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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone. This is my first time posting here (and the reason I came here, actually). I'd like to have your help in figuring something out. A TCRF user by the name of punk7890 has discovered a way to swap Trode with almost any model in Tryan Gully. To give you a better understanding, if you unpack the game's .DAT archive, you'll find a chara folder, which contains all non-event models, including the monsters and the NPC's. I was testing various models which can be swapped and found a bunch of interesting characters. I'll include the pictures and their model names below. Apologies for the black/white bars in some of the screenshots. I took them from PCSX2. While I remember most of the NPC's from DQ8, I'm not sure if those are used anywhere in the game. They might be from the previous installments, but I don't know any of them except for Torneko and Ragnar cameos, which can be found in the Monster Arena. Could you help me figure it out?
  2. Hey everyone so I haven't been around since the time of Fortune Street which was...2014? I've been playing latest entries such as Dragon Quest 7, and the new 3ds DQ8(about time I had the opportunity to play this!). I recall there being "badges" you can earn. I tried looking for topics about this, but I didn't find anything after searching. Is there a badge, how do you earn/get it? I recall doing something with a picture for fortune street(still in my pictures), but what about these?
  3. The recent release of Dragon Quest 8 for iOS and Android devices is upon us and it's time for another quick badge grab! All you have to do to win this contest is purchase Dragon Quest VIII for your Mobile device, and BAM! A badge is yours. Proof of purchase is required and there are a number of ways that you can do that. Show proof by: 1) Showing an image of your app purchase history with Dragon Quest 8 in there 2) Taking a picture of your mobile device with Dragon Quest 8 loaded, and your Dragon's Den Username somewhere in the image as well (see below for additional requirement for this option) 3) Starting a new game file with your D-Den username as the character name, and taking a screenshot in-game somewhere that shows your name Your proof of purchase can be posted right here in this thread if you like, or you can PM me if you would rather. If you are having a hard time figuring out how to provide your proof of purchase, just post a message in here and we can help you out. Also, if you go for option 2 above, you will need to ask me first to provide you with an in-game scenario for where the picture should be taken. This will help safeguard against people just finding a screenshot of the game online and showing that picture on their phone as "proof". For example, I might ask you to have your character get really close to the bunny girl in Farebury before you take the picture. So don't delay! Run, don't walk to your nearest app store and grab a copy right now!
  4. Made some new progress on the DQ8 Mapping tools and I think I am finally ready to start actually producing stuff. It's going to be a pretty big job I think, but I am really hoping the end result will both look nice and be useful. So, what is the EBLASTOR? That is the stupid name I came up with for my method of ripping this DQ8 map. It stands for Empyrea-Based Low-Altitude Scanning TopopgraphinatOR. A year or so ago I showed some results from my first crack at it, and while I was pretty happy with it then, I think things have gotten better since. Here is a quick look at the OLD CRAPPY RESULTS, which have now been improved upon (I believe): Old Crappy Map Sample: --> That sample shows a bit of Argonia near the bottom and leads up to Arcadia near the top. It actually looks ok if you are zoomed out, but when viewing it at 100% scale, it looks grainy and really pixelated. With some tweaks to the process and an increased internal resolution rendering, I am starting to get better results and here is a quick sample (unfortunately not of the same area), showing what I believe to be improved detail and overall higher quality: New Not-As-Crappy-Sample: --> This sample shows Ascantha and the Mole Hole in the southern portion of the image, and then you can see just a sliver of the Tower of Alexandria as you look further north. It's not perfect since you can still see a hint of pixelation, but I think this is as close as I can get, and frankly, I think it's good enough. Last night I started production in earnest on this, by setting up Empyrea to fly north in a slightly-off-cardinal orbit starting on the western edge of the map. With this set-up, she will make vertical strips that have 50% side-lap by the time she returns to the same latitude after crossing the "north pole". This orbiting pattern means I don't have to control her flight and I don't ever have to try to match up adjacent strips, which is incredibly hard to do as her flight direction is very "touchy". Videos are recorded as she flies and she is set at the lowest altitude that she is capable of, giving the highest resolution and lowest perspective distortion possible with this approach. The videos are then dumped to frames which are passed into my mapping tool for strip making and mosaic. So, there you have it. I made this topic to hopefully keep me motivated to continue on this, as I sometimes burn out on longer projects like this one. I hope to post more progress as it is made.
  5. Hello everybody. I'm nearing the end of a project that I've been working on and wanted to share some info about it with you all. The TLDR version - I've extracted the cut-scenes from Dragon Quest 8, and stitched them into a 'movie', so to speak. Information About The Project (Original Post) Episode 1 - Sight Unseen (added 7-22-14) Episode 2 - Between Two Fires (added 7-23-14) Episode 3 - Children of the Gods (added 7-26-14) Episode 4 - Past and Present (added 7-30-14) Episode 5 - Fair Game (added 7-31-14) Episode 6 - Window of Opportunity (added 8-1-14) Episode 7 - Threshold (added 8-3-14) Episode 8 - The Ties That Bind (added 8-4-14) Episode 9 - The Enemy Within (added 8-6-14) Episode 10 - Bloodlines (added 8-6-14) Episode 11 - Maternal Instinct (added 8-7-14) Episode 12 - Rite of Passage (added 8-9-14) Episode 13 - Enigma (added 8-14-14) Episode 14 - Absolute Power (added 8-17-14) Episode 15 - Revelations (added 8-19-14) Episode 16 - Last Stand (added 8-23-14) Episode 17 - Birthright (added 8-28-14)
  6. Hi all. I've been working on a project and replaying DQ8 on PCSX2. Quite randomly I stumbled upon this glitch...where the Hero walks underwater I extracted a video and posted it on Youtube to share (see below). Anyone else stumble upon it before? I wonder if it's something PCSX2-exclusive, or if it happens on a PS2 (mine is put up in storage), or if it was just my copy of the game. Hm...and how about the mobile version? I'm nowhere near far enough in the mobile game to test that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcT5HGjNrqg
  7. From the album: DQ Doo-das

    It's funny because their children get married in the future.
  8. JessicaAlbert13

    Lovin' DQ VIII

    From the album: DQ Doo-das

    A cute pic I found on haru.pocot.net/illust/index.html
  9. From the album: DQ Doo-das

    original game poster
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