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Found 4 results

  1. What are some Japanese names for characters, objects, and locations you prefer over the official English ones? Hassan > Carver Rand > Buddy Roto > Erdrick (Still a cool name though) Kandata > Robbin' 'Ood (WTF is this name) Flora > Nera
  2. Greetings DQ fans! I've been doing some research with Square Enix Support in an effort to get Dragon Quest X localized. I've had some pretty good success so far. Square Enix communicated to me that if they see enough support tickets requesting Dragon Quest X, they will consider the localization. They have been very helpful and even offered to put me in contact with their developers, so this campaign has some realistic weight to it. What I will need you to do is go to the Square Enix support page for any Dragon Quest game (for example, here's the one for Dragon Quest IX https://t.co/7wtaGp04gN ) and create a support ticket. Here are the steps: 1. For Contact category choose Products & Services and for Contact Sub-Category choose Product Specifications. 2. Enter a subject line under contact details, and keep it to under 40 characters. For example: "DQX". 3. Hit Next. On the next page, hit Next again. Now choose Proceed to Email Support. 4. Enter in your contact information. Enter your email address twice. If you plan on creating multiple support tickets, please use a different email address per support ticket. 5. In 4000 characters or less, write a polite message to support asking for Dragon Quest X's localization. Once you submit your ticket draft you can preview it or edit it. Once you are satisfied, click Submit. Please keep the message focused on Dragon Quest X for this campaign. If this experiment works then we can try focusing on other DQ games in the future. We can really do this! Thank you for your support. SomaQZ
  3. Hello! Let me first introduce myself and give a little background on my passion for the Dragon Quest series. I am SomaQz aka Robert. I have been a fan of DQ since I was 4 years old. The first game taught me how to read! Now let's get to the goo'd stuff...(slime pun) Square Enix recently came out saying they will consider localizing DQX if enough fans expressed interest in it. I immediately called them and learned I was the first! The representative told me the best way for them to get a measure of interest was for each of us to go to the Square Enix support site and create a ticket (email support) under any Dragon Quest title saying we are interested in DQX being localized. Here is a link to do just that https://support.na.s...hp?id=1420&la=1Istarted a campaign via Twitter to spread the word. You can follow me here: https://twitter.com/SomaQz Also, Square Enix told me petitions only count as 1 interest regardless of how many signatures they receive. This is why the email support is the best way. They did say they would count anyone who calls also but that would be harder to keep track of on a large scale. I am happy to join Dragon's Den and be a part of the Dragon Quest community! I am currently enjoying Dragon Quest VII on 3ds and looking forward to DQ Builders!
  4. So lately I downloaded a copy of a fan translation by RPGONE of the Super Famicom game "Dragon Quest I + II". I was especially excited to hear that there were two versions offered with one supposedly using more direct translated names and such from the original Japanese game. I was honestly hoping that this translation would stick to the unique spell names that are found in the Dragon Quest series such as Hoimi, Ruura, Gira, Begirama, etc... But was disappointed that it didn't. Ever since my highschool days in '92, when studying Japanese and the release of Dragon Quest V for Super Famicom coincided, I have slowly but surely been playing my way through the Japanese games and found the unique spell names of that series to be really fun and rewarding to learn. It seems to me like that series' original intent (or I could be wrong) was to present a fun challenge to its players with these names. It's like learning a magical language of curious words that all carry their own weight like "Megante"... this isn't a Japanese word... it's not an English word... It's a Dragon Quest word and Japanese players of that game totally know what it means. I find it depressing that it had to be watered down to be called "Sacrifice" in the earlier games and then from depressing to ridiculous that it was translated into a misspelled Japanese word "Kamikazee" (err... do you mean "Kamikaze"?!?) in the new DS games' localization. So yeah, all that ramble aside... Does anyone know of any fan-translations of the old games that stick to the original spell names in their rom-hacks or such? It's been on my mind so much lately I've almost thought about digging into the subject of rom-hacking myself to go in and alter text of the old NES games like Dragon Warrior to reflect the original character names, original town names, and more importanly... original spell names!! Still, before I try doing something like that, I'd like to know I'm not treading over previously worn ground here. I do know some fan translations like the Dragon Quest Dai no Dai Bouken comics maintain the original spell names as seen here (where Pop mentions the spell "Merazouma") but I haven't come across any games yet that kept those names in.
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