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Found 1 result

  1. So what's this? Well, for the past few years I had this Dragon Quest based story on my mind. It became kinda big, and recently I started writing down a few stuff. Currently I'm only "specifying" it, because I want to have some sort of closure in my mind. But there's this wish of actually making a product out of it. A few years back, I made a series of Sonic sprite comics, I made over a 100 of those. I always wanted to go back doing sprite comics, I'm trying to turn my story into one. I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna make it, because it's really a lot of work, way too many sprites to create. Differently from the Sonic sprite comic where pretty much everything was done, and I just had to put the graphics together. Well, let's not be pessimist ok? I created this topics to show the concepts of my story, my progress and any spriting I manage to make. Even if this never comes out the way I would dream, nothing stops me from sharing my ideas and arts. Here's my first attempt at spriting one of the characters. Well there's not much new to her, her base is pretty much Dragon Quest III Sage, but I plan on adding a few other stuff to her. I added all sprites I used as base. There's also a little detail to her that some people might like (her weapon). It's only one pose for now, I'm here to ask your opinions. Hows the shadowing and lighting? Does the sprite feels natural? What could be improved? http://i1192.photobu...zps26a28c82.png (Direct link). BTW: I'm also ripping a few sprites from Dragon Warrior VII (the main purpose was aquiring resources for the comic), but I'm also needing sprites from VI. If anyone could lend me a savestate from DQVIDS, it would be really helpefull, I plan on ripping the sprites for the main characters. I kinda need Botsu's sprites for my main character ' Edit: There was actually something wrong with it that I had to fix and post again... yeah I remember doing that with my sprite comics as well... Please tell me what you guys think. I'll try to post more stuff, I hope my project interest you guys, it's really something I'm putting my mind into.
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