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Found 1 result

  1. If you've read the topic on the missing Dragon Quest Monsters 1 & 2 (PS) you know that this site is missing a picture of the FooHero AKA Puchi Hero (Mini Hero). Since I own the game I figured I would see if I can get a picture to add to the list. Here is my copy of the game. As you can see, I got it used for $24.99 + tax. (I think at Hyper Game in West LA, but I might have picked it up at some seller at Anime Expo as well). Here is the back. As you can see, there is a big hand that that says "No Resale". While I've probably owned the game for years, this is my first time playing it. I was told once that it was better to play the gameboy version first (which I don't yet own). In anycase. I'm not doing a complete playthrough this time. Just trying to get a Puchi Hero as fast as possible. So I've choosen to play as "Iru" (Tara) the girl. Because I can. I don't know what difference this might make on getting a Puchi Hero, but with no further information my default choice is the girl. At the start my brother Ruka and I come to the island of Maruta (Which could mean log, explaining the English name of "Great Log). I was suprised at how well the two of us get along. We ran into Warubou, who after terrorizing the rest of the town, decided to try and steal our Seed Cake and in the chase destroy the "Bellybutton" of the island. Now its losing its magic power, and Warubou says that the island will sink. We tried covering the hole with an expensive pot that we took from home, but it didn't do the trick (and it has a crack in it now, so we'll be in trouble with out Mom when she finds out.) Out only hope is to go to another world and try and find something with mysterious powers that can stop the hole (instead of Warubou who is filling the hole now). Everyone seems to think we are either being fooled by Warubou our part of some joke and won't believe that the island is sinking. I myself am skeptical about if we should believe Warubou, but I won't turn down the chance to take our family slime Slash with me to visit other worlds. Unfortently, there is one person who believes us. A traveling merchant. While the town's merchant refused to sell to kids, I thought I had a chance in getting him to sell us stuff, but he just decides to leave while it is safe. With keys from Warubou I'm able to go to the Oasis world where items seem to lie on the ground, and I slowly pick up some more monsters for my party. I think Slash is the best though. I can't see getting rid of him during this playthough. What seems odd is that it is hard to see how much money I have, and when I make it to town the inn will tell me, but no matter how many fights I am in I don't seem to get any more gold. The only way I can come up with for getting any cash flow is selling the items I pick up. And mostly they are just herbs.It least they come back if I leave the world and then return. Warubou also heals my monsters when I return from the other world. After getting helping the king of the desert figure out what his water problem was (beaver monsters built a dam in the well) I also helped him fight off the thieves that were terrorizing everyone and kicked the beavers out from their original home. But the head of the theives appears to really be a Monster Master himself, who is serving some unnamed person. The king gave me an item as a reward, but in a scene that I'm expecting to see over and over, it didn't fill the hole, and Warubou has asked me to get the Pirate key and look in that world. The item I got does allow me to walk on water now though, so a ocean based world doesn't seem to bad. To get the key I needed to win the children's level of the monster tournament. Which was easy. I'm now recognized as a Monster Master. But it seems that the prince of the island, Kameha, begged his parents for a Pirate Key as well, so I will likely run into him somewhere in the new world. So far no sign of anything having to do with a Puchi Hero. But I'm still early in the game. Can't even breed monsters yet.
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