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Found 14 results

  1. Goo aftergoo! *slurp* I'm here to let goo know about a challenge run I will be attempting in the following days. Ever wonder what slimy slick shenanigans a goo-man can get to using only a team of three slimes? These ain't no regoolar slimes either. (Or rather, they are.) As I will only be using the regular, blue variant of slime found all over Infant Isle. The drools and objectives are simple: 1. Complete the Joker games using exclusively "Slime" monsters, this means blue, teardrop shaped slimes. No behemoths, cureslimes, or king slimes either. 2. Only synthesize if the result is Slime, or in the case of J2: Slime, Slime X, and Slime XY, as these are essentially early implementations of the rank up system from J3, and are challenging enough to acquire anyway. This means we need the Phoenix Sceptre as fast as possible in order to get new skills. 3. You may scout other monsters, but may never use them in battle, and may only synthesize to acquire new skills for your slimes. 4. The challenge ends once This means completing the final challenge of the game using only 3 slimes. I'm not doing J3 as I do not own a 3DS, but whatever is the final challenge there would be required for completion. I will be updating this thread with progress any time I get the chance, and I might try recording the major fights. BONUS Challenges: 1. Defeat Dr. Snap's first gauntlet using only your 3 slimes. 2. Obtain Slime X or XY as soon as you unlock Dr. Lump. I will be attempting these as well but won't make any promises. DEFEATED BOSSES: J1 Orc Golem Moosifer Great Dragon Demon-at-Arms Belial Ace of Spades Black Dragon Atlas Dr. Snapped Solitaire's Challenge Estark BONUS J1: Dr. Snap Xeroph Gauntlet +_+ Joker 2 coming soon. Let's goo!
  2. I recently restarted DQ9 and fell in love with it all over again. I want to play online with people and trade maps, etc etc. I now have sacrificed the rest of my summer to this game so I'm playing every chance I get (4-6 Hrs/day). I'm still in the story but that should be completed sooner than later! Lemme know if you wanna trade FC's and we can get gaming my friends!
  3. MohawkGaymer

    Sad Chocobo

    From the album: DQB launch event - London

    This chocobo is wearing a slime hat
  4. So, I finally managed to play this game, it's pretty good ! and quite easy, like the ds and gba games. i even got half thru the game without even knowing japanese, but then, the ninja metal slimes (from the previous games) give you "missions", and if you want to continue you have to complete them. And I dont know what they want me to do because I dont know japanese.(I barely know english, lol) actually got one down, beat the first boss again, but i cant do the other 2... anyone know what these tasks are ? i even got screens of the game in japanese if anyone know how to translate them properly (Not with google translate, please, i have tried.) here are the photos :
  5. So... I'm well over 130 hours into my DQIX game and I've yet to see a Metal King Slime (my Defeated Monster list is at about 81%). I'm aware they can be found on Slime Hill and up in the Tower of Nod (as well as high level grottoes, but I haven't had any luck with those), but I've run into more monsters than I can count and haven't found one. And to top it off, Liquids are getting less and less effective as my levels get up in the 90s. I know there's a plethora of you knowledgeable people on here, so I'd like to ask for some tips... as in, where have you found Metal King Slimes before? Which monsters did you run into when you found them? What were/are your farming tactics? (So far I've been running around on Slime Hill and mostly training on Liquid Metals, since they're the best I can get for now.) I know, you're all gonna say "Well, 130 hours isn't much, so be patient." I don't play this game as much as a lot of you do. The one game I had the most time in was over 400 hours in Pokemon Black version. But I don't spend tons of time in games, though I'm not a quick-complete player either. And if patience is what it requires, fine. I'm good with it. Just list out all the tips you guys have. And just so you all know, I don't have any grottoes with MKS in them, and I highly doubt I'd be able to get one from someone else. So although I know grottoes with only MKS on a floor are great, they're quite rare... (My highest is level 78, and I've gotten Ruby ranks and all that, so don't think I just haven't been getting decent grottoes.)
  6. Hello! New here! I'm looking to buy the Slime coalescence (?) plush at a good reasonable price. I'm not sure of the actual name of it. There is one listed on eBay as Slime coalescence plush but it's at a crazy price of $550!!!! Another eBay seller I asked had one for $150 which I think is still way too much. It looks like 8 Slimes stuck together in a pyramid shape. I noticed there are two versions of this plush. One is made out of a shiny material and the other one is a regular plush material. I'm looking for both. Not sure the value or worth of this plush but I'm hoping I can get it for a lot less. Thanks for looking! And thanks to anyone who is able to help!
  7. momoslime


    From the album: Caravan Heart Concept Art

    © http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqm3gba/dqm3gba_manual.pdf

  8. JessicaAlbert13

    Bitch Slap

    From the album: DQ Doo-das

    Terry just got $#!&@ slapped by a slime!
  9. JessicaAlbert13

    Slime Logic

    From the album: DQ Doo-das

    Slime attack # 871: Transforming into a flying blue pancake
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