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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone. This is my first time posting here (and the reason I came here, actually). I'd like to have your help in figuring something out. A TCRF user by the name of punk7890 has discovered a way to swap Trode with almost any model in Tryan Gully. To give you a better understanding, if you unpack the game's .DAT archive, you'll find a chara folder, which contains all non-event models, including the monsters and the NPC's. I was testing various models which can be swapped and found a bunch of interesting characters. I'll include the pictures and their model names below. Apologies for the black/white bars in some of the screenshots. I took them from PCSX2. While I remember most of the NPC's from DQ8, I'm not sure if those are used anywhere in the game. They might be from the previous installments, but I don't know any of them except for Torneko and Ragnar cameos, which can be found in the Monster Arena. Could you help me figure it out?
  2. Hi. I'm Jon. Quite a ways back, I used the forum handle "Jaha". Other interests and, eventually, school/career/marriage kept me off many traditional forum boards. I came back for the Dragon Quest, stayed for the validation, and sticking around for the conversation. So, I've been playing since the series came stateside in '89. I was probably the nerdiest 2nd grader playing DW1. Now I'm an aging millennial, reliving late teens/early 20s playing DQ7 on my PC. Physical discs have been shelved after safely making CD images. Those discs survived a 240+hr save file between the PSX and PS2. They're spent. My hopes are to see DQVIII re-released on the PS4. Anything else is gravy. My first daughter was born about 8 weeks ago, hopefully she likes games when she gets older. I'd love for the series to keep getting more accessible and immersive by the time she's old enough to enjoy them. That's about it. See you around here.
  3. Hello, y'all! My name is Beets. I like Dragon Quest. I have played all of them. Except I have not played Dragon Quest VIII. I decided to play Dragon Quest VIII. I also decided to record and upload myself playing Dragon Quest VIII. I hope some of you will take the time to unwind, and watch me as I play! This is the link to the playlist I am uploading to. I hope you guys can comment and enjoy the game with me as I experience it for the first time! EDIT: Immediately after posting I realized I have misspelled "Quest". This makes me look dumb. That is all.
  4. Hello everybody. I'm nearing the end of a project that I've been working on and wanted to share some info about it with you all. The TLDR version - I've extracted the cut-scenes from Dragon Quest 8, and stitched them into a 'movie', so to speak. Information About The Project (Original Post) Episode 1 - Sight Unseen (added 7-22-14) Episode 2 - Between Two Fires (added 7-23-14) Episode 3 - Children of the Gods (added 7-26-14) Episode 4 - Past and Present (added 7-30-14) Episode 5 - Fair Game (added 7-31-14) Episode 6 - Window of Opportunity (added 8-1-14) Episode 7 - Threshold (added 8-3-14) Episode 8 - The Ties That Bind (added 8-4-14) Episode 9 - The Enemy Within (added 8-6-14) Episode 10 - Bloodlines (added 8-6-14) Episode 11 - Maternal Instinct (added 8-7-14) Episode 12 - Rite of Passage (added 8-9-14) Episode 13 - Enigma (added 8-14-14) Episode 14 - Absolute Power (added 8-17-14) Episode 15 - Revelations (added 8-19-14) Episode 16 - Last Stand (added 8-23-14) Episode 17 - Birthright (added 8-28-14)
  5. Hi all. I've been working on a project and replaying DQ8 on PCSX2. Quite randomly I stumbled upon this glitch...where the Hero walks underwater I extracted a video and posted it on Youtube to share (see below). Anyone else stumble upon it before? I wonder if it's something PCSX2-exclusive, or if it happens on a PS2 (mine is put up in storage), or if it was just my copy of the game. Hm...and how about the mobile version? I'm nowhere near far enough in the mobile game to test that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcT5HGjNrqg
  6. I'm looking for a good emulator so I can play DQ8 without a PlayStation 2 (my parents won't let me get one ) However, I'm worried about getting junk on my computer. Does anyone know (preferably from experience) of a safe-ish emulator and DQ8 rom? Thanks.
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