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Found 1 result

  1. Starting today, we have a mission as a DQX Gaming community. In fact, we have 10 missions. For the missions that we complete as a community we will all receive awards. They are as follows: Defeat 777,777 reincarnated (rare) monsters Defeat 5,000,000 strong bosses on the 5 continents Defeat 1,000,000 strong bosses on Rendashia Defeat 2,000,000 "Fukumaneki" in Labyrinth of magic Defeat 318,900 "king of disaster" and "king of Shin disaster" Hit the "jackpot" at the casino once Success in craftsmanship 20,000,000 times Pick up the 40,000,000 "glitter" pieces To cheer the others 5,000,000 times Write 30,000 "photo-filled adventure diary" The prizes are as follows for completing them. They will be distributed with 2.2's patch. I don't actually know Japanese so if things are a little off let me know and I will fix it. [One clear] Goldman costume tickets [three clear] .Goldstone x3 [five clear] Special lottery ticket x3 [eight clear] .gesture "Golden Light" (you make a light shine down from above as seen below) [All ten clear] Gorusura coinAll these must done from start to finish in the 11 days we are given. If anyone wants to donate money for me to win the jackpot in the casino I will gladly accept the burden! (*_*)プ You can see the progress of the missions at http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/event/2014gw
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