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Found 5 results

  1. NESCardinality performed a 1:42:23 speedrun of Dragon Warrior III (glitchless), setting a new world record speedrun for the game's glitchless category. Uses a design flaw in the game that causes the RNG to freeze, so instead of random numbers, it returns incrementing numbers. Saving the game unfreezes the RNG seed, and resets it to the save game's checksum. Changing Message Speed on another file in a specific way will re-freeze the RNG seed. Movement needs to follow the path exactly, sometimes with no pauses, delays, or bumps. In order to prevent an incoming battle, he uses Healing, herbs, or a wizard's ring to advance the RNG past the point of a battle. Specific character stats and inventory setups are also used to get saved game checksums that force metal slime/babble fights after saving the game. RNG freezing bug and general operation discovered by Vaxherd, route planned by airkix, and this run was performed by NESCardinality. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/179611366
  2. Here's a video of Speedrunner NESCardinality beating NES Dragon Warrior II in about 3 hours, setting the world record time. Not a TAS, no save states or re-recording here. Watch him perfectly manipulate the game, fighting only Metal Babbles and killing every one of them. https://www.speedrun.com/run/nz16207m
  3. I'm going to go under the impression that this topic has already been discussed and I'm just late... Honestly, any runner of any Dragon Quest is fine with me. Would someone be a gentlemen and point me in the right direction of more Dragon Quest Speedrunners?
  4. It used to be that I frequently visited speeddemosarchive.com, was practically a daily routine of mine. I seem to have fallen out of that habit, but I sure am glad I looked through the most recent update because it has an entry for the first game of the series. Dragon Quest, that is Or Dragon Warrior, as it was then to those in the states. I haven't watched it yet because it's, like, over four hours long, and I haven't read the runner comments yet neither but since this is SDA I'm gonna assume that the run was made without tool-assistance. It does seem to have been done in ten segments, though, which is understandable given RNG shenanigans. Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I haven't noticed any new topics here calling mention, and it's been up for a week it seems, so hey.
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