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Found 23 results

  1. Added fish with locations and images - https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqbuilders2/fish.php Added Monsters Befriendable List -https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqbuilders2/monster_befriendable.php Added Monsters Drop List - https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqbuilders2/monster_drops.php Added Tablet Targets List - https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqbuilders2/tablet_targets.php Monsters lists have the images I have so far in my Bestiary, if anyone has any of the missing ones send them my way.
  2. hey folks, long time no see! on a whim over these past couple of days i wrote up a little program that can create a randomized version of Dragon Warrior Monsters 2. it can change where monsters spawn/you get in events (for example, you could start off with any monster) and it can even change the characteristics of the monsters themselves. it's pretty simple to use, just check the README if you have any difficulties. enjoy and please let me know if you have any feedback! (note that it requires you already own a ROM file of either DWM2 game.) link to download the program: https://www.dropbox.com/s/88mledpaslua2i3/DWM2Randomizer_v1_0.zip?dl=0 update: it looks like a much more comprehensive randomizer was created by "TheCowness". here's the link: https://github.com/TheCowness/DWM2Randomizer
  3. I have uploaded the 3DS monsters to a new page/section for the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq113ds/monsters.php I did my best to visually match up the monsters with the PS4 versions and name them properly, but it looks like there are some that exist in the 3DS version that didn't exist in the PS4 version (and some I may have missed getting bug-eyed comparing images). If anyone finds any errors, or matches any of the Unknown ones up with a recent translated name let me know.
  4. Hi does anyone have a folder with all the Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Victory DLCs? I am not sure if the DLC's are still purchasable anymore List of DLCs here http://dragonquest.wikia.com/wiki/Downloadable_content#Dragon_Quest_Monster_Battle_Road_Victory_.28Japan_Only.29
  5. OK so I wanted to start a thread where folks can share their fan-made monsters. I did a quick precursory search to make sure there wasn't something like this already (but i could've missed something ) Y'all can post descriptions, drawings, character sheets, whatever. I wanna see the creativity of this fanbase
  6. Hello! Here are some dragon quest monster edits in GBC-style: You can use them in anything you want, just give credit and don't steal! I'll be adding and making more as time passes. Also, I'm open to monster-edit requests.
  7. I posted this to Reddit a while ago but realized that people on this forum might find use for it. Whilst playing through DQV recently I had to refer to guides a lot for recruitment rates and such, so I made a chart. http://imgur.com/HXJf5sV
  8. Does anyone here play the mobile version of monster parade? It's all Japanese, but the recent update features multiplayer so I was wondering if anyone's playin it. It used to be all auto parade (couldn't command moves), but now you can control your own monster and play with up to 4 players. The graphics are pretty nice too. I usually play it on blue stacks cause it flows better, but I don't see any problems playing on my iphone so it shouldn't crash or anything (just a little laggy) I think I'm starting to like this more than super lite. http://www.dokodemo-dqmp.jp/
  9. http://an.sqexm.net/sp/site/Page/sqmk/wanted/top?ml https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.square_enix.android_googleplay.dqmw&hl=en Just posting links to this, since I didn't see any topics of it. Seems like it had a monthly fee, but now it's free. I can't test it myself, since I'm on a stock Kindle Fire HD, but hopefully you guys can check it out.
  10. Some advice please. Which monsters in my possession have good potential? Which of these are able to become SS in future updates?
  11. Hello, I can't seem to access my monster farm from the phone app anymore. I have been having an issue for a few weeks now. Been putting this off for too long, since I thought I could find someone from the den in game who could answer this for me without making a thread. So, I finally found a way to take screenshots from my android phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) Yeah, I don't use the iphone version of this app like most of you do. So anyway, I have a few screenshots below (sorry that they are HUGE lol) This is like my profile on the app I think. May have some hint as to why I can't connect to my farm? Thought it wouldn't hurt to add to the thread. This is the message I get after I click on the slime dude on the 2nd tab, which is supposed to load and take me to my farm. This is basically the main error message that appears when I try to load into my monster farm :'( This is where it takes me after I hit OK. This is like asking me to buy something. If I hit the first option, it takes me to the next screenshot. Hitting the 2nd option makes this window go away. Ok, here is where I start to believe that the android version of this app now requires a paid subscription. Here is where you pro japanese readers come in. At least tell me it's a one time fee... Anyways, thanks in advance to anyone who resolves this for me. I really wanna get back to my farm, as a ton of people from the den have fed my pets every day and I am unable to return the favor :/ -Remina (Pink haired elf girl priest)
  12. When I started playing Dragon Warrior II a few years back I tried to draw all the monsters as I fought them. As you can see, I didn't get very far. I drew a few more of them, up to the Orc, I think, but only scanned and colored a few. I took the pallet directly from the sprites. I love the old 8 bit sprites because they are just detailed enough to give you an idea of what the enemy looks like, but not so detailed that you can't use your own imagination, which was a lot of fun when I was analyzing those pixels.
  13. Warning: contains spoilers for DQM: Joker. Proceed at your own risk! One more Joker challenge! Crazy one this time. The idea came from Ignasia7 (thanks buddy!). And here are the rules: 1. Only one monster in active party 2. Reset upon death 3. Party can only contain Slimes (regular blue droplet shaped gooey) To make the challenge less of time sink and more fun, I've decided to use 8x EXP cheat. It doesn't really make the game easier, just cuts time on grinding and re-leveling after synthesis. A few words about Slimes. High stat caps, but terrible growths. Can equip whips, that's great! No resistances, but also no weaknesses. Critical massacre, not very reliable, but better than nothing, I guess... Since there are no recipes for Slime, I'm stuck with the first one I scout and its skillsets until Palaish shrine, where I will get Phoenix scepter. It's not as bad, though. Slimer skillset has Heal, Frizz and Zap. Will do for a while. I started it as soon as I heard about the idea. Here we go! --- Sk8erpunq's log, 9/5/2014, 9:05PM >First entry: Infant and Xeroph isles (1:03:24 on the clock) >Monster: Slime (Rocket) I named the scout Solo, then chose Mischievous mole as starter (not that it matters anyway). Upon reaching Infant Isle, I scouted first Slime I encountered and put it in the active party (sent the mole to subs). Named it Rocket. Both Isles were quite easy. Thanks to 8x EXP code I almost wasn't forced to grind. Bought Leather Whip for regular encounters, kept midboss Orc's drop - Sacred spear for bosses. Even though Rocket was level 17-20, it still received some minor damage from regular enemies. Reached Xeroph shrine at level 21. The boss, Golem, kept doing 29-32 damage, which was quickly remedied with Medicinal Herbs. Fortunately it didn't Psyche up more than once. Took more than ten of turns to take it down. Stay tuned! Next: Palaish Isle&Shrine.
  14. Warning: contains spoilers for DQM: Joker. Proceed at your own risk! I've decided to start September with a challenge: beat Joker with a single monster (synthesis acceptable). There are two rules: at any point in the game, I'm allowed to have exactly one monster in active party and if this monster dies, I have to reset the game. In case anyone is interested or wants do so the same in future, I've decided to keep sort of log of it. A few years ago I tried similar run with more restrictive rule: no scouting. I made it to Palaish shrine, where the challenge became impossible. --- Sk8erpunq's log, 9/4/2014, 2:38AM >First entry: Infant, Xeroph, Palaish and Infern (9 hours on the clock) >Monster: Mischievous Mole -> Sheslime -> Great Sabrecub -> Gryphon -> Archdemon -> Jamirus As starting monster I chose Mischievous Mole, good physical attacker with Psycho. Named it Solo. Thanks to ability to Psyche up, midboss of Xeroph and boss of Xeroph shrine were quite easy. All healing had to be made with Medicinal Herbs. Infant isle was a breeze, Xeroph required some grinding (about 2h I'd say). After beating Xeroph shrine I synthed Solo it with Healslime to get Sheslime. Decent stats all-round, Frizzmaister, Immune to Frizz and can equip whips to boot! I gave her Healer, Attack Boost and Frizz&Zap. Heal is an absolute must. You'll go crazy without it. Buff is very nice too, when you face three durable monsters or try scouting. I took only Frizz from Frizz&Zap, good for Shellslimes with their constant Buffing. All the rest went into Attack boost. Snakeskin whip made first part of Palaish Isle (the 'kill X Slimes in Y time twice' thing) and then grinding (I had to grind Solo to level 20 to beat the boss of Palaish shrine) quite bearable. I reached Celeste with level 21 Sheslime and this is where the fun begins. There are many traits that are just great in solo run: Counterstriker, Early Bird, Magic Miser/Scrooge, Magic Regenerator, Master of weapons (or ability to wield whips), Steady recovery, Psycho and finally Double Trouble. I chose Double Trouble (if I ever do the same run, I'll ban it, too OP). The best early DT monster is Jamirus. To make it, I needed Dark Slime Knight. They are extremely hard to scout even for a full party (I remember getting about 3% with decent party at that point). What now? If you see this, write 'I like slimes' at the bottom of your message The solution is Psycho trait. I synthed Sheslime with Jailcat (from Palaish shrine) to receive Great sabrecub, with which I scouted Lesser Demon, Lethal Armour, Dark Slime Knight and Flyguy. Then it was just a matter of grinding and synthesizing over and over for 4-5h to get Jamirus: Great Sabrecub (with Phoenis Septer) + Lethal Armour = Great Sabrecub Great Sabrecub + Lesser Demon = Gryphon Gryphon + Dark Slime Knight = Archdemon Archdemon + Flyguy = Jamirus I got rid of Frizz&Zap, replaced it with Frizz&Bang2 (from Archdemon) and invested 10 point to get two elemental slashes (cheap way to get 10% damage boost and for exploiting weaknesses). Attack Boost became Attack Boost3. Healer will remain on Solo eternally. You think that's overkill? Remember about incoming fight with Snap, which you are not supposed to win even with full party! And since I have 'no dying' rule... Stay tuned. Next: Celeste shrine.
  15. For personal entertainment/out of boredom, I made transparent PNGs of art from the Caravan Heart Manual (the PDF you have on the main site). I did all the character art, plus the slime, but I could easily do the other monsters, too. Would you be interested in having a "concept art" section, and/or can I have permission to use these on outside websites (mainly my blog)? Thanks! -cannockprincess P.S. I will post the art if you guys want me to/give me permission. The PDF file belongs to the Dragon's Den, so I didn't want to accidentally rip someone off.
  16. Hello fellow dragon quest/dragon warrior fans, The remake for dragon warrior monsters 2 was just announced, but the problem with a lot of dragon warrior/quest monster games is that they stay in Japan. There are 4 notable games that have not been translated to English and will most likely never become translated, unless we the fans demand it. These 4 games are: Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional - ds (Only released in Japan in 2011) Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D - 3DS (only released in Japan in 2012) Dragon Quest Heroes Rocketslime 2 - 3DS (only released in Japan in 2011 and also known as Slime MoriMori Dragon Quest 3: Taikaizoku to Shippo Dan) Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Wonderful Mysterious Keys (Release date TBA. Not known yet if we will get this or not) http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2013/07/dragon_quest_monsters_2_remake_coming_to_3ds_in_japan I want to at least get Square Enix to localize the new Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Remake, but I need your help. I made a petition that, if enough people sign, will be sent to Square Enix, with the hopes of the Dragon Quest Monsters 2 remake game being localized (and the others too if we're lucky). PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND SHARE IT EVERYWHERE!!!! http://www.change.org/petitions/square-enix-of-america-europe-localize-dragon-quest-monsters-2-iru-and-luca-s-wonderful-mysterious-keys The facebook group is here: https://www.facebook.com/dragonquestmosters2remake Also contact square enix directly, and tell them that you want these games localized!!! support@square-enix-usa.com philrogers@square-enix.com ~Thank you everyone, let's make this happen!
  17. I've been thinking that there's not (yet) a bestiary that indicates the monster's Hp, Mp, attack, deffense, etc. Nor even a monster list! i think that for now we could do a list of monsters we encounter in each zone. I've played as a Puklipo (level 12 only, because the european timing is horrible) and i've screenshot some monsters: REGULAR MONSTER: BOSSES: What do you think guys?
  18. MadMoai

    Titanis sketch

    From the album: Moai's Dragon Quest Drawings

    Some ram bat thing. I still haven't come up with a name for mine. :|
  19. MadMoai

    Sea dragon

    From the album: Moai's Dragon Quest Drawings

    Drawing of my sea dragon, Alma.
  20. MadMoai

    Gryphon sketch

    From the album: Moai's Dragon Quest Drawings

    Not-so-quick drawing of a gryphon (sailess) that made me tired of drawing wings. :<
  21. Okay i have/am going to have 5 giant monsters and i was wondering what would be good skills for each they currently have >Khalamari -Thunderwind slashes (miracle slash) -Bang & Zam 3 -Healer -Khalamari -Wisdom b3 >Orochi -Orochi -Empyrea -Attack b3 -Defense b3 -Wisdom b3 >Estark (i have not ever fused him so his skills suck) -Estark -Blade blunter ward >Saggittar i am working on making him >Canzar will make after Saggittar Thanks in advance
  22. I was having a lot of fun playing this game even though it's not in English (and I can't translate Japanese), but once I beat the Ice World I'm totally lost. Has anyone else played this before? I would wait for that translation to come out, but it's been years since they started that... Anyways, there's some guard blocking the stairs to the king's chamber and name changer. And Warubou is sitting on top of the stairs to the Magic Door. So I'm stuck. I can't train and I can't figure out how to progress. I think I have to beat the S rank tournament, but I was dumb and bred a couple of my strongest monsters right when I cleared the Ice World so there's literally no chance of me winning (I did beat C and B though). Does anyone know where I could find an unofficial walkthrough for this game? There are a bunch on Gamefaqs and stuff for the GBC version, but no PSX. Even if it were in Japanese that would be a huge a help. -EDIT- I just figured it out. If anyone wants to know, you have to check all the pots in town and give your mother a sirloin or something, then check a bottle on the beach, then the top left bookcase in the library, then the lower right pillar in the arena, then the slide that goes down the tree, theeeeeen check the straw where the Dream Egg goes.
  23. I was wondering what the best team to make for scouting purposes is. I've been getting irritated by synthing and grinding over and over for monsters I could scout. I want to know everyone's thoughts on the best team for scouting monsters. Obviously psycho, oomph, and high attack but pro talent scout can be helpful as well. Don't forget to keep in mind the survive ability in case the need for scouting strong monsters that can actually do damage to your team arrives.
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