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Found 6 results

  1. Is the monster list on the main site ever going to be updated?
  2. I've been replaying DWM2 for the umpteenth time and I decided to make a bit of a chart to summarize some of the basic information to minimize my time reading through TXT guides. I wanted to confirm something regarding breeding with bosses; When you breed with a boss as the base, is the resulting monster the same as the boss base (outside of specific breeding combinations)? E.g. If I breed a Slime Family member with a BOSS I get a King Slime, but if I breed a Boss with a Slime Family member what do I get? The same boss again?
  3. I am still on trial mode but I want to buy the game and the Crysta for it now. I know where on the site to do so and I am also able to use my credit card. It asks me for my SURNAME and address information which is in the USA but I don't know if I need to put my correct info for it to work or I need to make something up. Has anyone bought crysta using the store from the US? I just don't want to put any fake information in if itll prevent me from making a purchase.. how long does the trial last anyways? I tried to purchase the game digitally off the square e-shop now and it says I cant do it from my area... what do I do now? if I end up getting a physical copy from amazon or something wouldn't I end up having the same issue when trying to get crysta?
  4. Hi there. New to the forums, just wasn't sure where else to ask about Super Light. I'm Level 72 on the Japanese Version of the game on my old tablet. What I want to do is transfer the data to my new phone that is now able to run the game. This is not the SEA version. (Although I have this installed too, but I dont really want to restart) I see an icon on the title screen that looks like a transfer system symbol, but I have no idea what it is or how to make it work. It wont take any of the text I enter either. (It looks like it is a phone with an arrow pointing to another phone with a slime on it). Hopefully someone can assist me. Thank you.
  5. I was thinking of setting up a diecord chatroom for Dragon Quest/Dragons Den. Is this something anyone wouldbbe interested in? If you dont kjow what Discord is, it is an online text and voice chat wehsite that can also be downloaded as a desktop app. It is pretty similar to Skype, but less laggy, more functional, and it has 2 different, better themes (Light and Dark). You can find discord at discordapp.com The server I will create will have chatrooms similar to the forum layout, with categries filor the zejithian trilogy on the DS, X, IX, VII/VIII, etc. There will also be roles. There will be roles like Admin/Mod for the forum staff as well as some roles similar to the ones earned by reaching a certaint post count here. So, would anyone be interested in a Discord server? I wuld just mak it but I would not want to waste too much time on something that may never get any people on board.
  6. Hi. I had 2 questions, they are these. What is a genkidama/genki charge and how do I obtain and use it? I hear/see the word being thrown around in forums and on Saigan's let's play but I don't understand what exactly it is. For quest 99 (the ranger one), what am I supposed to do with the onion guys? I've been killing them and can't figure out what I have to do to complete the quest. When I translate the page I'm using as a guide it says something to do with stealing. I don't know if that's just the translation being funky or if I'm supposed to do that, but I don't know how to steal anyways... Sorry if this post sounds a bit incoherent at times, I haven't slept in a long time. Thanks for reading.
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