ending as well with postgame. This one so far is alright not counting the postgame ending. It's not in DQVII or DQVIII's league. Bugs - B - It's a new game for PC and I had only two freezes. Lesson - Don't ride a animal into town. Overall - B - It's a good game. I think when you get to higher number sequels, it is tougher and tougher to get a good game to improve on the past. Even sports games have that problem. I think DQ has aged better than the FF series. XIII was boring to me despite the graphics. What DQ does well is bring back what people like about it. The monsters. The spells. The weapons/armor. They are familiar. The nostalgia really appealed to me and I wasted a lot of productivity on this game as a result. If you like DQVIII, you'll probably like this game, although maybe not as much. As of now, I'd rank this in the middle of the pack on DQ's (5th) and that's still a good game. Best (in order) - VII, V, IV, Very good - VIII, XI, III Good - VI, II, I Mediocre to bad - IX Did not play - X
  2. Like in DQ VIII, I am all about interesting NPC's, especially ones that battle with you. Since VIII got added material it would be interesting to see some minor tweaks in XI. (SPOILER ALERT) I haven't finished the game yet, but I would have similar suggestions on other types of NPC's I also liked how in DQ IV how Torneko was able to hire body guards -- would like to see that utilized in DQ XII perhaps. I really have been enjoying this game so far and think it's one of the best yet. I still cling to VIII but this one is VIII's true successor as they game the 8's hero's outfit to the new hero which was really neat. I think it would have been really cool to have seen Serena in Jessica's Outfit and Erik in Yangus' outfit, and possibly Sylvando in Angelo's and Morrie's outfit. I think Jade could have pulled off Red's outfit. Hendrick could pull off Marcello's outfit. One other idea I think would be small but interesting. Since level 99 is the highest level, it would be interesting if there was a quest that could be done to obtain level 100 and get like a 3X stat raise since it's the final level. I may say more once I finish the game. It's absolutely massive, The world is actually bigger than VIII's which is impressive. I love epically long games like this, the more DQ the better, we can never get enough DQ!
  3. I wasn't sure where to put this, but this seemed the best area? XD I have put up a casting call here for a DQ XI fan dub project. I don't know if any Denizens are aspiring voice actors, but I thought I'd share just in case. I'd rather have auditions from actual fans than anything else you know! And if you don't voice act, feel free to just spread that link around and help signal boost the project. ^ u^
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