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Found 1 result

  1. I was talking about Dragon Quest IV to a friend of mine. I say 'friend' but I use the term loosely for this friend is not a friend of Dragon Quest. This friend is a Final Fantasy nerd. Now I am not against Final Fantasy... completely. I enjoyed Final Fantasy 4. I actually own Final Fantasy 1, 2, 4, and 9. But I only enjoyed Final Fantasy 4. FF 1, 2, and 4 I completed, 9 just scarred me mentally. Tried FF10, spent a month in the hospital. So in my discussion with this 'friend' we were comparing FF and DQ. I was talking about Final Fantasy 10 and how much failure it invoked. He agreed that FF 10 was terrible but he had played and enjoyed 7 and 8. Really, if you only like TWO games out of the series, you're not a true fan of the series. That's what I think anyways. But I asked his opinion of Dragon Quest and he said he had only tried one game. That game was Dragon Quest IV...and he had nothing nice to say. He was very rude! Saying how the game had no story and that it was a farce! He said a game has to have a strong story in order for him to get into it. Just look at how much the Japanese love Dragon Quest IV! And Dragon Quest IV has one of the most poignant villains ever, Psaro! And who doesn't love Torneko, he had THREE spin-off games. THREE. What Final Fantasy character has spin-offs? CHOCOBOS that's who! GIANT YELLOW CHICKENS! Torneko's wife should make her hubby a chicken salad for his daily lunch.... Sure, the English translation had those crazy accents and party talk was removed but with a game guide beside me I loved Dragon Quest IV! The game guide had more character bios and town bios and stuff. And the game guide helped me get Psaro in my party. Dragon Quest IV isn't my favorite but I still love it! I love Eliza even as a female hero! Which says things about me that will take another topic discussion.... So what's your thoughts, Dragon Den dwellers? Is Dragon Quest IV a good game or weak? Would you rather play FF 4 or DQ IV? Me, personally DQ IV. (and for some reason with DQ I always use roman numerals, any other game just numbers, weird habit of mine)
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