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Found 3 results

  1. Warning: contains spoilers for DQM: Joker. Proceed at your own risk! One more Joker challenge! Crazy one this time. The idea came from Ignasia7 (thanks buddy!). And here are the rules: 1. Only one monster in active party 2. Reset upon death 3. Party can only contain Slimes (regular blue droplet shaped gooey) To make the challenge less of time sink and more fun, I've decided to use 8x EXP cheat. It doesn't really make the game easier, just cuts time on grinding and re-leveling after synthesis. A few words about Slimes. High stat caps, but terrible growths. Can equip whips, that's great! No resistances, but also no weaknesses. Critical massacre, not very reliable, but better than nothing, I guess... Since there are no recipes for Slime, I'm stuck with the first one I scout and its skillsets until Palaish shrine, where I will get Phoenix scepter. It's not as bad, though. Slimer skillset has Heal, Frizz and Zap. Will do for a while. I started it as soon as I heard about the idea. Here we go! --- Sk8erpunq's log, 9/5/2014, 9:05PM >First entry: Infant and Xeroph isles (1:03:24 on the clock) >Monster: Slime (Rocket) I named the scout Solo, then chose Mischievous mole as starter (not that it matters anyway). Upon reaching Infant Isle, I scouted first Slime I encountered and put it in the active party (sent the mole to subs). Named it Rocket. Both Isles were quite easy. Thanks to 8x EXP code I almost wasn't forced to grind. Bought Leather Whip for regular encounters, kept midboss Orc's drop - Sacred spear for bosses. Even though Rocket was level 17-20, it still received some minor damage from regular enemies. Reached Xeroph shrine at level 21. The boss, Golem, kept doing 29-32 damage, which was quickly remedied with Medicinal Herbs. Fortunately it didn't Psyche up more than once. Took more than ten of turns to take it down. Stay tuned! Next: Palaish Isle&Shrine.
  2. Just like the topic says, some apparently think that the Slenderman of Creepypasta fame is actually real and as a result stabbed their friend 19 times. See it's things like that are the reason we can't have nice things. http://kotaku.com/girls-claim-slender-man-is-real-stab-classmate-19-time-1585164160 Here's a link to the story for more details.
  3. Topic title says exactly what it says, a guy stabbed his girlfriend's ex with a Replica of The Master Sword from Ocarina of Time. To make this even worse the only casualty aside from the Ex Husband getting wounded, a Pot was apparently smashed, One thing to note in this topic is that the stabber is "An Avid Cosplayer" I call Horse Dung on this as most if not all these days, use fake weaponry with their outfits. I probably shouldn't laugh at this but I couldn't help myself. http://www.at7addak.com/article/man-stabs-girlfriends-husband-with-master-sword-from-the-legend-of-zelda
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