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  1. Yeah, you know the drill by now. Probably. I have no idea who these three are but thoughts on them?
  2. This'll be the last day until we get English releases of 10 and/or 11, I like these guys aside from Isla (sorry Isla), but thoughts on them?
  3. I really am not that familiar with the Monsters games. Moving on to Joker characters. I really don't know anything about these guys, so... go.
  4. Caravan Heart stuff! It's been a while since I played it and my memory's a bit blurry, my save broke. So, thoughts on these three?
  5. no i haven't played this game how could you tell Lack of familiarity means I don't have any quips about these guys. Go.
  6. Okay spinoffs it is. I don't think we need to do Terry, Milly, and Dhuran again so just two today.
  7. Moving on to wrap up IX. Zombie king guy, a guy who is guilty of one hell of a generalization, and a kid whose starting class basically is the result of everyone in town looking at their clothes and deciding they looked like an idiot so they had to be a bard of some sort. Also, should I post things of DQX? I don't know much about DQX beyond a couple names. Also, spinoffs after this?
  8. More IX today The dragon who may have been made into a zombie in a grotto, exposition bot, and might be a dragon. Thoughts on them?
  9. NOW it's Day 26. Okay, we've got a character who technically debuted in III but wasn't really given her own look or character until IX, someone who hunts innkeeping mafia (apparently), and a fairy. Thoughts on them?
  10. So today, we have a guy with a beard that rivals Santa Claus, a tragic mentor archetype, and... dang I have no lame jokes about Erinn. Thoughts on them? Edit: I failed at counting.
  11. On we go. The girl DQ8 is named after in Japan, The guy who uncorrupts himself (politically), and the guy who basically shunned Angelo for something that wasn't even Angelo's fault. Opinions?
  12. Onward to VIII~! Today we have a guy who gets a super adorable relationship with Healix, the rushed alternate ending girl, and my second favorite DQ character. Thoughts on them?
  13. Moving on! Today we have the characters that only join in the 3DS release, and the guy who got turned into some sort of goblin by a clown with a wand. Thoughts on them?
  14. Moving on, and on time today! Today we have brain worm-thing, a character with two "Dragon Quest" era names and we're using the superior Monsters one for the sake of distinguishing him from Zenus, and the hero who has a similar fashion sense to Link. Thoughts on them?
  15. I nearly forgot about this, sorry for the delay. Today we have Melvin/Sir Mervyn, Aira/Aishe, and Jann/Florin. The last of these is mainly included because I needed somebody to try and keep the days one game only from here out.
  16. Moving on around 2 hours late! Today, we wrap up DQV. So, Ladja, Nimzo, and Madason, thoughts on them?
  17. Okay, that ends the "VI favoritism" jokes on my part, now we can have "VII favoritism" jokes! Okay, not really. Today we have a guy who got rid of a very snazzy hat sometime between Monsters 3 and Dragon Quest VII, a very Tsundere girl, and a literal wolf. Thoughts on them?
  18. This is the final day for VI I swear, though you probably already picked up on the Hero last pattern I've been doing so that was probably already figured out. Anyway! Hope-crusher, castle-destroyer, and palette swap of Gohan. Thoughts on them?
  19. Yes I am dragging out 6 for 4 days on puropse Onward! Stalker Hacksaurus, Fake main villain and polite villain. Thoughts?
  20. We finished up DQV yesterday, time to move onto the best one! Today's trio are Carver, Milly, and Ashlynn of Dragon Quest VI. Thoughts on them?
  21. Moving on, more best game VI today. So, Nevan, the kid who seems to default to "praying" in response to everything, Amos, who's capable of being lost for good, and Terry, who joins a bit underleveled. Thoughts on them?
  22. Time for some kids. Today, we have Dwight "Da White" Dwarf, and the DQV protagonist's two children, Madchen and Parry. Thoughts on them?
  23. More Dragon Quest V today, the game has a bit of ground to cover. Today we have not-permanent party member Harry, and the remaining two Heavenly Brides. Thoughts on the three of them. I'll post my inevitable Debora rant later, of course.
  24. More DQ5 today, and more minor chacters Today we have Sancho, the dutiful and kinda chubby retainer, Tuppence, the king of easily missed recruits, and Saber, Bianca's kitty. Thoughts on them?
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