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Found 17 results

  1. Thanks to Denizen King Zenith for sending me all of the sword images from DQ Swords for the Wii. I have added the images to the weapons list. Sample Images:
  2. Thanks to King Zenith for piecing together the overworld map for Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light. I have created an overworld maps page and added this map to it: http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqmslandios/maps.php?tp=maps_overworld Thumbnail of map:
  3. This was a massive undertaking for King Zenith to undertake but he was able to gather full resolution overworld map from Dragon Quest VIII PS2. The full resolution map is huge, read more below. Great work.
  4. Thanks to King Zenith for two more dungeon maps from Dragon Quest V DS. Great work on ripping these. Ancient Ruins and the Coburg Castle Basement Thumbmails For full maps check out the Dragon Quest V DS Dungeon Maps page.
  5. Thanks to King Zenith for sending me an updated Dragon Quest 9, Starflight overworld map. This one has better quality. Good work on getting a better copy of it. Thumbnail Image This has been added to the Dragon Quest IX Overworld Maps page.
  6. #dq5ds - Thanks to King Zenith for another map from Dragon Quest 5 DS - Winter Palace. I added it to the Dragon Quest 5 DS Dungeon Maps page.
  7. Thanks to King Zenith for another Dragon Quest V DS dungeon map, Dwarf's Den. Great work on these! Check it out in the DQ5DS Dungeon Maps Page.
  8. Thanks to King Zenith for the second Dragon Quest V DS dungeon map, Uptaten Towers. Again great work figuring out how to capture those maps and getting around the overhead view. I guess a good think about not getting any new DQ NA game announcements is it will give King Zenith more time to work on this project Check it out in the DQ5DS Dungeon Maps Page.
  9. Thanks to King Zenith and his cartographer skills, he has completed the first dungeon map from Dragon Quest V DS, Whealbrook Adit. Added a Dungeon Maps page in the DQ 5 DS section to house this map (and hopefully more) Thumbnail Image
  10. Thanks to King Zenith for figuring out how to capture the Dragon Warrior VII overworld map. Never thought anyone would figure out a way to get that map. Great Work! Added to the Overworld - Maps in the Dragon Warrior VII section. Thumbnail:
  11. Thanks to King Zenith for grabbing me the images I was missing for the Notable Quotables that show up on the Den and Forum main pages. Images added are as follows:
  12. #DragonQuest #DQ8ANDIOS Thanks to King Zenith for the batch of 25 screenshots from Dragon Quest VIII mobile for the Android and iOS platforms. I have created a screenshots page and added the images there.
  13. #DragonQuest #DW3GBC -- Thanks to King Zenith for sending in the overworld map from Dragon Warrior III GBC. Created a new Maps - Overworld page to hold the maps. Sample Thumbnail
  14. #DragonQuest #SlimeMoriMori -- Thanks to King Zenith for 2 maps for Slime Mori Mori, I have created a new Maps page for them. Added Nokke Woods and Ul Otter River Thumbnails:
  15. I finally added the last of the artwork that King Zenith had sent me for Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D. Artwork 1 Item Character Art 2 Items Monster Art 6 Items Samples:
  16. #DragonQuest #DQ1andios Thanks to King Zenith for 26 more screenshots from the re-release of Dragon Quest 1 for the Android and iOS devices. These are from the Japanese version of the games, no NA/EU release has been announced yet. New screenshots start at #25 on this page http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq1andios/screenshots.php?tp=screenshot&grp=dq1andios&current=20 Samples:
  17. #slimemorimori - Items for Slime Mori Mori have been added to the Den thanks to King Zenith. Buy/Sell prices, descriptions and images are in the list. Item List
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