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Found 1 result

  1. I've been trying to send the below message (yes, it's insanely OCD, but that's how I roll) to the Square Enix development team for the upcoming North American DQVIII (8) 3DS re-release, but as I wasn't able to find any contact information (e.g. email address/web form) to reach the team directly, I sent it via the Dragon Quest VIII PS2 support page (the closest thing I could turn up - https://support.na.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=430&la=1). A few days later, I received an extremely unhelpful auto-response along the lines of "we have no access to the information you requested, but why don't you discuss this on a player forum?" Since my below message can only be answered by the team actually working on the game, that suggestion is completely useless. So, can anyone point me to a reliable way to actually contact (and ideally, get a response from) the Dragon Quest VIII NA 3DS team directly? Cheers! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Square Enix, As a huge fan of Dragon Quest VIII (8), I'm very excited for the North American 3DS version due for release next year. However, since I'm also extremely obsessive-compulsive , I noted that in the PS2 version of the game, the "Zoom" spell would not teleport you to all of the "friendly" locations marked with a blue dot on the world map, while conversely, a couple such locations that you could Zoom to did not have corresponding blue markers. I'd therefore greatly appreciate it if you could respond to confirm whether the below specific locations will be "fixed" accordingly in the NA 3DS version. Thanks very much for your time! 1) Locations with blue world map marker, but no corresponding "Zoom" menu entry: a) West Trodain Church b) Chapel of Autumn 2) Locations with "Zoom" menu entry, but no corresponding blue world map marker: a) Hilltop Hut b) Mystical Spring
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