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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone! Just joined your fine message board community today and would like to chronicle my quest through Dragon Warrior III, which I've never experienced before! To introduce myself, I'm TriforceBun. I'm a huge fan of all things Nintendo, to the point where I made a webcomic for over six years. It's called Brawl in the Family, and it's all wrapped up now but I'm still doing podcasts for it. I also am an indie game developer; I made the game Tadpole Treble on Steam, which will be hitting the Wii U eShop in just over a week! Enough about me. Time to talk Dragon Quest! I've played the entire series except 3, 7, and 10--the latter for obvious reasons (as I live in the US), and 7 will be rectified in September, so now's the time to play through 3! I've already put in a good 15 or so hours (per my estimation) to this game, and I'm very impressed so far. I'll be using this thread to chronicle my thoughts and adventures as I continue through; I love the series and I'm excited to be able to finally try out this classic game with fresh eyes! PART 1: HITTING THE HIGH SEAS To bring everyone up to speed, I'd gotten the ship a couple hours ago and have been exploring. While filling in my map--always an enjoyable task in these games--I stumbled upon the prerequisite RPG eastern-style town, Zipangu. Everyone's in a tizzy about some sort of sacrifice, and said sacrifice seems to be hiding in a pot in someone's basement. The village leader was brusque about things, so I decided to march outta there hoping to find clues elsewhere. It sounds like I needed to pound whatever demon was eating people into the dust, but I couldn't find hide nor hair of it. Gazing at my map for a new destination... ...Something hit me. That town was clearly Japanese, sure. ...But that ISLAND it was on was shaped like Japan! Wait a minute! That's why the southeastern continent looks just like South America! Holy smokes! This world map is Earth! This game suddenly just got awesome. Romali is Italy. The desert is in Northern Africa, around where Egypt would be. Alaska connects to Asia. Everything makes sense! What a clever idea, and it's not even spelled out to me (or hasn't been yet), just one of those subtle things that slowly dawns on the player. Really impressed by this detail, and for a game that came out in 1988! Anyway, I had a few more adventures sailing, such as busting into the snooty castle Edinbear (which I think now might be a reference to England) and taking their Dry Pot, but not finding any shoals yet to try it out on. I also washed ashore in the equivalent of Russia but quickly got brutalized by some beefy bears before Returning to Aliahan. I'll keep you updated on my quest as I get further; looking forward to playing more! By the way, my party consists of a Hero (M), Thief (F), Cleric (M), and Mage (F). I'm considering using the Zen Book I got to make my Cleric a Sage, at least after he learns that 50/50 revival spell.
  2. I've been really feeling like playing through Dragon Quest III again recently. So I bought it for my phone the other day, and because I'm obsessed with this kind of thing I start trying to plan how to manage my party throughout the game. Maybe my googling is just bad today, but I can't really seem to find a thorough job/class guide for any of the remakes of the game. Does anyone know of any they could link me to? If not then these are the questions I'm trying to answer so far: How does the stat growth of thieves compare to other classes? I saw a guide that said things like Strength: High, Agility: Low, and Vit: Avarage etc. for each of the stats for each class, but the guide was for the original game and didn't include thief. (or maybe I'm just dumb and the stat growth is the same and the only difference is the base stats.) What's a good class to change a merchant into? (taking the new spells it gets in the remakes into consideration)
  3. I did a search for this, but couldn't find anything. In Patty's Party Planning Place, there's an NPC who tells you Gadabouts are useless. Is this true? I was planning on using one because I've never really seen one in action before, but if I would be better off avoiding that, then maybe I should? I also made this thread in case anyone else has any questions about DQ3's class system, since it seems a bit different from the class systems in later games. I imagine there are more newcomers to these old games now that they are on mobile.
  4. Recently i founded the Snes 9x emulator... i normally used Znes for emulation, but this one looks a little bit better handling savestates... Any of you use one of these to play DQ games? which is your suggestion? There are any other SNES emulator better than those two for Dragon Quest Games?
  5. Thanks to Rune Caster for sending me the latest batch (73-80) of medal locations for Dragon Quest III SFC. I have added them to the medal locations page. Samples:
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