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Found 1 result

  1. About 20 years ago, the 3DO company/New World Computing released a spin off from the Might and Magic RPG series that eventually became more popular than the main series. Heroes of Might and Magic is a turn based strategy game. There's two game universes due to 3do's bankruptcy. Heroes I through IV, and then Heroes V/VI. Most of you know the game series. Story and Atmosphere - B - I'm about 2/3 in. The story isn't bad, but it's generally a bridge between the maps. Combat and Play Control - A- - You know the system. Your army can shoot, fly, or walk and hit. Theirs can do the same. Bugs - F- - F minus. I have never had this many crashes in a game. Every battle has a chance to crash. Every time I enter a town or fort can cause a crash. If I don't remove a dynasty item before saving, I'm handicapping my character because spells cost that much more. Patches didn't help much. Pathfinding does just the opposite of what it should do. If I released a product of this quality to my customers, I'd be out of business. Difficulty - D - The game difficulty in and of itself is adjustable. The D is the artifical difficulty due to the bugs. Save often. Every time you enter a town could end up being a crash. Every battle could end up being a crash. Length - B - These are long games. Some of the maps take a long time to finish. As the next map uses the main character for the previous map, it encourages grinding to the level cap along with finding all the stats increases. Price - F - For $29.99, I bought it when it was $29.99 and two years after its release. For that much, I expect a good product. It is, when it f'ing works. Whomever is in charge of quality control needs to be FIRED. Overall - F - I've never played a game this buggy in my life. It wrecks the game. Bioware has nothing on this. Knights of the Old Republic has nothing on this. Unless the bugs are solved in Heroes VII, I will skip that game when I finish VI. This game would have been at least a B if it wasn't buggy. If you've seen the TV show Bar Rescue and Jon Taffer, I'll paraphrase his quotes. "This is what failure looks like! Shut it the (bleep) down, now!" What sucks is that the game itself would be a good game if there was any level of quality control. There enough to really suck me in and to try and maneuvre around these crashes. Every once in awhile I keep trying. I recommend playing Heroes V instead for new players to the series. If you can handle the dated graphics, Heroes III is probably the best of the series and you can find that cheap on good old games.
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