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Found 1 result

  1. Dragon Quest Discography / Soundtrack Collection I spent about a month collecting all the Dragon Quest music. I had to sign up for sites in Japan and China, and had to download a Chinese downloader, which took me quite a while to figure out my login details, and then after downloading found out a lot were password protected, so had to search Google in Chinese for the password. So hopefully this is all of them, I noticed other threads were incomplete and had dead links. As far as I could see from RPGFan and VGMDB this should be all of them, if anybody sees any missing let me know. Big thanks to those on here that uploaded some of them, like ChucklesProduction, and to people on Baidu.com and pan.baidu.com for posting a lot of the missing ones, and to the people on Niconico www.nicovideo.jp for posting the CD Theaters, and to the FFShrine at http://forums.ffshrine.org, they had the majority of them. Dragon Quest Soundtracks 146 files 19.68gb Dragon Quest Firedrop links --Firedrop Folders-- Dragon Quest Mega links --Complete Folder-- Dragon Quest I Dragon Quest II Dragon Quest I-II Dragon Quest III Dragon Quest IV Dragon Quest V Dragon Quest VI Dragon Quest VII Dragon Quest VIII Dragon Quest IX Dragon Quest X Dragon Quest in Brass Collections Dragon Quest In Concert Dragon Quest on Electone Dragon Quest Monsters Dragon Quest on Piano Dragon Quest Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest Symphonic Suites Dragon Quest Torneko - Taloon Collections Dragon Quest Wind Ensemble Dragon Quest CD Theater Dragon Quest Anime TV OST Dragon Quest Best Dance Mix Dragon Quest Best Live Symphonic Suite - Music Treasure Box Dragon Quest Best Songs Selection - Loula Dragon Quest Game Music Super Collection Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime Soundtrack Dragon Quest Jipangu World Dragon Quest March Dragon Quest Legend Dragon Quest String Quartet Dragon Quest Swords - The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors Dragon Quest Young Yangus' Mysterious Dungeon PS2 Dragon Quest Theatrhythm Nintendo 3DS Itadaki Street DS - Dragon Quest Super Mario Fortune Street Wii
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