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Found 2 results

  1. I got a month subscription to gamefly - with one game in mind: Fortune Street. Monster Hunter Tri (second on my list) arrived first; so I decided to add a second disk to my subscription plan - just to get Fortune Street out the door and sent to me. Well, I got it today -- and I pretty much spent all day playing it. It's so good -- and addictive. The matches are fun, cleaver, and challenging (but not impossible!) - and they go on for hours! I knew what I was expecting to find - I just didn't think I'd like it that much! I'm not big on math, or the stock market -- but the game really makes it easy to get into it and get use to the gameplay. What I found most useful where the AI Characters you play against in single player - seeing their strategies helped teach me different ways I could play. (Like not dipping into you're stocks until you need more money.) After the tutorial, I played 3 matches - and am in the middle of one. I won only one of them, but I'm holding my own on the DQ8 Stage. I strikes me how useful the licensed characters in the game are -- as they bring to life and give an energy to what would otherwise be just a numbers game. I also found it cute, the interactions the characters have with you. It was pretty weird when Mario got hopping mad at me, when I forcibly took over his property ^_^ Anyway - I decided to just buy the game (keep it, instead sending it back). Cost $40 - so I got a fair price, considering I had already spent money renting the game to begin with. I heard they are thinking of bringing Fortune Street to mobile phones as well. It's sort of shocking, feeling the same kind of excitement the game has obviously engendered to fans in Japan, since 1991. I don't know how this game is doing over all in sales -- but Nintendo are Square seem adequately satisfied with the performance of the DQ series in general. (I heard Nintendo considers the Dragon Quest games a "evergreen" titles; not seeing big sales at first, but having consistent sales numbers long after the release.) So I think Fortune Street has a good chance of at least making a niche audience. And anyway - Mario's on the package, he always equals money.
  2. I've been playing Fortune Street a lot these past few weeks. I finally unlocked the Dragon Quest/Mario mode - and managed, by the skin of my teeth, to access course after course. It got really hard when the winning position became #1, and nothing else. Anyway - so I was on the Colossus level. I played through it 2 times today. First Princess Peach kicked my butt, and then Kyril dominated the second match. On my third match? Alena was winning - and I was perpetually in 4th place. Alena had built up two completely dominated districts, right next to each other on the island to the right. If you ended up over there, there was only her stores to hit on. And, of course, they where getting really, really expensive. Just as Alena was reaching around 18000, with me only having 9000 - I suddenly knew how to turn this all around. I used a trick I learned from seeing the Dragon Lord perform in a previous level -- if you share a stock with you're enemy, you can devalue it. So I began devaluing Alena's earnings. That method isn't that easy, or always effective -- but at the highest levels, with me having 55 stocks, and her having 200 -- devaluing really worked. I also found that Peach was very willing to pay 1000s of gold to gain houses I had, so she could gain market dominance over them. (She was so far behind, it didn't matter if she got those districts to herself) I kept doing this - surprising myself with how willing she was to spend 1000 each time for multiple houses. It seemed like the rest of the game kept going my way, more and more. I was a hairs breath away from earning enough, and getting to the finish line. This being my third play-though, I didn't want to leave things totally to chance. I made a save of the game - and it's good thing I did. Twice I ended up on Alena's market dominated island, and twice I found myself rolling the die directly onto her largest and most expensive place. How expensive? It was over 10000!!! So I kept reloading, and trying again. Most of the time Alena was trapped over on her island - so that gave me a lot of time to get the remaining suits I needed, to get to the goal and level up to 20000. And most of the time I was doing pretty good -- but, again, that looming 10000 shop kept getting in my way. The tension this game was creating was really something else! I might not be gambling money - - but I am gambling wether my time is being wasted. I simply refused to have to go through this course for a 4th time, just so I could unlock the final course. After the 3ed or 4th attempt, I finally managed to reach the finish line with 2000 gold. For game centered around finances - this is a pretty kick-ass game!
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