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Found 22 results

  1. Good evening, I do not have the 3DS version of the game, only the PS2 version. I found an website about Marcello, one of my favorite characters, and there is written something like he have feelings for someone in the 3DS version, and a temporary character is quoted "Xiroara". I did not understand everything, here is the link : https://dragonquest.fandom.com/wiki/Marcello I would like to see these moments in a let's play (because I don't have this game). Can you tell me more about this info ? And when is this moment on game (I can search in a let's play) ? Thank you so much.
  2. I have uploaded the 3DS monsters to a new page/section for the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq113ds/monsters.php I did my best to visually match up the monsters with the PS4 versions and name them properly, but it looks like there are some that exist in the 3DS version that didn't exist in the PS4 version (and some I may have missed getting bug-eyed comparing images). If anyone finds any errors, or matches any of the Unknown ones up with a recent translated name let me know.
  3. I never thought to look through my activity log on my 3DS until yesterday and was fascinated about the information it's collected about me playing over the past 16 months. Here's my top 10 most-played games by length of play: 1. DQIX 120:25 hours Times played: 103 2. Etrian Odyssey III 95:11 hours Times played: 104 3. Rune Factory 2 83:34 hours Times played: 83 4. Pokemon White 46:55 hours Times played: 50 5. Golden Sun Dark Dawn 22:03 hours Times played: 28 6. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future 17:53 hours Times played: 17 7. Nostalgia 10:35 hours Times played: 15 8. Pokemon Black 2 7:50 hours Times played: 6 9. Etrian Odyssey IV 7:15 hours Times played: 7 10. Dragon Quest Wars 1:14 hours Times played: 4 What are your stats?
  4. EDIT: (12/08/2017) [boy, I'm late] Nintendo 3DS SoundHax has been patched as of 11.4 firmware. It will still work on systems operating 1.3 and below. Please refer to Part 7. for alternative methods. Contents (for quick search, use the ( 'Part letter' or 'Letter/number') codes (without the brackets) within a search function, or search the titles): (Part 0.) Overview (Part 1.) Installing Homebrew (1A - 1B) (Part 2.) How to Access Homebrew (2A - 2B) (Part 3.) Programme for Extracting DS Save Data (3A) (Part 4.) Extracting Save Data (4A - 4D) (Part 5.) Using the DQIX Save Editor (5A) (Part 6.) Injecting your new save Data into your DQIX Cart (6A - 6B) (Part 7.) When Should I unlock my Cart? Corrupted Data Fixing, 'Future Proofing', Guide Compilation Information, and Information for 'CFW/CIA' 3DS users. (7A - 7E) ______ Part 0. Overview: The simple explanation is that you will be using the 'Homebrew' Channel, and then using a programme downloaded to the SD card that can be accessed from the Homebrew Channel in order to extract the DQIX save data (or any DS game loaded into the 3DS Cartridge slot). I'll put a disclaimer out here because when anyone mentions 'Homebrew' people immediately think "Oh this could brick my 3DS" and what not. However, the methodology used to access Homebrew for this purpose will not have that specific risk, but I will put a standard disclaimer, that if you attempt to do this, you do so on your own back, and I am not responsible for any problems which may occur. If you want a vote of confidence - this reddit post is currently boasting around 91% approval ratings, and currently flawless success ratings in personal correspondence - I do also tend to try and take time out to explain and clarify as necessary to ensure smooth transitions with the process, I am however a somewhat busy man, but I do try to get around to everyone, but in the event I cannot immediately help, I will let you know of this. The method we will be using is an 'Invoke' Method, rather than a 'Custom firmware' method. Custom firmware contains more risk (but holds more potential), because when a 3DS system updates it checks its component parts and changes certain things, but will be unable to change/override custom firmware, and so this is where problems occur. Invoke methods (i.e. using downloaded files to overload malloc chunks to take control and perform a write) do not contain this risk specifically, due to all of the data being externally contained, and all access being temporary (I.e. If the 3DS updates, it might patch the method of access - so you won't be able to access homebrew using that method anymore - but it will not cause software problems or anything such as bricking). ______ With this explained briefly, I will quickly explain in more detail the exact process: Part 1. Installing 'Homebrew' Step 1A: (http://smealum.github.io/3ds/) Specifically refer to "Preparing your SD Card" Download the Homebrew Starter Kit (contained here: https://smealum.github.io/ninjhax2/starter.zip) it contains all of the things we need. Step 2B: Extract 'Homebrew Starter Kit' on the root of your SD card. It should add an additional few folders and files onto the root of your SD card, you only really need to pay attention to two of them. One is a folder called /3ds (all lower case - this is different to the 3DS folder which will contain game and app data for your system) The second is a file called 'boot.3dsx' ______ Part 2: How to Access Homebrew With the parts in Part 1. installed on the root of your SD card, you will now need to install a method of initiating the boot in order to access the 'Homebrew Channel'. The most accessible, modern and least risky (in my esteem), as well as the least permanent, is a method called: 'SoundHax' Step 2A. What we need for this is to download an 'otherapp.bin' file, specific to our 3DS type and firmware (continue refering to site in Part 1, but refer to 'otherapp/ropbin payloads' for 'more' detail). For instance, my 3DS is an Old 3DS, and it recently updated to 11.2.0-35E (all whilst I had these files on my SD card). I would therefore select these in the drop down menus in the provided link, and then click: 'Download otherapp'. ! Only select NEW if you are running this on a New 3DS (XL); regular 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS owners should select OLD ! When given the option to save this, locate the root of your SD card, and then name the file: 'otherapp' (minus inverted comma's of course) - It will save this file automatically as a '.bin' Step 2B. With the '.bin' file corresponding to our 3DS type and firmware version, we now need to install the other part for this specific method ('Soundhax'). Head to this site: http://soundhax.com/ And select your 3DS type and Region (E.g. Mine would be: EUR and OLD 3DS) - then select 'Download M4A'. This will place a file named: 'soundhax-region-console abbreviation.M4A' on the root of your SD card. With these all installed on the SD card, you now have the means of being able to access the Homebrew channel (which of course unlocks a great deal more than save extraction - though even I have not explored all of these). Regardless, we can now move on to our primary goal extracting the save data. ______ Part 3. Programme for extracting DS Save Data Step 3A. Once again, we will need to download more software to the SD card. This time it is a programme called: TWLSaveTool. Download it from here: https://digiex.net/downloads/download-center-2-0/nintendo-3ds-content/apps/14669-twlsavetool-nintendo-3ds-app-ds-save-game-backup-restore.html -> Because we are not using custom firmware, we will need to download the link titled '3dsx Homebrew launcher version', and for ease of use, this is the direct link: https://digiex.net/attachments/twlsavetool1-1-3ds-homebrew-zip.14597/ Save this in your '/3ds' folder on the root of your SD card (SD Card -> 3ds) (ensure this is the folder that the 'Homebrew Starter kit', or you, created). Now, in order to TWLSaveTool to run from the Homebrew menu, it is required for your 3DS must have PokemonDreamRadar or PokemonBank installed on your 3DS. This will incur some slight cost (I believe DreamRadar is the cheaper of the two) but is an unfortunate requirement for the method. You have now finished putting the necessary files onto your SD card. Safely extract your SD card from your computer and return it into your 3DS. _____ Part 4. Extracting Save Data Step 4A. With your SD Card and your DS game inserted into your 3DS, power on the system. You will now need to select '3DS Sound' (indicated by the music note). Step 4B. In the sound menu, scroll down to the folder marked 'SD Card' (or what it happens to be called), and find the M4A file we installed - the system will find it called "Nedwill". Play this file. Do not panic when the top screen goes black, and the bottom screen flashes red/yellow/green* If it gets stuck on yellow for a long period of time - simply hold the power and restart the system - it will restart as normal. Occasionally it may get stuck on yellow for seemingly no reason - I can only surmise that it tries to boot to quickly and gets itself stuck. Regardless - with everything performed correctly, you should not get a yellow screen - it should quickly turn to green on the bottom screen, and eventually take you to the 'Homebrew Menu v1.1.1' on the top screen. Step 4C. Navigating the Homebrew menu is very simple. Control stick/+pad allows you to choose applications you want to launch. A button launches them. To return to your standard Home menu, press the start button to bring up an additional menu. You will want to select the option to reboot the system to the home menu (A button) whenever you are finished using the Homebrew menu. Step 4D. Without further ado, scroll down the Homebrew menu until you find the programme titled 'TWLSaveTool' Press 'A' Button to launch it. This will quickly load up more menus with yet more processing appearing on the top screen. Eventually it will give you 4 options: 'B' Button to back-up your Save Data 'A' Button to restore your save Data (and 2 options we can ignore for our purposes). Press the B button to back-up your save data. When it reaches 'Reading 100%' it will give you a menu saying: Start to exit Or Y to restart. Press Start to exit Once back at the homebrew menu, reboot the system to Home menu by pressing start then A. Then power the system off and remove the SD card. Place your SD card back into your Computer. When looking at the SD card root, it will now have a new folder on it, titled 'TWLSaveTool'. Inside this folder is the games save data titled something like 'game.#.sav' (specifically ours will be called 'DRAGONQUEST.9.0.sav') - it might not be all caps but you get my point. From here, all we need is our DQIX Save editor. __________________________________ Part 5. Using the DQIX Save Editor Step 5A. You can download the DQIX Save Editor from here: http://www.yabd.org/apps/dq9/dq9_save_editor_0.7.zip Using the DQIX save editor. 1. Run the programme on your computer (you will likely need WinRar {or similar} to extract it - find a free copy and then ignore it when it asks you to pay for it to keep using it - everyone else does). 2. Put the SD Card into your SD card reader on/connected to your computer. 3. File Explorer -> Find the TWLSaveTool folder on the root of the SD card -> Make a copy of the "Dragonquest.9.0.sav" file inside -> Place this copy in a safe place somewhere else on your computer so you always have a hard back-up (this is just a precautionary measure). 4. In the editor, go to File -> Open -> open this .sav file 5. To unlock the quests -> Quest tab -> check the box marked "DLC" -> Underneath this you will notice "Unavailable", "unacquired" and something else i have forgotten, probably "cleared". Click the circle marked 'Unacquired" and then press Go. (Leave the 'Normal' box unchecked) This will change all of the additional quests from "Unavailable" (i.e. you haven't unlocked them using connection to DQVC) to "Unacquired" (you have unlocked them from 'wifi/dqvc' but haven't accepted them yet). If you have any problems in this step, refer here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/937281-dragon-quest-ix-sentinels%20-of-the-starry-skies/71126194 Inventory Editors & Maximising the Inn You can also use inventory editors - instructions are somewhat self explanatory. To Maximise the Inn: Click the inn tab On the left side, you'll notice two things: Visitors (and a data entry box), and Inn rank (and a data entry box). Change Inn rank to "6" (if you use the arrows you can't go higher than this), and change the visitors to "30" (or higher). You can then check all of the additional guests you want to have in your inn (in the check menu on the left). Map Editors. You can also use the Map editor to give yourself Grotto maps that are rare (e.g. Metal Slime only, Kawasaki locker etc). -> Go to the 'Treasure Data' menu located next to file/edit. Click in this, and then click generate map (and it will load a bar which is a search tool for searching several million maps). After this has finished, you can use the search function located in 'Treasure data' to search for specific maps. You can find these maps here: http://dq9grotto.wikidot.com/quickest-12-bosses (Note the menu on the left -> pay close attention to 'Best grotto maps' and this specific link. This will give you all of the best treasure maps for grinding. To find the map use the search function entering the data found on that site. When you have found the possible maps, you will want to find the two things "Rank" {2 characters} and the "Seed" {usually 4 characters}. This will appear on the far left columns of the search function after you've searched. Within the editor, then go to the grottos tab, and click the plus symbol under your list of grottos. This will load a default "Granite Tunnel of woe lv 1" -> click into this and then change the rank to match (you will need to check both boxes marked "hex" in order to get the right result. Please note, changing the rank/seed/location, causes the map to move up and down your list due to being given a new name. It will be marked in your list by a "!" followed by the Map name. Click on this, and then edit the next box, find it again, and so on. Be sure to enter all the data correctly, and then choose the correct location. If it no longer has anything coloured 'Red' or has a "!" next to it, you've done it. _____ Part 6. Injecting your new save Data into your DQIX Cart Step 6A. Once you've edited everything you want. In your DQIX Editor, go to: File -> Save As -> Save it on top of the ".sav" file in the TWLSaveTool folder on your SD card (I.e. This file already exists, do you want to save on top of it - select yes). Safely eject the SD Card from your Computer Refer to 'Part 4 - Steps 4A -> 4C' Do NOT perform Step 4D Step 6B. scroll down the Homebrew menu until you find the programme titled 'TWLSaveTool' Press 'A' Button to launch it. This will quickly load up more menus with yet more processing appearing on the top screen. Eventually it will give you 4 options: 'B' Button to back-up your Save Data 'A' Button to restore your save Data (and 2 options we can ignore for our purposes). Press 'A' Button to 'Restore Save Data from Back-up' This will give you a new loading bar 'Writing'. When it reaches 'Writing 100%' it will give you a menu saying: Start to exit Or Y to restart. Press Start to exit Once back at the homebrew menu, reboot the system to Home menu by pressing start then A. ______ Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked the full potential of your Dragon Quest IX Cart. Now, best crack on with those extra story quests you've been putting off eh! ______ Part 7. When Should I unlock my Cart? Corrupted Data Fixing, 'Future Proofing', Guide Compilation Information, and Information for 'CFW/CIA' 3DS users. This segment will contain all of those little bits of information not addressed in my methodology for unlocking the cartridges. 7A. When is it 'safe' and advisable to unlock the extra content? It is advisable to unlock everything (DQVC/Quests/Inn) once you have visited Stornway, and seen the cutscenes at the Inn and created yourself a party, and read through all of the necessary text, along with having accepted one quest in order to gain the quest menu. This will ensure everything triggers in the correct order and doesn't hinder any Story flags. You can however do really interesting and unusual things using this editor without jeapordising a game state. For instance, you can trigger the flags for the 6 Additional Classes, without filling out any of the quest information for them. You can then swap between these classes at will (once you either have 'Jack's Knack' or have completed the Alltrades Abbey segment), and completing these quests to unlock the classes at a later date causes no problems what so ever - I'm currently playing through the game as a Sage. Similarly, you can also give your Party Members the 'Egg on' ability too. ______ 7B. My Data has Corrupted, how do I fix it? Within 'Part 5 - Step 1', I made the recommendation to make a hard back-up of this 'Dragonquest.9.0.sav' file somewhere on your computer for just such an occasion (i.e. the file before you edited anything). Locate the back up of (unedited - or safe/working edit) 'Dragonquest.9.0.sav' Copy/Paste this into the 'TWLSaveTool' Folder on the Root of your SD Card (overwrite any other Save of the same name). Refer to 'Part 6 - Inject Save Data' Follow all Steps - This will put your unedited/working-edit back into your DQIX cart. This will remove the corruption (at cost of some progress perhaps). Corruption however is somewhat rare, but if it worries you that much, you can make multiple back-ups as story/event progress is made. _________ 7C. Future Proofing - 'Soundhax doesn't work any longer' Quick disclaimer, those inverted comma's mean that that is not thecase, and that i'm merely speculating that this could be what someone would say to me in the event it wasn't working. All you need to unlock DQIX is the ability to access the 'TWLSaveTool' this requires you to have access to the Homebrew menu. In the event 'Soundhax' is patched (as it doubtlessly will be - but works on most versions as of 11.2.0-35E ), you will need to look towards another method of accessing the Homebrew Menu. The safer of these methods work similarly to 'Soundhax' and previously 'BroswerHax' because these tend to be self-contained executables from within the SD Card, the more risky and somewhat permanent install 'custom firmware' if you don't specifically know what you're doing, I strongly advise you to stay away from 'Custom Firmware' for this reason. So, in the event Soundhax is taken down, you will need to find a means of accessing the Homebrew menu. Once you can access the Homebrew menu, you can refer to 'Part4 - Step 4D' and onwards and proceed as normal. _______ 7D. Information used to compile this guide: Homebrew: http://smealum.github.io/3ds/ TWLSaveTool: https://digiex.net/downloads/download-center-2-0/nintendo-3ds-content/apps/14669-twlsavetool-nintendo-3ds-app-ds-save-game-backup-restore.html Editing Grotto Maps: http://dq9grotto.wikidot.com/quickest-12-bosses General DQIX Save Editing help: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/937281-dragon-quest-ix-sentinels%20-of-the-starry-skies/71126194 Downloads: DQIX Save Editor: http://www.yabd.org/apps/dq9/dq9_save_editor_0.7.zip Homebrew Starter Kit: https://smealum.github.io/ninjhax2/starter.zip Otherapp.Bin (refer to): http://smealum.github.io/3ds/ TWLSaveTool: https://digiex.net/attachments/twlsavetool1-1-3ds-homebrew-zip.14597/ _____ 7E. Custom-Firmware 3DS Users If you have a Custom Firmware 3DS, I strongly advise you to read the 'TWLSaveTool' link contained within '7D.' as this provides an alternate method (but if you have custom firmware you likely don't need me to tell you this). Furthermore there are number of other editors available to these users. But that is beyond my current realm of expertise. ____ Happy Dragon Questing!
  5. I just wanted to link to this interview where Noriyoshi Fujimoto, the producer of DQVII 3DS, says a lot of interesting stuff! I can't believe that they acknowledge our letters, and that Nintendo was so eager to help. Nintendo does great stuff behind the scenes and get little credit for it. Anyway, I'm really happy that things ended up like this. I spent some time with a broken 3DS until I found this article so it's like a reminder to get a new 3DS asap lol!
  6. Well, since we've discussed a lot about music changes lately, I was wondering, what's everyone's most favorite tunes in Dragon Warrior VII? For me, much of the soundtrack is pretty much great and fits the mood of the game excellently. I will say though, there are certain tunes that just 'stick' with me, or mesmerize me long after I've put the game aside for a bit. For me, those would be: The Dejan Village Theme - I love classical guitar work in videogames, the effect of nylon strings is a wonderful sound, though I'm admittedly biased since I'm play a bit of guitar myself. This theme, and the other one which I'll link to in a moment are strangely missing from a lot of the OSTs I see uploaded on Youtube, which is a shame. The Deja Ritual Dance Theme - Granted, the two themes aren't actually played on 'real' guitars. Or "tulas" if you want to be in-universe specific. This is honestly, conceptually, a wonderfully designed piece for a nylon guitar type of sound. Does anyone know what these two sound like on the updated 3DS version? Hopefully the original Japanese version might have an actual 'acoustic' version so I might hear what this would sound like played on actual strings. The Opening Prologue Theme - I remember this being the first thing that really caught my attention when first booting up DWVII. First time ever playing any DQ game, and it set the atmosphere perfectly. I had no idea what I was getting into, but this definitely got me curious. I really do wish the 3DS version still had that scene, but at least there's an updated version of this tune floating around on the uploaded 3DS ost. The Skystone Theme - Wow, this tune. This and Heavenly Flight from III and VIII have to be my favorite 'sky travel' tunes from the DQ series. There's a lot of mood variance in this one though, but it really does give me mental images of the Hero and his party sailing across the sky, looking down on the various islands they restored, and remembering the events that happened at each one. The Symphonic Version is a masterpiece as well, though the dynamic fortississimo definitely freaks me out sometimes if I'm not ready for it. There's so many tunes I could name in addition, perhaps I'll edit the post later to add them in, but what are your favorite musical pieces from this game?
  7. Monster Teams were one of my favorite hobbies to focus on in Dragon Quest VIII, So with the new remakes I was very excited to see if there was any progress with making additional content in this particular field however after searching and searching the only information that I've been able to find include; Mage Mushroom, Morphean Mushroom & Chimaera included as additional infamous monsters A new 'Don Mole' available much in the same way as Mazin by combining 3 moles So is there any additional information I'm missing out here? Sources for the above; Youtube Trailer for DQ8 on 3DS GameFAQs Forum regarding infamous monsters
  8. I have played Slime MoriMori Dragon Quest 3 to completion. I love to know what monsters are represented in each game. I have catalogued all of the monsters that you encounter as you progress. If anyone has any questions, I can answer them.
  9. Dragon Quest Europe Convention 30th Anniversary: Full information On 28 and 29 May, will take the Dragon Quest 30th anniversary convention in Biel, in the heart of Switzerland in the premises of the gaming center of Swiss Gamers Zone at 23 rue de Zürich. This event will be set up in collaboration with Square Enix and Nintendo Switzerland or two companies a lot of things we reserves. Games area: - The demo of Dragon Quest VII will be available on Nintendo 3DS Pre-E3 preview - Dragon Quest Heroes 2 playable for the first time in Europe on PS4 - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker playable on Nintendo 3DS - Dragon Quest Builders playable on PS4 - 3DS Street Pass and exchange dens card for Dragon Quest IX Scene Area: - Cosplay Contest Saturday - Award ceremony of the biggest collector Dragon Quest 2016 - Conference: -> Dragon Quest History -> The world of saga Independent area: - Agooloo Studio will present Soccer Dash (expected from the current year) - Studio Freelance an old DQ Fanien Shop area - Shop - Exhibition Emblem of Roto / Sketch of the saga Tournaments sector: - Dragon Quest Builders (construction speed contest) - Dragon Quest Heroes I (defeat the boss in no time) The equity requirements for cosplay contests, tournaments and the ticket collector and will open on 15 March next.
  10. Hi, everyone! I am Erdrick1989. I have been a dragon quest fan since the NES days and finally found this community. I decided to join when I saw a lot of misconception about the 3ds version of Dragon Quest X. I have been playing that version quite a bit and I would like to share my knowledge about it thus far. First of all you do not need a vpn nor a square enix account to play DQX (3ds). It utilizes your NNID and in order to pay for subscriptions you just go into the game and click pay for play ticket and it will use your eshop funds. (Eshop does allow foreign credit cards) There is no IP ban or anything like that. I have been playing it everyday on less than perfect internet and I have only been disconnected once. It has been fixed tremendously since it's release so I encourage people to think about this version if you have no access to any other version like I did. If you have any other questions about it let me know!
  11. I got my imported 3DS bundled with Terry's Wonderland 3D a few days ago and have been playing it almost non-stop, but I've got a few questions: -Scouting is fairly difficult with the monsters I currently have (lv20 Red Dragon, lv25 Mad Cat(?), lv22 Healslime / Red Dragon & lv18 Pteranod(?)) as many monsters - especially the ocassional Size-2 monster - rarely get more than 10% on my odds after everyone takes their turn in showing off. I saw a Skullgon/Skelegon in the first interior-ruins map once and only once, but never got more than 8% odds on it. I don't know which skillset or monster would have the Psyche Up skill, and I only just figured out (By experimentation) this one item that adds +10% to your odds, and if it fails without angering the monsters, it accumulates too! So my question here is what sort of items/skills would help most with scouting? -Phoenix Staff. In Joker 1/2 you could get this staff to retain the form of a bred monster since same-family breeding doesn't work the same way anymore. Is this equip still in Terry3D, and if so where can I get it? I'm assuming it's going to be fairly late in the game, which is unfrotunate since I really don't want to part with my Red Dragon, Pteranod, or Wing Snake just yet -Arena/Monster Masters. Do wandering Monster Masters still show up in the dungeons? And can the arena be re-battled after you clear the upper ranks? -Captain Crow. One of my most hated things in Joker 2 - if not THE most hated thing - was the absurd requirements on monsters like Aquarius and the Zenith Dragon/Master Dragon, often requiring multiple copies of Crow (Who IIRC is a "one-per-savefile" monster). Is that the case here in Terry3D as well? I don't mind the high-end monsters being hard to get, but the Captain Crow requirements from the Joker games really were annoying. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here though, since I'm not too far into the game. A'right. So those are my questions for now (I am curious about the breeding of certain monsters, but don't want to spoil anything on my first play-through of the game I am curious about that Medusa Eye you fight in the semi-final D Class though) I've been teaching myself Japanese for a while, and though I haven't gotten around to grammar or kanji yet, it's been great fun spotting words and stuff I can recognize while playing (Still, my understanding of the language is minimal at best, and I've spent at least half of the game looking stuff up and writing stuff down ) While I am curious about what the skills and skillsets do, I think I can figure that out on my own (As well as the items, but those would help a lot!) I don't have any plans to go onto Wi-Fi though,and actually where I live that's just not an option for me at all. So anything exclusive to or requiring a trip onto Wi-Fi for any reason is useless to me *EDIT* One last thing... How does the Day/Night cycle function in "Interior" dungeons like the Desert Ruins where you fight the "Fang Slime"? I must have ran through those a dozen times and only saw it go to "night" once - it got all dark and blue, and dust or something started floating about. Saw some size-2 monsters walking around, but have yet to see it happen again. Out in the Field and Forest levels? Day changes to Night very quickly ??? *Edit 2* Sorry one more... In several gates I've found the music changes to Joker 2's "Giant Monster on the Loose" music and there'll be a size 3 wandering around. First time was in a cave and was a Medusa Eye(?), second time was the black Wiggly/Wormonger. Can I scout these or do I have to wait until I have monsters with 600+ attack?
  12. Hello. Just though I ask for a suggestion. So on 3DS models, the bumpers being too low and causing the lower belze to rub against the larger top screen seems to still occur. Apparently a design flaw, I guess. On 3DS XL and the "New" models, the borders around the screen are actually plastic of the case itself (as the DS Lite). The original launched model of 3DS however......had the shiny screen cover extending over the entire top section of the system. The bumpers too were redesigned, from separate entities you could remove to actual configurations of the case/shell. I ramble, so here is what I ask. I have an original 3DS model and I wanted to end the need to place a cloth everytime I close the system problem. Without sending it (at the moment). This topic listed an idea they came up with which actually is quite reasonable: http://handheldaddict.blogspot.com/2011/08/3ds-screen-scratches-avoidence-fix.html "pull bumpers out and place (...) under and reattach. It looks as new and holds the top screen high enough where it does not meet headfirst into the touch screen" etc, ect. Cool, just one question: if I do not have Wii sticky-tape-to-attach-sensor-on-top-of-tv-tape, what brand/item would substitute in quality for that special object? Oh and for those with the 3DS XL and "New" class, bumpers for under laptops and for under tables to extend the height or cease movement are the best solution apart from a microfiber cloth between the screens or at least the edge (to lift up higher). It could work on the original 3DS, but the sticky residue is a concern with the slick surface and longevity of how long they last, or just design wise (if picky).
  13. What are the monsters experience levels like on the 3DS remake? Are they higher than the original? Which were insanely low for so long into the game. I know they probably did that so more battles were fought for class grinding purposes, but it also made Metal hunting a REQUIREMENT instead of something fun to do as a quick jump.
  14. The 3DS version also has its own unique touch, with a mix of 2D and 3D graphics in two screens. I think this is a wonderful idea. I wish they did this for all the previous ds remakes. Where I found this: http://www.siliconera.com/2015/07/28/dragon-quest-xis-first-3ds-footage-shows-its-2d-and-3d-styles/
  15. So, I finally managed to play this game, it's pretty good ! and quite easy, like the ds and gba games. i even got half thru the game without even knowing japanese, but then, the ninja metal slimes (from the previous games) give you "missions", and if you want to continue you have to complete them. And I dont know what they want me to do because I dont know japanese.(I barely know english, lol) actually got one down, beat the first boss again, but i cant do the other 2... anyone know what these tasks are ? i even got screens of the game in japanese if anyone know how to translate them properly (Not with google translate, please, i have tried.) here are the photos :
  16. Please excuse me if this has been posted somewhere before, but I'm trying to pinpoint, early, what likely names would be for every weapon and armour. So far I've done all weapons. Any more specific info like where found info would be greatly appreciated. I do not speak or read Japanese, so this is a guess and check between the various DQ translations since VIII, including my FAQ on gamefaqs, and so far FFsky's DQ73DS page. Any other good wiki's for Dragon Quest 7 3DS would be greatly appreciated. This is all for a planned FAQ down the road. I'm not sure how far I'll take it. Might just go for a game mechanics FAQ and leave it there. Weapons for now, Armour I'll do later: & = Unknown English name ^ = Likely English name ? = Unsure Copper Sword 11 Atk 9 Style 220B 110S H K G Me A ^Falcon Blade^ 22 Atk 15 Style MDropped *cannot be sold* H K M A 2 Hits (maybe 75% per?) Steel Broadsword 33 Atk 16 Style 2800B 1400S H G Me A Cautery Sword 42 Atk 23 Style 5400B 2700S H Me A Use in battle: Sizz Saw Blade 54 Atk -2 Style 8800B 4400S H K A &Bounce Sword& 55 Atk 35 Style 6200B 3100S H K A Use in battle: Bounce ^Faerie Foil^ 58 Atk 30 Style 8500B 4250S H K Me A Use in battle: Buff Platinum Sword 60 Atk 45 Style Found 1500S H Me A Dream Blade 65 Atk 28 Style 7300B 3650S H Me A On Hit: Sleep ^Uber Falcon Blade^ 65 Atk 32 Style C:10000T ?12500S? H Me A 2 Hits (maybe 75% per?) Siren Sword 70 Atk 51 Style 9800B 4900S Ma A On Hit: Confuse Zombiesbane 80 Atk 5 Style 15000B 7500S H Me A +50% versus Undead Dragonsbane 83 Atk 35 Style 20000B 10000S H A +50% versus Dragons Fire Blade 87 Atk 33 Style 22500B 11250S H A Use in battle: Bang , On Hit: Frizz (50% of base damage) &Deja Sword& 90 Atk 45 Style Event *cannot be sold* H Me A On Hit: Confuse Massacre Sword 95 Atk 15 Style MDropped 14500S A Cursed: Def = 0 , Hits all enemies ^Sunderbolt Blade^ 95 Atk 40 Style 24000B 12000S H Me A Use in battle: Lightning &Godeus Sword& 97 Atk 40 Style 23000B 11500S H A Use in battle: Kasap Miracle Sword 100 Atk 38 Style 65 Medals 1000S H Me A 25% of damage returned as healed HP Blizzard Blade 105 Atk 38 Style MDropped 14500S H A On Hit: Crack (50% of base damage) ^Bastard Sword^ 109 Atk 32 Style 31000B 15500S H A ^Hell Sabre^ 110 Atk 0 Style Found 22500S H A Cursed: ~25% chance to become paralyzed for a round ^Double-Edged Sword^ 117 Atk 13 Style MDropped 2500S H A Cursed: ?1/4 or 1/6? of damage reflected back to user &King's Sword& 120 Atk 55 Style Found 22500S H A &Aquagon Sword& 125 Atk 52 Style Event *cannot be sold* H Use in battle: Tidal Wave ^Metal King Sword^ 130 Atk 40 Style 74000B 37000S H Ma Me A ?+1 versus Metal Monsters? &Oceano Sword& 140 Atk 60 Style Found *cannot be sold* H Me A Use in battle: Oomph , On Hit: Zap (50% of base damage) Poison Needle 1 Atk 15 Style 45 Medals 1450S Ma G Me On Hit: Instant Death , always does 1 damage at 95% chance to hit (1 damage criticals) ?Dagger? 1 Atk 17 Style Found ?S? Ma G Me On Hit: Instant Death , always does 1 damage at 95% chance to hit (1 damage criticals) Bone Stake 6 Atk 3 Style 110B 55S G Bronze Knife 9 Atk 8 Style Found 75S Ma G Me A ^Divine Dagger^ 14 Atk 7 Style 200B 100S H Ma K G Me A Poison Moth Knife 23 Atk 13 Style Found 475S Ma Me On Hit: Paralysis ^Assassin's Dagger^ 30 Atk 11 Style 1500B 750S Ma On Hit: Instant Death (does not work on Metal Slime Types) Falcon Knife Earrings 45 Atk 32 Style 11000B 5500S Ma A 2 Hits Icicle Dirk 62 Atk 31 Style 9000B 4500S G Use in battle: Crackle , On Hit: Crack (50% of base damage) Stone Axe 19 Atk 4 Style 810B 405S K G A ?Iron Axe? 38 Atk 6 Style 4000B 2000S H G A Battle Axe 49 Atk 15 Style 6500B 3250S H A ?Demon Axe? 108 Atk 20 Style MDropped 250S A 37.5% chance to Crit or Miss Giant Mallet 14 Atk -5 Style 410B 205S K A Sledgehammer 31 Atk 6 Style 2100B 1050S K A War Hammer 64 Atk 19 Style 12000B 6000S H A Hela's Hammer 115 Atk 33 Style C:750T 7500S H A 37.5% chance to Crit or Miss , Cursed ^Megaton Hammer^ 120 Atk 37 Style Found *cannot be sold* H A 66.7% chance to Crit or Miss , Cursed Bamboo Spear 5 Atk 2 Style 50B 25S H Ma K G Me A ^Iron Lance^ 23 Atk 1 Style 1000B 500S H K G Me A ^Holy Lance^ 36 Atk 17 Style 3300B 1650S H Me A Demon Spear 99 Atk 19 Style Found 12500S Ma Me A On Hit: Instant Death Iron Claw 21 Atk 15 Style 920B 460S G Fire Claw 53 Atk 21 Style 7700B 3850S G Use in battle: Frizzle , On Hit: Frizz (50% of base damage) &Dragon Claw& 85 Atk 35 Style 21000B 10500S G Cobra Claw 90 Atk 29 Style 35000B 17500S G On Hit: Poison ^Beast Claws^ 95 Atk 25 Style Found 275S G Stone Fangs 12 Atk 3 Style 340B 170S G Steel Fangs 35 Atk 8 Style 4200B 2100S G Ferocious Fangs 73 Atk 25 Style 17000B 8500S G On Hit: Paralysis Orichalcum Fangs 135 Atk 37 Style Found 15000S G Cypress Stick 2 Atk 0 Style 10B 5S H Ma K G Me A Oaken Club 8 Atk 5 Style 110B 55S H K G Me A ^Wizard's Staff^ 15 Atk 11 Style 1500B 750S Ma Me Use in battle: Frizz Staff of Salvation 15 Atk 16 Style Found 315S Ma Me Use in battle: Midheal &Shepard's Staff& 27 Atk 21 Style Found *cannot be sold* Ma Me Use in battle: &Tamer& Lightning Staff 28 Atk 24 Style MDropped 1650S Ma Me Use in battle: Sizzle &Sleep Staff& 32 Atk 15 Style 4200B 2100S Ma Me Use in battle: Sleep ^Staff of Sentencing^ 35 Atk 20 Style 50Medals 500S Ma Me Use in battle Swoosh ^Staff of Divine Wrath^ 37 Atk 22 Style ?Found? 1450S Ma Me Use in battle: Woosh ^Rune Staff^ 39 Atk 21 Style MDrops 3150S Ma Me Use in battle: Kabuff Staff of Antimagic 40 Atk 18 Style 6800B 3400S Ma Me Use in battle: Fizzle ^Sage's Staff^ 50 Atk 12 Style 15000B 7500S Ma Me Use in battle: Midheal Magma Staff 63 Atk 30 Style MDrops 4750S Ma Me A Use in battle: Magma Blast Staff of Resurrection 66 Atk 38 Style Found 22500S Ma Me Use in battle: Zing Watermaul Wand 74 Atk 42 Style 14000B 7000S H Ma Me Use in battle: Tidal Wave &Staff of Life& 79 Atk 44 Style Found *cannot be sold* Ma Me Use in battle: Kazing ^Tsunami Staff^ 88 Atk 46 Style Found *cannot be sold* Ma Me Use in battle: ?Coral Rain? , Minimum Level 20 to Equip &Hero's Staff& 103 Atk 60 Style 37000B 18500S Me Use in battle: Insulatle , 3MP ?Absorbed or Consumed? per Attack Thorn Whip 18 Atk 7 Style 770B 385S Ma A Attacks Group ^Leather Whip^ 25 Atk 13 Style 1300B 650S Ma A Attacks Group Chain Whip 33 Atk 18 Style 2500B 1250S Ma Me A Attacks Group Morning Star 43 Atk 14 Style 5500B 2750S Ma Me A Attacks Group ^Sidewinder^ 52 Atk 33 Style 7500B 3750S H Me A Attacks Group Spiked Steel Whip 65 Atk 22 Style 9500B 4750S Ma A Attacks Group &Wizardly Whip& 115 Atk 52 Style Found *cannot be sold* Ma A Attacks Group , Minimum level 30 to equip Flail of Destruction 125 Atk 26 Style C:300,000T 10000S H G A Attacks All Gringham Whip 145 Atk 57 Style 15Medals 5000S H Ma Me A Attacks Group Boomerang 15 Atk 5 Style 650B 325S H G Attacks All Edged Boomerang 26 Atk 19 Style 2300B 1150S H G Attacks All Flametang Boomerang 65 Atk 25 Style 13000B 6500S H G Attacks All Chain Sickle 27 Atk 13 Style 1700B 850S K G Me A &Slime Stick& 28 Atk 8 Style Special *cannot be sold* H Ma K G Me &Power Claw& 40 Atk 20 Style 7100B 3550S H G A &Skillet& 44 Atk 9 Style Special *cannot be sold* H Ma Me A &Shears& 47 Atk -1 Style 6000B 3000S A Lunar Fan 60 Atk 30 Style 7700B 3850S Ma A Great Bow 110 Atk 25 Style MDropped 18500S H A Solar Fan 110 Atk 49 Style Found 11000S Ma A Attacks Group
  17. Not sure if it is okay to ask this kind of question here, but any guidance would be appreciated. I have an original 3DS and it randomly produces a line down the middle of the top screen during gameplay(black line on white/light screen; noticable line on darker screen, does not have a particular color). It seems to occur only during 3DS games (mostly seen from physical cartridge games and sometimes software; my download game "Shantae and the Pirate's Curse" never showed any signs although create Mii program has plenty times. Nor has virtual console downloads shown the line. I think the AR card reader game did cause the line as well). I do not remember seeing it happen when playing DS games either, though it might had done so with Dragon Quest IX. The problem swapped with another dilemma I had, which was the hidge squeaking when opening the system (the squeak does not happen anymore). I had talked to a Nintendo Representative on if that allowed for repair, but they said not to worry about it then. My warranty long expired at this point, but the line worries me. It does interfer when it shows up. However, I am concerned about sending it to Nintendo for two reasons. First is I really do not want to have a refurbished different system (I've taken care of mine, I do not want someone else's). The other is payment options Nintendo of America appears to only accept. I do not have a credit card. Do you think they take Visa Debit or even money order/check? I have not talked recently with any Nintendo representative on the problem, so also ideas on particular wording for maybe a discounted repair would be valued as well (I have never had a repair needed so I was thinking of mentioning that....). Anyway, I am not comfortable opening up the system on my own (I do not know what I be looking for), and I am not read for the New 3DS XL (it's large for my hands). Weak excuses...I know. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you
  18. Hey there all! It's the contest originator here at the Den, plattym3 back in action! I was gone for a long time & have spent the past couple years doing all I can to get a punny laugh around here, but it's time to get serious again. King Zenith & Democobot have stripped away the "emeritas" word from my title, and I'm again a Contest Mod. Let's get right to work! So, Squeenix (Square Enix) applied for a trademark in Europe & North America (see topic) that has riled up the Den populance into thinking that a new DQ game is coming out soon. Theories have been batted around hundreds of times (see other topic). The trademark is for the name "Holey Heroes". The point of this contest is simple: predict what Holey Heroes is. The topic will run from when I post this until 11pm EST (8pm PST) on Friday, February 27th. You've got a little over a week to vote. Now, I'm going to put a poll up here with games/ideas I've seen batted around. When the topic closes, we'll all still be able to see who guessed correctly, but obviously no votes will be able to be changed. This contest ends when we get an answer as to what "Holey Heroes" is (if we ever do), and everyone who guesses correctly will get a brand, spanking new badge from Woodus! If you have an idea that you don't see in the poll, feel free to comment and that will be your vote! We've seen the 400+ posts, now let's 100% scientifically see what you think...
  19. Here ya go! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uzwej9hpewg2tuw/AAAmN8kNzslqVu1Hymq-I4nLa?dl=0 I believe I've given you all the 3DS dragon quest rips now (except X but that's entirely a streamed game of course).
  20. http://club2.nintendo.com/3ds-pokemon-promo/ Just register any 3DS system and one of these 6 games between March 1 and March 31: - Mario Kart 7 - Super Mario 3D Land - Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins - Yoshi's New Island Only for US/Canada folks. More details on the link up there.
  21. “Just go to Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS from Thursday, Jan 30, at 9am (PST) until Sunday, Feb 2, at 11:59pm (PST) to download the game for free!†If you didn't get it back when they offered it(around the time when the first 3DS Zelda bundle came out), this is your chance. EDIT: AFAIK, it's for the whole US Region(US, Canada, Puerto Rico, etc.), but try anyway.
  22. Hey everyone. Just wanted to get an idea of what everyone is looking forward to in the next set of Super Smash Bros titles? With E3 a little over three months away, Nintendo is one step closer to lifting the lid off of the title most of us are dying to learn more about. Also, there is a poll being passed online where you can vote for the characters you want to see in the next game. Currently it's at 1000 voters. http://www.yourfreepoll.com/sxjceltrsp.html
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